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  1. Not all captains are that accommodating to passengers. I recommend next time she should request Captain Morgan to visit her beforehand. She sounds pretty uptight to have such a tiny issue like that "ruin" her cruise 🤔
  2. 45 minutes to Jack's Shack??? Dude, I'm handicapped and walk slowly with a cane and it took me only about 15-20 minutes to hobble down the beach to check out those Sandy Vaginas. What are you, completely paraplegic?🤔
  3. Go left along the beach from the cruise ship docks, walk past Margaritaville and the Reef Shark Bar and you're there. About a 15-20 minute beach walk.
  4. Totally agree, but I thought the percentage was closer to 83.3%🤔
  5. 98.6% don't leave the cruise center complex???🤣 Stop with your fake news and stats. I've been to Grand Turk three times in the last ten years. Each time I've seen hundreds (I'm sure even more unseen) of passengers taking excursions and solo exploratory trips around the island. It's one of the safest islands in the Caribbean.
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