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  1. Penshurst Place is lovely, I haven’t been there for a few years. One of my favourite Kent places is Hever Castle, very beautiful, definitely worth a visit. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  2. Yes, I have done the same. I suppose the difference with the App is it gives you instructions what to do if you have symptoms etc and if you do test positive you can chose to submit that info for local area data.
  3. My son and I both downloaded it this morning. If you allow it to use your location it searches for local data. I will keep it on my phone but I think if not read properly it may cause a little unnecessary panic. It tells you the risk level for your area but 'your area' is listed as 'your local authority or a neighbouring authority' so for example someone in Medway could be told they are at amber level due to high or rising numbers but that could actually be Medway or Maidstone, Gravesham, Swale, or Tonbridge and Malling etc.
  4. That sounds promising, It's really helpful to have some local advice about the best places to go at the moment. Our apartment owner has done the same. I must admit I am keeping an eye on availability at the caravan park up the road from the apartment just in case we have to book one last minute for my daughter, son in law and Grandson if things change. I have had words with Grandson and told him they'll be moving to a caravan if he keeps waking up at 4am but he's only 6 months old and just laughed at me and blew a raspberry 😂
  5. ☺️ you never know! Our daughter has booked tickets for Exmoor Zoo on the Tuesday so we'll be closer to where you're staying.
  6. Thinking of you and your wife on your difficult day today. Michelle must be a fighter, she sounds like an amazing lady. My eyes are at risk of leaking again now.
  7. So sorry to hear that, really hoping that the right job comes along for you very soon.
  8. Oh gosh, then the hot flushes would have started and I would have been a hot and beetroot red, crying mess instead of just a crying mess! 😂
  9. It's so miserable not sleeping, I really hope you feel brighter as the day progresses.
  10. I feel the same. After my wobbly day on Saturday I had a full on melt down Sunday evening/Monday knowing a likely announcement was coming and being convinced it was a mini lockdown of sorts with a ban on mixing households. Cried my weight in tears I think 🙄 Back to usual self afterwards to the enormous relief of my family who didn't know quite what to do with me other than try to drown me with cups of tea 😂
  11. Happy Anniversary to you and your wife. I hope you have had a good day
  12. I recognise those steps 🙂 Looks like our trips to Devon can still go ahead.
  13. My husband and my brother have both supported Man Utd since very young so my son didn't stand a chance really 😂 I'll never forget the awe on his face when we took him to Old Trafford the first time when he was younger.
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