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  1. I dont know anyone that would go to a wetherspoons through choice. My only alcohol of choices are real ale and guinness.. You will find that very difficult to get on your balcony. Never liked wine. Ever. And I dont particularly like beer in bottles. Doesn't seem that enjoyable to me sitting there with a drink you dont enjoy. And on my last cruise my favourite place to drink was the sunset bar looking out to sea but with a decent drink.
  2. I just find that weird. Sorry. I am a fella. Getting ready isn't an event. It's just something to be done quick as possible. A 1 minute shower. A couple to clean teeth.a couple of minutes to put on a shirt and Jean's. 1 to put on shoes. A quick spray of deodorant and aftershave. Job done. It's not a sport or an event. And drinking in the room is not as pleasant as being at the bar. And as the bars are always available why not maximise time there?
  3. Damn you and that one second.
  4. Some people on this forum can make an issue out out almost everything in the world it seems. Hilarious. Its dancing. Not NFL or rugby union. Dancing is not an overtly masculine and physical thing even if a few of you seem to think it is. Pulling a muscle is probably worst thing that can happen. Can I politely ask some of you need to get a grip.🤣
  5. If you take 2 hours getting ready on a 12 day cruise you are spending 1/12th of your cruise dressing up. 24 hours. One whole day. What a waste
  6. Opinions eh? Give me a good old guitar band any day.
  7. Is there a poll for the most stupid thread ever? I vote this one.
  8. I have never considered dancing to be a dangerous pastime. There again I have never considered dancing. But if there is jeopardy involved I may consider it.
  9. I am with you 100%. Miss them massively yet wouldnt want to do it again. Even now Sunday lunch is the only meal we really eat together, and even that can be altered by something better happening. We even had a period where my wife would be watching one son play soccer, whilst I would be off somewhere else watching the other one. And then in the summer it was golf, and my wife became a golf widow whilst I caddied for the younguns. Mealtimes just got in the way of the fun things.
  10. I really wished I had done some research when we landed at Florence. We got off the mini bus, and everyone else had a guide. Me and the wife didnt. So we just wandered about without a clue as to what was there to see. We walked round a corner and bumped into that big chuch thing. Looks stunning from the outside. We walked round it. and then back to the square. Walked round the markets and then back to the square. Had a pizza and a few beers and enjoyed the sun whilst sat outside the church or whatever it is. The others on our coach wrere staggered at how little we saw. Yet we were the ones that had the pizza and the very tasty beer. Surely we won?
  11. Same. I am always amazed by the amount of people that seem to have perfect 2.4 children life style and have the time to have all of their meals at a set time. I always assumed life was never that simple.
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