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  1. Dear GC, Please apprise us. Your astute observations would be most enlightening considering the current state of affairs.
  2. This really makes one think about everything we normally take for granted while on a cruise. Should we bring our own bar soap, laundry detergent, cording to hang laundry to dry, toilet paper? The ships normal supplies could be a different port and food and water are sure to be available at any port, but toiletries might be overlooked in an emergency situation and considered an unnecessary luxury. This is a very interesting and serious situation.
  3. Very uplifting, ongoing, daily video reports from Diamond Princess passenger with all my answers coming from him in real time. He feels fortunate to have booked a cabin with a balcony, he says worth the added expense in this situation, confined to cabins. Only two hot drinks at present (Feb 6) one in morning one in afternoon. No room service outside of meals being brought to cabin. No alcohol being served at any price. . ( personally I do not drink, but in this case I would make an exception and plan on packing at least 2 weeks worth if I were to ration it . Could always bring it home for the next cruise). Water available. No laundry service, no change of towels, linens, no making up by room stewards no cleaning, all left up to passenger. Spirits are high, though not being given announcements (perhaps the less said the less panic).10 more passengers removed from ship, total 20 so far. Questions he asked will this extend the 14 day quarantine as more passengers are infected? I question when 'the powers that be' cut off his internet.?
  4. Dear Ah, Still poignant. Reminded me of a cruise in the 1980's on Regent Sea. A ship fire knocked out all electrical power. Crew running to the pool deck with buckets to put out fire. Passengers fighting over deck lounges to sleep on deck. No emergency lighting to get back to cabin, no a/c in the Caribbean summer. Freighter S.O.S pulls up along side. Fiasco, but short lived. Thank God.
  5. Dear Ah, Thank you... Pictures are certainly "worth a thousand words". P.S. I wonder if renting a cabana for the week includes nights as well.
  6. Is it business as usual, or do most keep to their cabins and order room service? (Kind of tough on staff and no service?) Anyone that is experiencing this situation at this moment can elucidate?
  7. Dear All, There are only two kinds of millionaires. Those that made their money via their own volition and 'still' enjoy a 'Bud-Light' and those that inherited. I still enjoy a 'Bud-light', when I contemplate life and the numbing effects of C2H5OH on my lot....
  8. Dear jules, Nor was there a Sommelier in the YC in June 2019. He appeared for our Thanksgiving cruise, a fine gentleman from Great Britain. We did not use his services on both occasions but still tipped him $20 each cruise (it wasn't his fault we did not drink). He would come over to our table on occasion to say "hello" and would ,on occasion, escort us to our table. I found out he is as fond of crumpets as I am. I did not 'bother' the waiters to find out if the ship's galley had any crumpets (I did not think they knew what a crumpet was); so I asked him to find out. Alas, no crumpets.
  9. Dear FF, There was only one line for the entire ship, which they broke into 2 lines for the same 2 customs officials and to add insult to this injury, the second line consisted of everyone behind us allowing those to get off the ship first to wait even longer in our line. No "next in line" like at the 'Dollar Store'.
  10. Dear FF, You are correct. We had a breeze in the port of Ft. Lauderdale on the Equinox. There they told us to step up our pace, to get us out of the way and out of the terminal.
  11. The ship is docked so the 'best seats in the house' are the Yacht Club for viewing the Ocean Cay Lighthouse extravaganza, from starboard balcony or better from the TopSail Lounge or above the YC pool deck. Bring a jacket, it is 9 pm and the weather changes in an instant and should you 'run' for one you will miss the show, it is that short. We spent more time waiting for the show than the show itself. We were the only 2 YC guests up along the railing, when we were accosted by a group of 2 dozen of the great 'unwashed' hoi polloi that actually broke into the YC pool deck from the Aurea section by physically forcing the key card locked door, breaking the lock. We were jostled once again, like at the Michael Jackson Starwalker show. By the time a butler and pool attendant showed up to 'herd' them out ,the show was over. They examined the lock and found it no longer worked, any slight push opened the door. The low prices on these cruises does not attract the highest caliber, which makes considering MSC's upcoming all YC cruise ships most appealing. The show is Disneyesque and I would describe as the lighthouse turning into a giant lava lamp, then an aquarium, spot lights on the clouds and water. The shortest 5 minute show (at least it felt like 5 minutes) we have ever experienced.
  12. Dear FF, As much as we love to cruise, we just have to 'break it up'. The same menu, (If baked potato is not on the menu in the YC the chef does not give it enough time to really cook), is boring. I understand guests complaining, so we chose French fries. The mashed potatoes tasted like flakes. DW gained 3 ibs and looks great to my 1/4 lb gain and always look like Shrek, so we did not suffer terribly.
  13. This morning Julian redeemed himself in our eyes. We told him last night we will not be eating breakfast this morning, that we wanted to be the first off the ship when it cleared. We tipped him $200 for his services that evening. We did this because DW has a Saturday morning hair appointment every other Saturday booked months in advance (since she still works to keep me in a manner to which I have become accustomed). The problem is Port of Miami customs. Facial recognition is not working. The customs officials clear the ship at 7 am and the mad rush of passengers with only carry-on is like opening the Western US for free land in the 1800's and guess what? The customs only has 2 customs agents handling this onslaught until 8 am. The wait in line is the worst aspect of cruising. We docked at 6 am and all the gold tagged luggage was unloaded first in the terminal. Julian was waiting outside our cabin door at 6:45 am. He did not group us together with any other YC guest, he grabbed both our carry -ons and we went down the elevator to deck seven , over and carried our bags down one more flight,and to a sign directing all passengers to exit to the left, which I began to follow. He stopped me and we went to the right to shut door which he opened in front of an empty security gangway. We were the first off the ship. Before exiting I gave Julian another $50. He now ranks up there with Vishnu.
  14. The photo in post #167, I thought, looked like a latrine (in the YC area) but the "limo" driver said "Now this is our wedding pavilion" . Perhaps I was looking to my left while he was pointing to the right. Or the the pavilion is behind the latrine. Really I did not get out and walk around and DW wanted to get to the shops she passed on the way to the Ocean House YC area. Once she shopped out the limited available merchandise we high-tailed it back to the ship for lunch. Since most of the knowledgable YC staff was at Ocean House all giddy, a wait staffer at the pool deck buffet told us that the only offering for lunch that day was the same as that offered at Ocean House and all we wanted was burgers and fries and penne pasta. After ordering room service and a delightful turkey club ( we ordered 2 turkey clubs and only one showed up, unless the two halves were considered 2 orders), we returned to our cabana on the pool deck and to our amazement they were serving hamburgers, fries, and penne pasta. The information you get on board is like the weather, it changes every few minutes. Here is another point of interest we discovered late last night. We checked our credit card statement on the TV and noticed we were not given our $100 pp ship board credit for missing our stop at Grand Cayman due to weather and tendering being denied by port authorities. Now every passenger heard the announcement in 5 different languages that day.... Instead MSC gave each passenger $19.20 credit/refund of their share of the port tax. Caveat Emptor, Get it in writing ! Immediately..
  15. Dear CGT, Uncle Henny always told us that the secret to his long marriage was to take several, romantic cruises every year. Aunt Sadie would only cruise the Caribbean and he would cruise everywhere else. Which reminds me ( CGT, you brought this upon yourself) of some years back, Marty Allen ( of Allen & Rossi fame) was headling on a Pr...... cruise ship for a long while with his stunning wife, Kate Blackwell ( songstress and 'straight-man' replacement for Rossi). When he quipped about his long cruise contract, asking if there were any attorneys in the audience to go over his contract and " get me off this 'tub'". I guess he experienced the same exasperation from fellow crew members and their plight and was making 'light' of this, that we as passengers hear from unhappy staff having to fulfill there contracts. Our waiter on the Thanksgiving cruise told us that should he not fulfill his contract the cruise line will not pay his return flights to the Phillipines. Incentive, fulfill your contract and cruise line pays. I will have to post an addendum about last nights fantastic, but much too short, Ocean Cay Lighthouse light display and possible photos if they come out .
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