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  1. The 25% of the 125% they gave you can be applied to the booking. Not sure if time has expired on the additional percentage they give you by booking right away. Usually you only have a couple of weeks after the cancellation to receive the additional discount. All of the FCC and additional 25% should be sitting on your account. All those funds can be applied.
  2. Do you still have the 25% FCC sitting in your latitude account? I do know that the extra 25% can be used on the fare only so you might be able to apply it.
  3. So you booked another trip without using the 25% they were giving you for a previous cancellation? Assuming that is where the 25% is coming from.
  4. The 3rd and 4th person was just an example. I was looking to hear from anyone who was able to apply FCC's to dining or wifi packages. Basically, any package you would have to pay extra for. There is a ton of conflicting information. NCL is a hard NO.
  5. Have you had FCC's applied to dining and wifi packages? I have heard yes and no from cruisers but only heard NO from NCL. I'm not talking about free at sea items but packages for a third or forth party on your reservation. The NCL link does not show that FCC's can be used for dining or wifi. Some say yes, NCL says no. Lots of conflicting information. Anyone actually have the FCC applied to a dining or wifi package?
  6. Anything about table games?
  7. Can you explain what you mean by the water comment? Am I missing something, Hater55?
  8. Not concerned about Covid at all. I gamble and I wanted to know how I may have to adjust my gaming practices. Hate the idea of gloves and masks.
  9. Hi All, Has anyone heard what NCL is doing in the casino to keep things cleaner? Spacing out slot machines? Person limits at table games? Policy for cleaning chips? Cards? I'm sure there is a lot involved to get things going again. Cheers UDKO
  10. Are you required to tip in the Haven restaurant? Any suggested tip amounts for butler or concierge? My understanding is that they do not get any of the prepaid gratuities.
  11. What is the dress code in the Haven restaurant?
  12. I won't quote ya. Just trying to get a general idea. Thanks Wheels!
  13. Anyone know a post with the NCL Haven restaurant menus?
  14. Great! I thank you both for responding.
  15. Are reservations required for the Haven restaurant on the NCL Breakaway? Can they be done onboard or do you have to make them prior to sailing like the other restaurants?
  16. I think I will do all of this! Thank you. Thank you for taking the time!
  17. Thank you for the response. I roll with things. If I'm not happy I say something. I'm not one to complain after the fact when I could have done something to remedy a wrong. Looking forward to the AFT!
  18. Thank you. Slightly concerned about aft Haven but will make the best of it.
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