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  1. We have been waiting a refund for 76 days for the March cruise, our next one was to have been on Arcadia to Canada in September, didn't think it likely to happen so had already moved the deposit to a later cruise, no way would I be trusting any more final balance payments to CCL at present. We have friends in Halifax NS who we speak with quite often and will meet up with on these cruises, whilst they are a little behind us, just now experiencing shortages of basics and PPE, the mortality rate there is roughly one third of us (per million population) and they are already planning the release from lock down, for example next weekend Hairdressers can reopen, however they don't see any likelihood of us visiting this year.
  2. He must be so upset with letting down his customers. He might well be personally stressed and that has my sympathy but I suspect he has little power over what is going on. I expect when all this is over Carnival will have a little shake up of all the top dogs and they will install new figure heads so we can regain trust. Possibly, just possibly, we might see through that ruse.
  3. Thanks for the virtual tenner Graham. Like many here it's not the cash, after all it was already spent on the holiday, it's the annoyance of being fed little white ones.
  4. Also on day 73 from refund request, third phone call today, answered in a couple of minutes, nice chap, usual sympathy and promised to email a manager to escalate with the Anti-Sales department to see if they could have a whip around for me.
  5. Congrats. Hopefully they are working on refunding Southampton customers for an hour or two this week, then I can stop checking my banking Aps like a kid searching for Christmas presents.
  6. Unfortunately even after they have paid me back for this cruise I have further deposits tied up that I, currently, have every intention of moving again and again. Canada this September has already moved to Canaries at the end of November, no doubt we will move that again. Then deposits next year for the Baltic in May & Canada again in September we will try to convert into a booze cruise or two and most likely revert to last minute bookings with whoever has the most attractive deal, I think our days of planning a year or more ahead are done with. We used to drive down to Spain fairly often to stay with or near friends so that is looking like our next holiday when safe to do so.
  7. I added the 2nd reply to the OP on this thread - Cruise was Ventura 17th March, cancelled by P&O on the 13th and refund requested by me on the 14th March. Booked direct with P&O paid deposit by debit and balance by credit card, have called just twice since the 14th March, ten days ago told it will be any day now. today I called and was told no idea, you will receive the refund but don't know when, I mentioned later cruisers were receiving refunds and Mr Ludlow has said we will get them within 60 days, I got sympathy and agreement it was a mess but still no money and I don't know how to bank sympathy! Cancellation confirmations received and previous call confirmed last 4 numbers of both of my cards and advised to watch out as the money will come back to them. For the 45 minutes or so on hold today there was a constant sales pitch on booking shore excursions and onboard experiences, worse still was the "If P&O need to cancel for any reason you can obtain a full refund as per our T&C's", these people have no shame. Have made my mind up on trusting P&O with money. I do hope there isn't anyone still sitting on the fence regarding paying balances, just move your cruise forward for now to avoid losing anything.
  8. Just been reading a money saving website and they mention that the Competition watchdog is getting 600 complaints a day (Article written on the 24th April) regarding travel companies not willing or making difficult to obtain a refund. "As a result, the CMA says it intends to set out "further steps" it plans to take on cancellations and refunds next week." Let's hope there is some consumer protection coming worth having rather than the now pitiful ABTA stance.
  9. and at that action by ABTA who will ever want to pay in advanced again? P&O are still asking for cruises to be paid today knowing these people will be angry ex customers in a few months. I personally believe the trust has already gone. In my business I have only ever gone to court with non paying customers when they have stopped communicating and my belief is to be first in the queue with the bailiffs. I hope I am wrong in my thoughts this time and receive my refund shortly, along with many others.
  10. That really is the point isn't it? Loyal customers are your best customers, they cost little to keep over gaining new customers, simple business plan that suits just about everyone from an Ice Cream vendor to Airbus! So why tick off a load of us unless there is a serious issue that is not come to the surface yet, perhaps it is along the lines of any business operating in the UK must declare insolvency if they cannot meet their debts?
  11. There is quite an odd business plan in play here, I struggle to understand what they hope to achieve, it would seem that CCL have borrowed enough to help them survive this unpleasant situation, however you need to plan for the future, whatever type of business you are. Their future customers are: 1. New cruisers - That will be difficult in the short term given the press around quarantined ships and refused port entry. 2. Existing cruisers Did I miss anyone? A percentage of existing cruisers will have issues with insurance for a while whilst the insurance and travel industries come to grip with risk management. A percentage will will have underlying health issues that they lived with previously but now may be a bit wary...that leaves those of us here and elsewhere that are now in the position of being more frustrated each day with the lack of refunds and obvious dishonesty with speed of these refunds. In recent years we have looked at 30 to 40 days of cruising per year, I would doubt that I would pay **up front for a cruise ever again, I may well sail with P&O but I have lost the trust in them, any company that changes the rules to suit the company will do so again, they obviously consider that they are big enough to get away with it. ** Obviously we have to pay before departure, what I am implying is no long term booking, no 90 day payments, just find one a few days before and if the deal is right pay and go then, we usually prefer to select a cabin position but the lack of trust is getting to me at present.
  12. Also a favourite of mine, not forgetting that melting chocolate sphere for pudding
  13. along with equal first place for me Sherry Trifle Wally lad in the Ocean Grill on the Arc
  14. I agree pointless at present, they can have their 45 or 60 days. Shame we all know that electronic refunds can be processed much quicker than they are offering, when I rang they went through all the details, put me on hold for a couple of minutes and said my refund would be done later that day. Naughty people!
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