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  1. We better hope they figure this Virus out before tick season begins!
  2. I think I’ll go to the dollar store , buy some random items and place them on pool chairs at 6 am just to see people explode
  3. Ok, it’s not just chapstick. Its phones, tablets, towels , shirts, cover up, flip flops, oils, the normal crap you bring to a pool. And I’m not simply just throwing it down on two chair and then jumping in the pool to never return. I might be using the chair, get hot, go into the pool, have a few drinks and strike up conversations with people. So maybe an hour in the pool, 2, even 3? At what point shall I remove all my belongings From a chair and put them poolside?
  4. Ok, opinion on this. The wife and I layout everyday. Some days when it’s so hot, we end up standing in the pool almost all day minus the occasional going back to the chairs for sun block, oil or chapstick. Am I supposed to remove my stuff so someone can sit there? Or are one of you chair police going to remove my stuff because you believe I’m just hogging a chair?
  5. I was on NOS last Thanksgiving. We stood in the waiting area with all the seats for at least an hour. I am always early so probably 1030-1100.
  6. Has anyone ever tried slipping a 20 or more to a terminal worker during the embarkation process to get on the ship faster? I’m only a gold member and hate waiting and being the last group to get called. Guess I probably just need to cruise more.
  7. New to Roll Call but not new to cruising. Booked this cruise for the wife and I. First time on a brand new ship. Glad to meet other like me that get to talk about their cruise even if it’s over 500 days away.
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