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  1. I'm a bit confused about all this talk about bringing water onboard. Is the water from the sink undrinkable?
  2. As far as delivery of MDR food during dinner service hours, can this be done in regular veranda cabins as well or must you be in concierge? Didn't realize having dinner in room was an option...(other than regular room service menu items)
  3. Thank you! 😊 Very helpful input and how funny you should post as I had just started reading your thread about your recent B2B on Summit. Wonderful thread, by the way. Full of great info...enjoying it very much. 👍🏻
  4. Happy it worked well for you and hoping the same for me upon boarding Nieuw Statendam in September.
  5. Thanks and hope you have a wonderful cruise!! 😊 Thanks for this...exactly what I needed to know! 👍 Totally agree about R rated movies being inappropriate for children and hope the noise from the movies wasn't too distracting. Btw, were the same movies available for free on demand in the cabins as well? I'd read they'd been updated, too. Hope you had a great cruise and will write a review for us! 😊
  6. Excellent news. Thanks so much to you both! 😊
  7. Thanks so much for posting this! ...was able to purchase for my upcoming Sept cruise. Btw, HAL didn't show it as a "special discounted price" but according to the chart of daily plan costs, it was 20% off. I would not have known this had you not posted so thanks again. Currently, only the Premium plan is available to buy pre-cruise. I only really need the middle package and was hoping that it too would be offered at a discount but for $10 more, decided to go with Premium.
  8. Do they automatically seat you with others or can you get a table for two?
  9. New to Celebrity and when reading about how the ship has been updated, noticed this spot on Summit deck plan while considering a last minute cruise to Bermuda. I've heard of movie screens over pool areas but not on back of the ship. What movies are currently being shown and when? Also wondering if it's only on sea days/nights and if seats are by reservation only. As I like to find a good place to sit and read with a view, are passengers allowed to use this area when movies are not being shown? Guessing it might get pretty hot up there during the day, especially while docked in Bermuda but sea days might be lovely.
  10. Interesting... the Carnival offer popped up on my benefits list today as well, even after receiving a Princess gift card offer last spring as well as the current HAL offer, which, by the way, I successfully used by buying OBC for my upcoming cruise. Got the notification email from AMEX within minutes of submitting payment via HAL website. Reinforces what someone mentioned earlier... with this offer, AMEX is giving $150 back for a $500 HAL purchase, no matter whether it's a new booking or OBC. Very thankful...Every little bit helps!!
  11. Well, my final payment was due yesterday so I booked the cruise itself...hooray! The included free gratuities helped take a bit of the sting off and now to book flights. Amazing the difference between today and yesterday...the connecting flight I wanted rose in price while a direct flight, much better IMHO, appeared out of nowhere for a lower price. Fancy that. Unfortunately, have to wait til after the holiday to confirm my pre/post cruise plans and as it's after final payment, will not be able to book anything til I'm sure. Will be interesting to see how prices change by then...fingers crossed it's for the better. Thanks again!
  12. Good advice! Thanks! Congrats on getting such a awesome price...hoping to get flights taken care of a bit sooner than that but good to know!
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