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  1. I can only recall one unpleasant passenger, a couple of years ago on Arcadia we were sat in the rear of the Crows Nest having a coffee (Too early in the day for a cocktail apparently) The daily Knit and Natter mob had just turned up and sat a few tables away. One of the lovely old ladies (Shame on you if it was you!) ordered a cup of tea and was served it as a cup of hot water with the strung tea bag on the side, she flew into one verbally with the waitress "Stupid Girl, haven't you been taught how to do this properly, take it away and do it again" This was loud enough for everyone to hear. Personally I would have helped her wear it and I am Mr Mild Manners (most of time) Manners like this are not deserved by anyone. I have never had cause to talk to a crew member like this and indeed have always had good service on P&O, occasionally have had a not quite friendly serve (oddly each time in Costa) but have put that down to the obvious stresses of that time.
  2. Couple of further thoughts- Arcadia bathrooms are a little dated compared to others, one entrance rather than the separate toilet, curtain on the shower but still with a full size Jacuzzi bath. Full MDR menus available on room service along with the standard room service menu are free when ordered via the Butler. (There I found a use for him!) Suite breakfast on Arcadia is in Sindhu and that is very relaxed, they will sort out extras not on the menu if you give them a little notice, although simple things like omelettes are easily created to order.
  3. We have had an aft suite on Sapphire Princess just last year, identical in every way to P&O Ventura and Azura. Suites on Arcadia are very similar inside however the Aft ones have much bigger balconies but are either overlooked or 50/50 shade and sky. D deck is dull in front of the cabin doors but the wrap around makes up for it. Not been in C but have a standard aft cabin there in a few months. P&O give you a Butler (Pointless in our opinion) no free laundry. Perks like the priority boarding have become less interesting as so many people turn up for this slot due to loyalty levels. Priority use of the water shuttle can be useful (on the way out only) but most P&O cruise ports don't need them so not much of an attraction. other perks much the same. No club class dining included so unless using the MDR or buffet the options are to pay in Ocean Grill or Sindhu, being brits we prefer those to the Princess option of Sabatini's. (Ocean grill is similar to Crown Grill) We have now made the decision that the extra space, the uncomfortable couch and the spa bath are not worth the extra bucks. However we do enjoy the aft cabins whatever the grade and of course you do get more balcony whatever you pick.
  4. Odd, given the serious nature of this virus that our concerns are about cruising, just last night we discussed that if Europe has much greater issues over the next month or two one of the options for this year would be to go to Canada on Arcadia and cancel the others. Shallow lot aren't we! Most likely Canada wouldn't want us by then anyway.
  5. Thank you, nice tip. Unfortunately (perhaps that's the wrong word) we are on Arcadia for 24 nights just before that one, and apparently I still have to work!
  6. Hope you get there, we really like Croatia. I am sure you know, but just in case you didn't, you can now use your deposit on a future cruise of the same value or more forwards for 12 months without any handling charge rather than lose it. (P&O direct, not sure about through TAs)
  7. Yes J015, only changed to it recently, thought it was better value for money than the one we had booked.
  8. We are on the Ventura to Spain & Portugal next month, Canaries in June and the Med on Arcadia in November. At present we have no intention of backing out of any of these, in our cases we are reasonably healthy and view this horrible outbreak as something difficult to avoid wherever we live or visit on holiday and we don't want to shut ourselves indoors. We of course don't want to get it, or help spread it and would hope that the cruise operator feels the same way and will make port changes if appropriate, the economy must go on, of course not at the expense of life. We will take some reasonable precautions Avoid the Buffet. (or get there very early and avoid things that get handled, bread rolls being a good example) Use the stairs. Use the hand wash stations, take some extra perhaps? Not bother with coach tours Pack a pack of face masks just in case. Everyone must make their own decisions based on individual risks, is this worse than the usual seasonal flu? An unscientific search of the internet suggests that in the US alone Norovirus reaches out to 21 million a year, hospitalising 70,000 a year of which 800 don't go home. We still go cruising even though ships are famed for the spreading of this one. This is unfriendly but I view it as a risk to be considered, equally I would have disliked the 14 days on the Diamond Princess and feel great sympathy for those effected and infected wherever they are.
  9. And with an extra 4 days added to your loyalty 👍 A very minor point but in our case enough to tip us into the next discount level. P&O handled that very well from our point of view. An, at first, £25 OBC to have a drink or two, followed by a very decent refund. Communications were pretty sound each day from the Captain and we managed to visit just about everywhere on Tenerife.
  10. We often take a small DVD all in one player and a box set of something just in case we get cabin time (weather etc) It's a cheapie that we bought as an own brand from that well known catalogue store owned by one of the supermarket chains, it's fine if you can put up with a small screen. They do come with a set of leads but as we always forget to pack them we haven't tried to connect them to the cabin TV. Suites on Arcadia have DVD players, can't recall if the DBs do or not, on it next in July in a DB so can let you know after that if no one else comes back with a solution.
  11. Just tried it using Chrome, seems ok for me, could search ok. Must be having a moment!
  12. Historic Dockyard at Portsmouth is good for a day out, HMS Victory, HMS Warrior and the Mary Rose are the highlights, a nearby shopping centre is popular with out of town visitors and it's well linked to Southampton via train. Southampton itself is an old walled city and some of this can still be walked, with visits to several museums on the way including the Bargate, Tudor House and the Sea City for a Titanic exhibition. The National Motor Museum in the New Forest is one of the attractions outside of Southampton but is a little more challenging to get to without a car but can be done. Winchester, original capital of Wessex and England, also easily accessible by train, is good for a visit with a centralised shopping area all alongside the Cathedral which is one of the largest in Europe. Travelling a little further out, perhaps an hour by car, or again accessible by train you have the market town of Salisbury and home of yet more ancient attractions such as the Cathedral and of course nearby Stonehenge is a massive tourist attraction. Plenty to do here and around just needs a little research.
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