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  1. So are Encore and Escape the only ships not cancelled for March right now? Those are the only ones that I could think of off the top of my head that weren't listed.
  2. Yeah. My inside cabin would be $800 more if I booked it now (cruise only fare). The same itinerary on the Escape is $100 more than the Sky ($900 more than my current booking). Is there a reason that people would prefer the Sky over another ship?
  3. It's going to be the Jan 14 sailing of the Getaway out of Miami
  4. I tried to purchase a bucket of beer when I was on the Valor this past December and was refused. I tried a few times.
  5. You think Carnival will start letting us purchase 2 at a time to reduce crowding at the bars
  6. Is it possible they were stating that it would take months to get the entire fleet back out? I don't see why they would even mention weeks if there was the possibility that not even 1 ship being able to get its COVID certification in that timeframe.
  7. It's possible that they have already been recording that information "informally". I don't know how likely that is. But it's possible.
  8. I think this is just for the people volunteering for the test cruises
  9. If you test positive before leaving, your quarantine can start that much earlier and you will have exposed less people by not traveling to the port.
  10. It's not the cruise line's buck. He was exposed before he got on the ship and hopefully didn't infect anyone while on the ship. But I would hope that Joe would take some personal responsibility knowing that he did increase his exposure chances by travelling and takes the proper precautions to prevent spread upon his return.
  11. I think that's why the first cruises planned will be short ones. In my opinion, this reduces, though doesn't eliminate, the likelihood of transmission while pre-symptomatic on a 3-4 day cruise if on average, symptoms appear 5-6 days after exposure and you can be contagious 24- 48 hours before symptoms appear. So Joe would likely start becoming increasingly contagious on debarkation day.
  12. All of mine are now at 10 days out. They must've still been updating them. My 4 day cruise has a 60 day final payment date. I guess that's normal for the shorter cruise? The rest are 90 days.
  13. I'm doing a b2b on the Horizon also! I start on the 12/5/21 one.
  14. 2020 and 2021 cruises. My 2022 and 2023 cruises are 60 days out, the same date that final payment is due.
  15. If I were booking a new cruise, I wouldn't book earlier than summer of 2021. I already have a January and April cruise booked though so that's easy advice for me to give.
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