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  1. Glasgow 45 minutes away, Loch Lomond 55 minutes away. If you dont fancy the culture of Glasgow, go and play golf at Loch Lomond. Sorted.
  2. and to summerise some of the views, "the victim is partly to blame and to say otherwise is political correctness gone mad." Its a fine line between blame shaming the victim, and being an apologist for the sex offender. A very fine line.
  3. I dont need to prove you wrong, everyone can read your views on this topic. And mine. And everyone elses.
  4. Except usually when you attend a sports match, you are a fan of one or the other teams, and you will have paid specifically for that event. And usually if you are a fan of one of the teams, as long as you win, the entertainment value is secondary. Whereas the music on a cruise ship is supplied free to us all, and is never going to satisfy everyone.
  5. Well I have found celebrity to be the best for good behaviour and the food. Ok. It's the only I have been on.
  6. I really dislike classical music and jazz.and country. Yet on a cruise ship I dont mind any of it. And I am not expert enough to know whether any of the musicians are mediocre. A term I find quite offensive. Maybe as a child of punk music, where you didnt have to be a master of your instrument and anyone could give it a go i am more respectful of anyone that tries. Sadly you dont get a good punk guitar band on a cruise ship. Hey ho let's go
  7. Discussions about retribution the death penalty castration etc are irrelevant until you or your family member are on the wrong end of a sexual assault. I dont believe in the death penalty but if my wife or my kids were sexually assaulted I would be out for the most extreme revenge possible. Just as well i am not a law maker.
  8. Agreed. I would probably end up with a black eye if "i told my wife" to do anything. Nobody tells her what to do. And I wouldnt dream of suggesting otherwise.
  9. Oh I think I am doing ok on this thread for a change. I suppose I can cope with being accused of being dishonest on this thread.
  10. And what about those attacked that werent in the wrong place doing the wrong things? Who you blaming in those circumstances?
  11. When you cant think of anything else to use blame political correctness.
  12. But the point most of us are making is that no matter how silly, risky, or whatever, the girls behaviour was, it should not have resulted in a sexual assault. There is no excuse no matter how much some try to make one.
  13. I have been to Cozumel and Grand Cayman, and loved both places. I want to go back to Cozumel as a tribute to my favourite female singer Kirsty McColl. Who tragically died there.
  14. Right Now I like a drink, but I cant stand folk getting wrecked and ruining things for everyone else. Try celebrity. It was the perfect mix. Well it was for us.
  15. Aye, magic. And what of those parents who did everything they could, but find their daughter got raped anyway? Maybe they should have got her not to wear a skirt, maybe they should have their daughter change sex at birth, you know, just to mitigate any risk. But then, boys have been abused too. I wonder what you will blame THEIR parents for?
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