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  1. Hello there...Just had a quick question. The Carnival website has been a bit wonky lately and I've not been able to purchase some things I had planned on buying for our cruise next month. It will let me add to my cart, but my cart is nowhere to be seen, so I can't checkout. Every now and then I keep getting the "We're undergoing maintenance" screen as well. My question is can I call to purchase over the phone? I need an internet package, a drinks package, and there was one excursion I was going to pre-book. I know I could call and purchase gifts or drinks for the room, but I'm not sure on the packages and excursions. I figured I'd ask here before calling. Anyone know?
  2. I'm so excited for this. I'm going my first time on the Legend and my first time out of Tampa in December. I can't wait!
  3. Be prepared to never want to go back to a non-balcony room...lol. The Legend is in my favorite class of ship. If you can, look for the "bowling alley balcony". They are huge! I had one on the Pride. Room 6232. Standard size room, but the placement on ship has it next to the steward's station. You get all that space in a balcony. We had 3 chaise loungers, 3 chairs, and 2 tables. I don't know if they are available for 4 people would be the only issue. I've never cruised with more than one other person. Have a great trip!
  4. They most likely will not drop the extra cost. I haven't seen the single supplement offers since 2014. If they go through a lull in bookings they occasionally will have a sale posted with the single supplement sailings. Even then it's only certain ships/itineraries.
  5. I loved Big Tex...Loved every morning waking up with a Tex Message!
  6. It's just a cost of the cruise to me. I always pre-pay the gratuities so I never worry about the cost while on my vacation. I don't really see that amount as a "tip" personally. It's just another cost of my trip. I give actual tips in cash to above and beyond service. I've always left something for my room steward at the end of the cruise. Not much(I'm not rolling it it) usually like $20 or $30. Not having to clean, cook, or make my bed for a week is worth every dime! That being said however, I don't know anyone else's situation. I think that making it harder to adjust tips would backfire in the long run. Instead of calling it gratuities, maybe change the terminology of it and people would be less inclined to change it. Call it a tax or a fee of some sort. People often associate "tips" with a personal experience with a service. Many of the people that receive the funds from Carnival's "tips" are behind the scenes. If they changed the wording, perhaps it wouldn't rub people the same way.
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