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  1. Sounds like a wonderful end to the season, Notamermaid. I also have enjoyed your postings and like you keep up our Christmas decorations until at least mid-January. Don't usually go as far as Candlemass though. My husband and I were married on January 9, 1954, and we always have our decorations up past that week. Unfortunately here in Georgia, decorations often come down January 1. Not sure we will cruise again in Europe, my husband feels he can't do it anymore. There is one that I would love to take with Croisi Europe that starts in Berlin and ends in Copenhagen. My dad was born in Stettin and would love to see that area. Although we have loved our cruises with Uniworld, Crosi is the only one that has this route. All blessings in the New Year to you and your readers.
  2. Steve, We had our cruise cancelled last August because of low water 2 days before it sailed. We were already in France on another cruise in Bordeaux when Uniworld informed us of the situation. They offered a full refund or a swap to another cruise. We chose to swap to another cruise. Probably should have taken the refund and just stayed in Budapest and toured on our own as we were not reimbursed for our flights. We did enjoy the other cruise. Last year seemed to have been the first time that many companies had to cancel or re-route and in reading boards about river cruising, it seems like all companies did not handle it in the same way. We have an excellent travel agent who worked with Uniworld to save our trip. This year we went in early July when there was plenty of water, tho it is more crowded on the rivers. Good luck in getting a refund. Georgia Rambler
  3. Sounds like a good plan. I wish I had had similar similar planning in place last year when our second cruise was cancelled.For some reason, I just never thought of cancellation as being possible.And I have a reputation as an Uber planner...Uniworld offered us a full refund which we could have taken rather than switching to another cruise which we really didn't want to take. Not knowing how fast water levels fluctuate on the Danube or Rhine, it seems like it might be hard to forecast. For example if they get a really hot spell, like we are having here in Georgia with high 90's for over a week, one might expect that the water levels would go down. Hope you have no problems at all and enjoy your cruise.
  4. That's why we decided to go earlier, in July instead of August. On this cruise we should start in Vienna and travel the Danube, Main and Rhine, ending up in Amsterdam two weeks later. Flying out this afternoon and have our fingers crossed that all goes well, including the flights. I am a very nervous flyer. Know that July is a busy month for local tourists as well as those who travel from the US and other places, but will just have to take our chances. Thanks for your helpful information.
  5. We are flying to Vienna on July 4 to take Uniworld's Alluring Amsterdam and Vienna cruise. Probably our last trip out of the US as we are both in our 80's. More concerned about water levels than heat as it has been HOT here for the last month, with temps in the 90's but some days in the 80's. Last year our second cruise to Eastern Europe was cancelled just as we finished our first in Bordeaux. Uniworld offered us a choice of alternatives or a full refund. We probably should have taken the refund as stayed in Budapest for a week or so. Have relatives in Bratislava and they would have been happy to take us around, but we didn't. The cruise was a good one, but we had done it before so not quite as exciting second time around. Hopefully everything will go according to plan this time. Appreciate your hard work trying to keep us all informed. Incidentally, we have those nasty Asian mosquitoes as well, I understand they came over in used tired. What I really dislike about them is they will bite you more than once. I have the welts to prove it after gardening.
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