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  1. Just to confirm that you are giving me a little bit of hope? I just felt that European cruises were a possibility as the majority of countries have a reasonable hold on the virus and most things are open with new guidelines
  2. 😞 this is not what i was hoping to hear... but thank you for your replies.
  3. am i wasting my time or do you think there is a good chance of it going ahead?? Royal caribbean 24th October from venice
  4. Assuming this means they have no say in wether or not they sail from UK. I think it would be irresponsible and too risky for reputation for them to set sail any time before this crisis is under control, even if its not in an area CDC have a say. I just want to know its cancelled now... feels like its dragging on
  5. I dont understand why rc still say they are re commencing on 12th may if the 100 day order has been published?
  6. So its 1 month today that apparently RC will be back setting sail.. With that said, are we assuming it will be today/tomorrow that they announce the next month of being closures? If my 23rd may cruise goes ahead..im going to be caught off guard... i stopped my pre getaway diet for starters 🤣 Havent been able to get any holiday clothes... just would be not prepared at all!
  7. So its 1 month today that apparently RC will be back setting sail.. With that said, are we assuming it will be today/tomorrow that they announce the next month of being closures?
  8. any idea when they will be announcing if they are cancelling the next batch of cruises (after May 12th?) my cruise falls in the next period so i am just waiting for the next month of cancellations to be confirmed so i can start the process of trying to get back my payments.
  9. Thanks all for your replies. It leaves me quite concerned, as basically, not one person has actually successfully got there money back yet. Im just hoping they are not going to delay it as long as possible to see if they go out of business first. Push for your money back as soon as possible because.... if they do go pop... you will be lucky to get a percentage of it back. Would be sad sad times if these ships never sailed again 😞
  10. Which i assume is as good as 100% going to happen (would love to hear from you if you disagree :) ) Once they officially cancel it, how easy and quick is it to get a refund?... im thinking i will just get a straight refund as i think it could be a long time until they sail again and i don't think i will get as good a rate as i did this time so the 125% isn't actually going to be a bonus. So, anyone else actually requested a refund for the cancelled cruise since this all kicked off? Thanks Side issue... im not looking forward to trying to get my money back from virgin atlantic for flights in August! i have a feeling they are going to go bust before then... n i thought i would have a chargeback as backup if i cant get my money back... but then i realise i used a virgin atlantic credit card!! so i cannot see them honering the chargeback 😄 😞
  11. Sorry to hear you are already one of the financial victims of this, i think there will be many many more, but i still pray more that you and your family... and for anyone, that you do not become a health victim of this crisis, either directly or indirectly. it appears there are hard times ahead, please all prepare for the worst but believe and prey for the best. I appreciate you took a step back from your position on this and i can fully understand you didn't do so in full. As others have pointed out, it can very much grab hold of any age. I think what is distorting peoples view is, the majority of people who die FAST from this is older people/ people with conditions, but that is not because they are uniquely seriously ill from it, it is because they are unable to fight it like the younger/fitter people. As someone, or a few have pointed out, its appearing to be about half of people that are in serious condition were otherwise young/ healthy. I think what you will find is that over time the average death age will come down as some of the younger people fighting for there life unfortunately dont make it. We can only prey that the apparent understanding that a lot of these people fighting for there lives will have permanent damage does not stay permanent. This is a major catastrophe that only we can try to limit, all stick together. I hope you get opportunities to still earn for your family. I do not know how it will work but i am hoping people in your position find themselves with new earning opportunities for new found businesses that help to combat this, for example new ventilator businesses, or healthcare support, making face masks, delivering food etc. With clever thinking from the powers above we can solve many a problems to get through this with as few scars as possible. much love to you all x
  12. You seemed to have gone quiet since all of the 'facts' you have stated seemed to have been wrong... and since you kept criticising everyone for concerns that have now turned out to be very valid. If you get a moment 'captain' could you and the rest of the people that you are apparently 'working with' on the 'official virus research group' let the WHO know as well that they are wrong for all the info they are telling us that you confirmed was was 100% wrong and hysteria weeks ago? I do genuinely hope you have not vanished because of the 'hysteria' infected you when you refused to take the necessary advised precautions. Please please please take the advice and dont be stubburn, for your own safety BUT ALSO FOR OTHERS, because people who dont take precautions are the biggest spreaders! Thank you
  13. Ah thats cool then... how do you think i afforded the cruise in the first place? 😄 Just kidding... have been doing the uk lotto since it began... and in total won about £50... thats in about 15 years... So dont fancy my chances of the cruise going ahead 😞 Thanks
  14. yes the anthem. Thank you for your optimism, i will cling on to it 🙂 xx
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