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  1. Can you please tell me why to avoid a connecting promenade room. We have a connecting one next week with some friends.
  2. Thanks. I have a feeling it might just be on the bigger ships.
  3. Does anyone have a menu for the tapas offered at Vintages on Liberty of the Seas?
  4. Thank you! I've seen some actual tapas menus posted for other RC ships, but I think they were for the bigger ships.
  5. Do you know what tapas they had at vintages to order? I've tried to find a menu, but only see the drinks.
  6. Thanks! My husband will be sad to hear that. He loves ceviche!
  7. I have this booked for our October cruise. Are you able to order anything off the menu for lunch or is it picking from a few specific items?
  8. My boarding pass for our October cruise does not list a specific time. It just says 10:45-3. So you probably can go at any time.
  9. I have mtd also. I wonder if there is a way we can see what time the shows start before our cruise to try to pick out a dining time.
  10. That's what I was thinking. We are from Texas too and eat Mexican food a bit too often! Although the souvenir items would be a nice perk, we aren't buying specialty dining so it will be fun to get to eat here! Plus I've heard mixed reviews on if you can use your unlimited Bev package to buy drinks there and I really want to try the margaritas there😄
  11. How fun! Only 81 days😀. We will see you in class! I was able to convince my husband to take the class with me because I told him how everyone raves on the margaritas at this restaurant. Well that and the Mexican food 😂
  12. Thanks for all of your post! I love to plan too and this is so helpful!
  13. I'll see if I can just call them and schedule. I looked again and these are my only options to select. And when I click onboard activities, it says not are available. Check back when on ship. Thanks for your help though!
  14. Really? Can you tell me what you found it under? I looked earlier and am not seeing it. I only see it listed on the app but no place to purchase. We cruise 10/20
  15. Thank you. I'm thinking we must still have to wait until on board because it's not giving me the option in my RC app. Maybe closer to sail date in October.
  16. Has anyone done this class on Liberty? Did you sign up for the guacamole class on the ship or can you reserve a spot before cruising? What all does it include? I saw reviews about it from someone on a different Royal ship and they were also given a free souvenir cup and avocado tool. Did you receive anything?
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