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  1. I was thinking this also. That for many folks, they do way more walking on a cruise than they do regularly.
  2. I just agreed to go with a friend on the 2025 cruise and came here looking for some info. Thanks so much! I am not a Trekkie but am now looking forward to going.
  3. I did an Alaskan cruise the last week of June and plenty of people were in the pool. Temps were in the mid 60's and hot in the sun. I was overdressed for my 1st excursion with 2 long sleeve pullovers and a fleece. LOL
  4. On one cruise, a Panama Canal crossing, there were only 3 of us that regularly went to the solo meetup but we still had a nice time getting to know each other while dining together. The host still escorted us to the dining room to get our table and got us into shows.
  5. Just be careful to pay attention to the DATE when you change the time on your phone. Somehow, when I moved the clock back an hour, the date went ahead a day? So the next day, all of the pics I took before I realized the error, are filed a day after I took them on my phone 6/27 instead of 6/26. I kept wondering why I wasn't capturing any of the pics I took.
  6. It doesn't need to be THAT card. It can be another card that you give them at the actual check in if you want a different card to be used. You can also switch it to a cash account and give money over at guest services once on board. But I have never been asked to show the card at check in if I already had it on file. However, something might happen where guest services needs an updated form of payment. So something (card/cash) will be needed.
  7. It depends. What would be your reason/s for purchasing a pass?
  8. If I'm making good use of my drink package, I am going to the bathroom WAY more than once every 3 hours. But I have also had no problem, as a solo traveler, asking the person in the chair next to me to watch my seat while I run to the loo. Now I do not take advantage of that at all. Quickly using the bathroom is one of the most useful skills I gained in the military.
  9. Even in Vibe, I've seen people "reserve" seats at the bar with those stretchy towel holder things.
  10. The Daily on the cruise I got off Monday had a 60 minute limit. Items removed would be turned into guest services.
  11. You do have to call and request a deviation though. Otherwise, you will be booked to arrive same day.
  12. Thanks so much for sharing your experience. I'll be doing my 1st NCL back-to-back next year. I've done several on Carnival and they were each slightly different. So I am definitely looking forward to experience it on NCL.
  13. I've also been able to use cruise first certificates as an additional payment on already booked cruises.
  14. Trust me when I say, they won't stop you even with all that. LOL I bring my buffet dinner(s) back to my room often. I don't recall seeing any signage prohibiting it.
  15. Well, so happy I read this thread. I had been getting air confirmation emails from NCL but there were no changes. I am flying to Vancouver for an Alaskan cruise this weekend. Well, OMG. I just checked my Air Canada flight (my outbound flight to Vancouver) to see it was cancelled!!! I had previously logged in and selected my seats and gave my contact info for updates. NOTHING from Air Canada. Air Canada did not move me to another flight and I don't have access to select another flight because they were purchased by NCL. This is the first time that has been an issue and I book all my flights using NCL BOGO. So it looks like it's an Air Canada thing. I have always received communication regarding changes directly from Delta, AA, and United once I went into my flight booking to update contact information. But I called NCL and let them know and they will be rebooking me on something else. Thank goodness I was travelling in 2 days early.
  16. It's weird how various rules need to be enforced while others are encouraged to be ignored. Sharing drinks vs clogging up the cruise terminal because you can't wait for your appointment time to arrive.
  17. I'm fine as long as the bar is open and there is a restroom close by.
  18. I have never really received a big savings, if any, via the different sales. Most of the time I find the price has increased since I booked. I figure that means I already got the best deal when I booked.
  19. My last NCL cruise was in March. They announced the cabin availability by deck. I think they started around 1:30ish. It wasn't late enough that I started to wonder what was happening. My luggage arrived before the sailaway.
  20. The email has your booking number but the countdown that is shared when you click the link does not. Did they just copy and paste the email?
  21. I know I'm a late responder but if they didn't label them as cookies, some people might think they were biscuits.
  22. My rule has always been, if it's leather it's a sandal. If it's rubber/plastic, it's a flip flop. That is a hill I am willing to die on.
  23. I was awarded my upgrade bid today. 6/24/24 Jewel to Alaska.
  24. I love this question and how I think about it is one of the reasons I majored in economics. Although a big part of me is extremely logical, going from $1600 to $2200 feels different than going from $2000 to $2600. And don't ask me which one feels better or worse 😂
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