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  1. Its not needed or wanted. And if you look on line you get very sketchy info regarding this. For example: They say that if you dont have a high temo and persistant dry cough you are unlikely to have it. Yet, I had a slight fever, flu like symptoms, and a dry cough for a short while. 24 hours. But not persisitant. They will probably tell me I didnt have it. Yet at the same time, the medical world tells us 4 out of 5 will get it with very mild symptoms, and will more or less be able to carry on with their daily lives. So which is it? Are there mild variants to this or not?
  2. of course he may have contracted it anywhere. Even from his wife. Hope he is OK.
  3. Oh I am not panicking. I was merely highlighting what might happen, and could, if governments dont step in. Or the governments bite the bullet and tell people its business as usual, stop self isolating and crack on.
  4. Ah thats alright then. If your last sentence is correct it wont be in your lifetime. And out of interest, how you planning on getting to Rome?
  5. and lets face it. Where else are you going to vacation? Do you think all of those other destinations will survive this without Government help? Will any airlines? Holiday resorts within your own country? Even if they do, will there be restaurants or bars to visit? Unless massive financial help is given foreign holidays will once again be reserved for the rich and famous. As was the case prior to package holidays in the late 60s. Every industry is on the verge of collapse. Its madness.
  6. seems to be some very narrow views on this topic. All industries need to be saved, by all governments. Letting the cruise industry disappear is the thin end end of a very large wedge. This is not about market forces or any other financial nonsense. Just for once in their very greedy lives the money men/women need to get their collective heads out of their greed is good backsides, and realise this is a world issue, and therefore the finacial markets need a coat of reality check and a realignment. Of course it wont happen, and the same greedy few that benefited and won during the financial crash will win again. Leisure, Travel, restuarants, construction, taxi drivers, amongst the many others, all need to be saved, otherwise whats the point of what is happening now? Unless we all want to live in a post apocolyptic world, where the few segregate themselves from the masses to protect their own.
  7. No, if you have it, ot think you might have it, its 7 days. Those that come into contact with you its 14.
  8. Not here at the moment. You need to be in hospital or go there to get a test, and they wouldnt be happy with me just turning up there for one. I actually feel fine now. Had a dry cough for 24 hours and fatigue for 48. Beginning to think I havent had it. Very confusing world we now live in.
  9. I am home. And yes self isolating. Trapped in the spare bedroom. Actually feeling fine now. But have another 3 days to sit it out. I took ill on the way back home. Monday night. But I have no idea whether its the virus or not. And I dont think I ever will know. Unless it wasnt, and I get it in a couple of weeks? Its crazy
  10. Oh its grim alright. I was in London on Monday, and the underground was earie. Pubs restaurants all deserted. Shops out of almost everything. And then I took ill Monday night. Flu like symptons and a cough. Had a bad cough Tuesday night and self isolating. I have no idea if I have this virus, but what I can say is this: I feel like I have the Flu. Had the flu vaccine. A mild cough with a couple of coughing fits during the night. Very very tired, fatigued. Aching limbs. Mild headaches. So I feel much better today, with the odd cough. But I dont know whether I have had it or whether I will ever know. Its weird.
  11. This. As 4 out of 5 cases are likely to be very mild most will think they have a bad cold. This means they wont report it. There are reportedly 1000s of these cases.
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