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  1. We were on in Nov 2018, and it was great - Loved the serenity area, it never felt too crowded, has pool and hottub, and full bar. The waterslide is dated, but still fast and fun.
  2. We were among the last to get off the ship (around 10:30am) and they gave us a smoking deal on the 2 story cabana at the end. If we were to return, I would again get off the ship after most, and see if they had any still available for a deal. IMO, not worth full price (we asked after we returned and were told $1500) but we got it for $240, after initial offer of $480 which we turned down immediately. Pros: A/C if wanted, cold beer, sodas and waters, cable TV (yes, we had one of those), hammock, beach bed, picnic table (all private), big deck upstairs, attentive wait staff (pay by cc), private beach area, located close to pier for snorkeling and rest rooms, floats included too Cons: just the beach itself, the ground once you are in the water its either rocky or covered with slimy seaweed,
  3. We liked just walking around the port at Costa Maya, and there's a cute bar on the water, its right past the pool with the dolphins!
  4. I vote for a new one. I think I would be confused the other way, and I don;t mind following 2 on the same trip.
  5. Loving your review! We were just on the Miracle in November, I think its my favorite - loved the serenity area.
  6. not to use the app. but we purchased and had fun posting pictures for family and friends back home.
  7. definitely ask on your roll call, and also check the other site not to be mentioned on here, we found a group going on our cruise, and my 18 & 21 yr old had a group of about 6 chatting before the cruise. Tehy all met up within the first hour, and had a blast!
  8. Maybe this is how he's gonna fund that next cruise!
  9. Thanksgiving cruise we got them in the mailbox. Prior to getting them, they looked up folio #'s with our boarding docs and we charged to the room.
  10. Actually you would have gotten Marriott Customer Care.
  11. I would say she's lucky to have you, and I hope it all works out.
  12. That seems a perfect ending to this review. Thank you for taking us with you on your journey.
  13. LOVE LOVE LOVE your review! re: Dunns River Falls yes on the water shoes, and and you will be soaking wet, head to toe at the end, but it is so much fun!
  14. That was our experience the first 2 days on Miracle, after that they were more flexible. I'm guessing they got familair with our group and seeing everyone together.
  15. I had a blue margarita at a local mexican place, and totally forgot to take a picture
  16. Hey, since its National Margarita Day, I propose we all have a margarita at some point today and post a picture to Sid! Margarita Party tonight on Sid's thread!
  17. I feel you on the upcoming life decisions, I have some to make in the upcoming months and at the moment don't like any of my options. But also, I'm really sad that your review is coming to an end. Thank you for taking the time to do this.
  18. Eating good food, drinking good drinks and exploring - my kind of vacation! Personally, I would not have minded a second turn at your Cozumel day - that's on my bucket list.
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