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  1. We just booked 14778 for Mexican Riviera 12/29-1/6. Excited for this large balcony! Any tips you may have for us are appreciated and we’ll be sure to take care of her for your April, 2021 Cruise 😉
  2. Right, my sentiments exactly... im afraid if I wait till on board, I won’t get times/restaurants we want, no?
  3. Thanks for all these tips, I think I will call. Question for those of you who booked for four: on the app it wants to charge me for dinner for 4 obviously, did you just get refunded on board when you show up with only 3 ppl or am I missing something? For the price we all pay to sail in the Haven, I don’t feel I need to give NCL any extra $ lol 😂 -UG
  4. You do. I got mine on Friday for our 8/9 Haven Getaway Cruise along with a concierge letter....
  5. Hi Seasoned Cruisers- Excited for our upcoming vacation on Getaway in Aug. We are in an aft Haven H6. I was looking over dining reservations and noticed the only time I could book anything for a party of three was 9pm. The next day I received my Concierge Welcome Letter so I shot them an email with my dining requests. This was on Monday and haven’t heard anything back yet and been checking my reservation page and nothing has been updated yet. My twofold question is: what’s the normal wait time for an email response and are they generally able to grant dining requests? We asked for anytime between 6:45-7:30 for 6 restaurants on any cruise night. Didn’t seem to hefty a request. 🤪 Thanks for your time... 😘
  6. On NCL’s website it says that the Spirit was ‘refurbished in 2017’. How is this advanced state of disrepair already possible unless these items were overlooked during the remodel? I can’t imagine these things weren’t addressed? I agree, tub isn’t easy fix mid-cruise, but seriously how can they continue to book this cabin on future cruises without these issues being addressed? I’ve sailed in cabins that have been rough around the edges and normally I can overlook these things as normal wear and tear but in a suite category this is ridiculous. lastly, I can’t believe they didn’t offer some form of compensation! Very frustrating and eye opening indeed.
  7. I think you are overthinking it and it will be fine. Hey what could ‘possibly’ go wrong in the Haven? 🤪 If anything I would be confident that they should try harder being that it’s a new ship and first impressions are important. Enjoy!
  8. We stayed in the ‘Opal 2br suite’ on the Jade in Dec/Jan on our 11 day Panama Canal Cruise. We did have Butler And Concierge services available to us and it was amazing. Mary Jane (MJ) our Butler was outstanding! We had the option to have breakfast and lunch in the dedicated suite/Haven restaurants and also had priority embarkation and disembarkation. The only Haven perk we didn’t have was access to the Have pool area.not sure what NCL has planned for 2021, but hopefully they keep this amazing perk! -UG
  9. Not sure I understand the question? Why I didn’t list my favorite? If that is the question the simple answer is ‘I don’t know’ 😽 still TBD I guess!
  10. Not bad at all! Please let us know how lovely it is when you sail. At that price, I may be booking sooner rather than later!
  11. I have 3 NCl cruises booked: Getaway 8/19 (Baltic) Haven H6 Paid $12,507 (3ppl) Jewel 12/19 (Australia/NZ) 2br suite SC paid $15,700 (4ppl) POA 2/20 (Hawaii) suite SC paid $12,500 (2ppl) Now look at the differences in price. To sail in the Haven on the JEWEL in a 2br Haven suite vs regular suite would have cost $12k MORE than the $15k we already paid. Only difference is no use of the Haven but still access to dedicated suite breakfast/lunch plus priority embarkation and disembarkation. Not worth it to me. i know Australias price tag is more expensive however. POA doesn’t have a Haven, and still a pretty steep price tag for a ‘Regular’ suite IMHO!
  12. Doing this trip on the Islander to Galapagos in November! I’ll post details!
  13. I think my 17yr old daughter is the most excited about this! It’s like getting to be a little kid all over again 🎅
  14. I did check them out. (AMA) we wanted to do the Christmas market but they said the November cruises may be too early for all the markets to be open, which would be a disappointment. We have two holiday cruises in 19 & 20 so it will be on the list sometime after that!
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