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  1. I'm kicking in another $10, and thank you Sid or taking the time for today's update If I ever win the lottery, I'll book you a Haven suite.
  2. Yea! A Sid Fix was what I needed! Love the shirt, and hearing about your day. I really hope you are enjoying your vacation 🙂
  3. I'm not disagreeing that on every cruise, regardless of length there are people who just want to get drunk and party. What I have issue with is people who think social media is a license to be rude to others. And that is the last I will say on this subject.
  4. I want EVERYTHING from the Raw Bar!!!! I think I;m leaning towards this ship for my first solo cruise, all though it won;t be for a few years. I like the studio rooms.
  5. I hate it when the cabin crew gets lost.... Hurry up, I'm ready for pics from New Orleans!!!!
  6. So glad I found your review! I;m been stalking these boards, waiting.
  7. A post on TripAdvisor and also Marriott Verified Reviews triggers the same response system as the surveys. But it will bubble it back up again. I do hope you get it worked out to your satisfaction!
  8. "make it right" is too vague. Think about what you would consider satisfactory compensation and go from there. Get specifics in writing as to what the offer is, and a contact name. Also, if you feel the person that reached out to you isn't realy taking ownership of the issue (I see a failure in communication as a bigger issue, along with failing to assist with missed reservations) then escalate. JMO
  9. Loved your review, as always! Inquiring minds want to know if you heard from the JW Marriott management team?
  10. No questions, just wanted to thank you for taking the time to do a review!
  11. We didn't save anything, we just used the Hub App for everything - sorry! I can try to answer questions though. Also, if you have any time dining, ask to be in Nathaniel's section!
  12. I see this as a "he said she said". Even if they interrogated the lock to see if the cabin had been entered while you were out, that wouldn't prove that the person who entered took a drink. Also, no way for them to know that the bottle wasn't marked after the fact.
  13. We were just on Miracle over Thanksgiving and it was great! Positives: Food was good to great - love the cuban sandwich and the grilled cheese at the deli, and lines moved quickly Serenity area is a decent size, and has a hot tub and pool Our cabins were all good, a little wear & tear but nothing extreme Trivia with Andrew was loads of sun Card room is well stocked with games 13 year old traveling with us enjoyed the kid program for his age Anytime dining consistently good, and wait times were always much less then we were told Sushi station by the Sports bar was good and inexpensive Room Service was very good, pay items good and not overpriced Port was easy to get to, and valet parking was a huge convenience - well worth it Red Frog Pub happy hour - good special with a $10 pitcher off the caribbean drink menu My son said Quest was fun Comedy shows were good Going under the bridge at night was a unique experience - glad we did it! Negatives: Few slow service times at dinner (minor to us) Only one waterslide and its older, but still way fun!
  14. Their policy is that you should hear from hotel management within 48 hours. They have an elaborate system in place. If they don't respond, it gets escalated.
  15. I think we were at the same bar in Costa Maya just a few weeks and loved it! Also, your review is great!!!!
  16. They allowed us to take dinners to my mother, she has mobility issues and the dining room was more of a walk than she cared to make. Our server was great about sending her food, and even sent extras. We were given the food on the plates with a cover, and several napkins to carry them as the plates were hot. Kudos to them! Which is not what you asked, but an example of how, in our experience, staff has always gone out of their way to accommodate.
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