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  1. If the departing port for NCL is Los Angeles, I would assume it is from San Pedro. At Long Beach we have got only Carnival Inspiration, Imagination and Splendor with some other Carnival vessels cruising from us on occasion.
  2. It might take you longer to walk from your room on the Queen Mary to their front desk than walking from their entrance to the cruise terminal! Sometimes I have seen bell boys at the QM taking people’s luggage from the hotel to the terminal garage which is slightly further away. In case you want to check your luggage in, you do that with the porters who are located at the parking structure.
  3. While there is a direct bus connection from a parking structure at the LGB airport to downtown with Long Beach Transit bus #111 (https://ridelbt.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/111112.pdf), this is quite time-consuming, and in downtown you would still have to switch to the free Passport bus to the cruise terminal. If you just want the cheapest option and you’ve got loads of time, this would only cost $1.25/person. I have no experience from using a SuperShuttle or a similar ride-sharing service, but when I checked right now (no surge pricing or similar), a ride with Uber/Lyft from the airport to the terminal would be 20-21 bucks and up.
  4. Hotel Maya have got their Restaurant Fuego although The Reef does look really nice.
  5. Also, while I would never suggest to use an OTA (Online Travel Agent) for more than checking the current rates, Hotels.com does show some okay rates for 4/10/2020: Hyatt Regency $159-169 (refundable rate) Residence Inn By Marriott Long Beach, by the airport, NOT the terminal, $179 (refundable) Courtyard by Marriott Long Beach Airport, $179 (refundable) Holiday Inn Long Beach Airport $187-197 (refundable) Marriott Long Beach, by the airport $189 (refundable) Homewood Suites by Hilton Long Beach Airport, $195 (refundable)
  6. I do not have any specific recommendations for a hotel and parking packages, sorry. I have read here on CruiseCritic that Crowne Plaza in San Pedro offers those, but I doubt their shuttle would take you all the way to Long Beach. As a general tip, I would suggest you book a refundable rate at a Long Beach hotel you like, and then cancel it/rebook it if you find that the rates have dropped. You could even use a prepaid or similar payment card (has Revolut entered the US markets yet?) while doing your booking so that you don't lose any money should you forget to cancel the booking. A rate of $421 does sound very extreme. The nearness of Easter may have something to do with this, though. Sometimes campaign/discounted rates appear closer to the stay dates. When I worked in hospitality, we didn't open the rates more than 360 days in advance any way. So in almost 10 months you will have plenty of time of finding a decent hotel ahead of your cruise 🙂 In another thread on CruiseCritic I read @Jamman54 and his trip review, and I think he mentioned something about a shuttle from Hilton in Long Beach, and how they found it convenient. Other reputable hotels I can think of in/close to downtown Long Beach: Residence Inn by Marriott (see earlier in the thread, a 20 min or so walk from the terminal) Queen Mary (right next to the terminal but not modern facilities by any means; definitely a worth of try for a history buff) Hyatt Centric The Pike Long Beach (close to the attractions and a free bus to Queen Mary/the terminal, but views from their windows not very spectacular to say the least) Hyatt Regency Long Beach (another Hyatt, looks very nice from the outside at least) The Westin Long Beach Courtyard by Marriott Long Beach Renaissance Long Beach Best Western Plus Hotel at the Convention Center (mmh) The Breakers of Long Beach (a new hotel touted to open in 2020 smack down on Ocean Blvd; might not be open yet for your cruise?) Holiday Inn Long Beach Downtown Area (not really in downtown despite its name; location at Atlantic/Anaheim in a bad area, too -- but I have seen their shuttles around Long Beach) Close to the LGB airport ~11-13 miles from the cruise terminal you will find more hotels, but from these you definitely need a shuttle or an Uber/Lyft. Residence Inn by Marriott Long Beach (yes, a hotel with a very similar name to the one closer to the terminal) Holiday Inn Long Beach Airport Long Beach Marriott Courtyard by Marriott Long Beach Airport Hampton Inn Long Beach Airport
  7. Sad to say, but so far we have received no inside information about what will happen with the parking situation come Panorama. I certainly hope that Carnival and the City of Long Beach have discussed what will be done, and if/when the parking structure will be expanded. I am usually not working close to the parking structure, but if I remember correctly, there are numbers painted up to five in the wall although the structure does not have as many decks as that. As it is now, the situation on Saturdays is already unbearable. I feel for the employees of the guard company who work in and around the structure. From what I have heard in the passing (makes sense but information is hearsay nevertheless), they do go around in golf carts on Saturdays counting the amount of spaces and thus being able to tell people when to go for off-site parking. As for the handicap placard priority; I am sorry but I have no idea. Would make sense but don't count on it. So I do hope that the Carnival have got an ace up their sleeve. Otherwise they are going to get LOADS more of negative feedback regarding the parking situation, and this is in turn is going to affect not only the passenger satisfaction, but their revenue for the Saturday cruises as well. All other days except Saturdays the terminal employees are allowed to park in the parking structure. On Saturdays many choose to park at the suggested site at Pine Ave and 6th Street in downtown Long Beach, and from there are shuttle buses is arranged to the terminal. I do not know regular rates for the parking, however, since I do not usually take this way to work. Unless the prices are much, much lower, I would not necessarily park my car there. It is in a less than desirable area, and closer to tourist attractions you do have many other parking alternatives. From garages at Pine, Chestnut, Aquarium of the Pacific etc. you have a convenient access on a free Long Beach Passport bus to Queen Mary/the Cruise Terminal. Instead of having shuttles at irregular times (?) from Pine/6th, the Passport runs every 15-30 minutes depending on the time of the day. Not sure, if the public garages have a maximum number of days they allow you to park in there, though. I am not sure where you can wait "in line" for the structure to open. If you exit the parking gates outside the terminal/Queen Mary in less than 30 minutes, you will not have to pay. The terminal opens 10:30 AM daily, and now they have began opening it at 10 AM on Saturdays due to the volumes of people coming in. But I would not plan on coming to the parking structure before 10 AM since people are still coming back from their cruise, driving away/being picked up. Sometimes when I have been dropped off at the terminal, it is total chaos over there between nine and ten on Saturdays.
  8. As Husky61 was faster telling you, the walk is a doable alternative. However, I am not sure how enjoyable that stroll is with a lot of luggage. I also do not know whether Residence Inn offers shuttles to the terminal or not. I have seen shuttles from Hotel Current and Hotel Maya among others close to the parking structure, but nothing visible (with a logo on the side anyway) from the Residence Inn. Long Beach's free attraction/tourist bus line Passport DOES pass the Residence Inn, but on the one-way loop north. The end station for Passport South is Queen Mary which is as close as you can get by a public bus. LB Transit just altered the Passport route for the summer and it goes a different route in downtown. So if you want to minimize walking with luggage, technically you could get on the Passport North from Residence Inn, and change to Passport South at Aquarium of the Pacific if you are adventurous. That is far from convenient, though. Current (6/16-) route map for the Passport: https://ridelbt.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/PASSSPORT.pdf
  9. Hi folks, a new member here. We who work the Long Beach Cruise Terminal are employed by a company that operates the building for Carnival. I personally like my job and would like to invite you to post your questions about all things relating to cruising from Long Beach with Carnival’s Inspiration, Imagination and Splendor. As you probably know, Splendor will be transferred to Australia later this year (2019) and will be replaced by a new vessel. So if you have got any questions in mind, post here and I will try to answer. 😊
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