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  1. Dear HJ, If I recall 50 years ago the creators of Yogi the Bear ,Hanna-Barbera, this was their homage to Yogi Berra.
  2. Dear FF, When on the Divina Christmas 2018 the concierge desk had a number of cctv watching the YC 24hrs. I am sure all the YCs on all their ships have similar security.
  3. Dear HJ, You are referring to that inimitable character Yogi Bear ???
  4. Dear Hank, Since I am one of those posting about what I tipped, perhaps you missed my 'Observations' postings this summer starting in the Haven NCL, The Retreat Celebrity, and Yacht Club MSC, all done in real time while on board each day; that I am not a butler in disguise. Since I am one of the few that posted what I tipped and what we each 'feel' is appropriate at the time. I would like to think that my tipping amounts were 'middle of the road', compared to my fellow Suite passengers. It was my DW that said, in no uncertain terms, that we just have to up our tipping on this particular MSC YC sailing. She wants to only sail YC Yacht Club RS from now on. ( As I once stated, I must have married an heiress, from some past life of hers). But that is what life is all about, is it not? That we treat people we come in contact with, as we ourselves would like to be treated. Man can not live on kindness alone and remuneration in an amount that comes more from the heart than from some strict code or arcane social moray ingrained in a populous from birth is something that we as individuals must overcome if we are to grow as a sentient people. Karma is a belief that forces us to learn by reversing our roles in some future life. I would like to think that one day RC as Vishnu will run into a person such as I once was.
  5. Dear Eli, I have never been on a Viking excursion. But I think your parents and in-laws concur with me to leave the kids with them for as ever long as you and your husband can afford and take the trip!! My parents left us with our grandparents for up to a month every year and the five of us had the time of our lives.
  6. Dear HJ, I love your description of the YC as 'family jewels'. Perfect! P.S. We must have the same 'Muse'.
  7. Dear BF, My sentiments exactly!!! We are booked back in the YC for Thanksgiving and Vishnu will be on vacation til January.. From reports from fellow CC poster PS Markle, Butler Leslie appears to be trained by Vishnu. We will see if the other butlers can perform the 'magic' of Master Vishnu. I must tell you about a stocky, Honduran waiter on the Divina, Manuel....Exceptional! We had to tipped him $200, por mi y por mi senora! He would stand several tables away watching our every motion and run over to fill any need. (Royal Suites do have their advantages) . Best waiter we ever had, including our fabulous time on the Seaside RS. A $50 tip to the maitre d' on day one made for smooth sailing the rest of the cruise. Congratulations to DH on your wedding/honeymoon and best wishes to you! I will leave you with a Dr. Laura quote which I took to heart, "choose wisely and always treat kindly" and I am sure your marriage will last a hundred years !
  8. Dear Norm, I do not believe you for a second! You are too fine a gentleman!
  9. Dear Max, You are a 'man for all seasons', ' a man of principle, envied by rivals'!
  10. Dear N, Heaven forbid any Scot reads you referred to Robert Burns as 'Bobby'.. I referred to Mr.Burns as Robby, in my posts, miss-hearing a delightful Scot in the YC Top Sail Lounge recite to me her father's favorite lines in 'Holy Willie's Prayer' after I recited to her my favorite of 'Mice and Men'. I was 'schooled', on this Cruise Critic board, that Mr. Burns is referred affectionately as Rabby Burns. I truly thank you for your kind words about my posts, they make my efforts all worthwhile.
  11. Dear Mo, I hear you loud and clear. We consider ourselves very capable travelers. Been around the world several times like most of you on the CC boards. Cruises, lost count after the first hundred (started early no kids). Let me just say that until you experience someone so exceptional you will never understand where we are coming from. This Vishnu, put us in another place and time, reserved only for the 'leisure class'..Even my 'observations' were affected as I posted them to you all. I was accused of playing a 'role of landed gentry' and rightly so. Being addressed as "Sir R" so many times in a day gets to you, in a rather 'fun' way. All the world's a stage and Vishnu pressed all the right buttons with me.
  12. Dear BF, Yes the famous Vishnu Domah, butler extraordinaire. I remarked to him how fluent he was speaking to passengers in the YC in French. Asked him how many languages he speaks. He is from Mauritius and besides speaking English, French, Creole, Italian (taught to him on board Italian language classes); he also speaks Hindi having been sent to religious school by his parents, in his youth. He stated that this ability has given him a great advantage in the hospitality field, naturally.... Now I understand why you made up this thread. You experienced someone that far exceeded you wildest expectations !! Yes, I went as far as writing MSC about how Vishnu should be elevated to butler trainer. That it was because of his service, we went to the future cruise desk and booked two more Royal Suites. I was more in line with the post from Grateful RIC until we had Vishnu. We felt 'compelled' to tip him $400 and DW questioned me if it was enough? We have never tipped so much to one person for a week of service as we did to Vishnu. I thought he only serviced the Royal Suites because he was always looking for us, thought he had a GPS on us and I asked him how many cabins in YC does he provide butler service to...13 !!! He was very kind when he received our gratuity, he placed his hands, palms together in front of his heart in thanking the divine within us all. We told him we did not think it was enough for the service he provided us this week.
  13. Dear TWO, The Royal Suite 6/13/20 is open on Seaside. , at this moment.
  14. Dear Lup, It has been over 6 weeks since your cruise. Did you try to order a specialty restaurant meal in the Haven restaurant? I discern from your posts you are an honorable bloke and would never deceive a fellow CC poster.
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