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  1. How long would you expect it to be until we start seeing photos and videos of the inside?
  2. Thanks Jaydee I can see my cabin 😊
  3. Well that would be something to look forward to 😂 I seem to remember someone suggested Sooty & Sweep a few months ago, if they were onboard that would make my husband’s holiday!
  4. I don’t know why they aren’t doing it a week earlier when I’m on board 😂 All these acts will be arriving as I’m heading home.
  5. I have an app that uses photos from my phone and sends them as postcards, makes them lovely and personal. I usually send myself one too and then use it as a bookmark, a reminder of my holiday. I already have my postcard credits ready for our June cruise.
  6. Well, hopefully a very useful day for you then, a fascinating subject. I really hope they help you to get results!
  7. Thank you for the updates, really helpful. Enjoy your day in London, I do love a trip to London, so much to see and do.
  8. Still not great here in my corner of Kent. We’ve lost 3 fence panels and the roofing felt off of the shed 😳 I’ve seen tweets from people on a P&O ferry who have been stuck 3 miles out to sea, waiting to get back into Dover, since 9am. Not my idea of fun!
  9. For those of you who have taken the troll cars do you remember how long you get at the glacier before needing to meet the troll car to travel back down again?
  10. I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong, but on google maps it looks like it’s a 20 minute drive from the port to the troll car station, so you would need transport of some sort to get there.
  11. Round and Round was my favourite. I hope he does Through the Barricades for you, enjoy it! I’m a little jealous
  12. I’ve seen Jason Donovan live several times recently, in War of the Worlds and in Joseph, it’s true, he doesn’t have the best vocals live but he is a great entertainer and puts on a good show. My 16 year old self was in love with Tony Hadley 😂 It’s a good job I’m not on the maiden voyage, I’d be looking out for him everywhere.
  13. I’ve just seen on Twitter that some maiden voyage artists names have been released. The ones I can remember are Tony Hadley, Jason Donovan, Alexandra Burke & Gabrielle, plus others. I think there’s Alex James from Blur too, but that’s just from a photo and I haven’t got my glasses on! Having been a teen in the 80’s I am quite jealous of those seeing Tony Hadley & Jason Donovan 😊
  14. Sorry, I should have said that our cruise is on Iona too!
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