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  1. I just got vaccinated. So I'm definitely cool if they make vaccines required. I'm sure many of the ports will for passengers to protect their own people. Vaccines would give us the semblance of normalcy we want I'm all for it. And people that don't want to get the vaccine will either sail with other lines or figure something else out.
  2. I sure will. I'll probably wear it in close quarters around the ***** no matter what moving forward. Even if to just avoid average germs and avoiding catching a cold. Definitely will cruise if masks are required.
  3. Haven't had to bring out vests to muster in year.
  4. Absolutely. I can't wait to book another cruise with Princess. I don't blame them for this at all. We were all taken by surprise.
  5. Really depends on the ship. Just got off the Caribbean Princess, and their buffet areas are massive. We went there on the disembarkation day and had a nice pleasant breakfast and relaxed for a bit before getting off.Sat by the window and everything. There's tons of space in their buffet rooms though. On the Crown on disembarkation day...it was chaos. Ended up having to share a table lol.
  6. We just got off the CB, and we bought the unlimited 4 device option, 1st day. was 25% off. Spent $180. Was perfect. Could use up to 4 gadgets at the same time. I mean, the internet wasnt perfect lol, but the option was.
  7. Sooo, embarked today. As far as the Chromecast, was able to connect it to the tv and change the input. My issue has come with the wireless router. For some reason it's not connecting to the medallion net. And you need a router/hotspot to get the Chromecast to work in hotels and places with password protected logins. I think because there's no password, that may be of issue. Hopefully it's something that I can solve. I've seen others mention they got their router to work. I'm curious how...
  8. Any suggestion or tip on how you got your router to work? In in the CB right now and for whatever reason my router isn't linking with medallion net. Maybe because there's not actual password for it to input? How'd you connect with yours?
  9. I can't speak for everyone else...but I hope you have a blast and love your first Princess sailing. There are some complainers and petty people, but that's anywhere and with anything. There's a bunch of great souls too. I'm sure you'll encounter plenty of the latter. We love Princess cruise lines. Been sailing with them since 08. Before that, all Royal Caribbean. We're actually boarding the Caribbean Princess on Wednesday. Can't wait!
  10. We bought the rubber wrist bands from the OR store. $10 each. and magnetic. With the same tech and feel of the Disney Powerbands that you get in the parks for entry and fast passes. East to wear, reliable, and they look fine.
  11. This really was one of, if not the best 'Live-From' threads I've seen on here. So easy going, so much information, so many pictures. I hope we didn't disturb your vacation to much with the seemingly endless requests. It was all so much appreciated. Pretty amazing how attentive and accommodating you were. Sometimes people create these threads, and check in a few times, don't fulfill requests, don't interact, then ghost lol. I totally get it. You're on vacation to vacation. Not everyone has the blogger spirit. So it definitely deserves some extra praise when someone tends to their thread
  12. Thank you so much. I've never even heard of it. Nor realized there was a kids menu lol. I wonder what else I'm missing out on!
  13. The suite looks excellent. Loving the classy decor and muted colors. Looked like a pleasant place to spend your week. Always bummed when I'm reminded how small the balconies are on the Royal class 😞 Was it simple to let that shade down on the window in your room? Did it block out a lot of light?
  14. does anyone know if this Volcano, banana split is available on the Caribbean Princess?
  15. I missed these posted. I've wanted to see more of the Premium Suite. Can you quotes that post for me @dides
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