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  1. You may now return to your regularly scheduled Sid Review
  2. Brilliant! We need to set up a crowd fund for the Tribe!!!!
  3. Oops, I guess I could have gone to page 1 and posted a link
  4. There's another thread that Sid started between cruises for those of us that like to chat about just about anything.
  5. Are you going to tell her about the meat appreciating Tribe?
  6. No luck And oops I thought this was on the Tribe thread LOL
  7. I haven't packed either...oh wait I;m not going anywhere. Off to search through more make up bags now....
  8. Well, he did leave out a prominent tribe member last time....
  9. You could have set an alarm....🤷‍♀️ 👼🤣
  10. I appreciate you taking time on your vacation! Good luck today!
  11. I'm loving your review! Hope you do well in the tournament!
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