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  1. Terrier John & Happy V, thank you for your replies. I've just gone back and checked and if I hover the mouse over the ref box nothing happens. Oh well, I'll have to keep copying and pasting until I remember the number.
  2. Maybe it was just how I’d saved the old one off but the booking ref was always already entered when I went to log in page.
  3. With the old cruise personaliser I only had to remember my name and date of birth, I could manage that, most days anyway 😂 but with the new one I have to try to remember my booking reference every time I log in - not a chance! Has anyone found a way to save the log-in page WITH the booking number still filled in?
  4. Thank you for that. I notice that it's on the most expensive choice out of the wine packages. It's my husband's favourite but too dry for me. Hopefully they'll sell it by the single bottle or glass in the restaurant.
  5. Does anyone know if P&O have Sancerre (white) on the restaurant wine lists?
  6. Enjoy your cruise Andy & Michelle 😀
  7. Thank you Sharon. We are on G009 the sailing before the naming cruise. Is it common for a ship to have its maiden voyage, plus quite a few more sailings, before its naming ceremony?
  8. I’m not on Facebook, is there any chance someone could copy & paste what was announced please? Sarah
  9. We definitely aren't upper class 🙂, but I have always enjoyed cooking and fed my lot liver, fish etc since they were small. Don't get me wrong, they still have their likes and dislikes, 26 year old wouldn't touch a piece of fruit or pizza. They have got more adventurous as they've got older. Mind you, they are all partial to Mcdonalds and chicken nuggets too! I think it's just what you're used to.
  10. My son is 26, works in London so eats out in lots of city restaurants and many of the menu choices are very similar to the kind of thing on that P&O menu. My three, 22, 24 & 26 all enjoy liver, belly pork etc, I don’t think they’ve ever tried pheasant. At least 2 of them would eat pate, trout & terrine too, so I don’t think it’s just an age thing, I suppose it depends on what foods you eat growing up? I’m 51 and like most things on the menu, I’m really looking forward to the dining on the cruise.
  11. I called P&O the other day and that was one of my questions as we’re in the same position as you, but no, we would get the 5% newcomers discount not the full 10%
  12. I'm definitely sold on B754 or one of the deck B aft balconies, just need to work out the when and where to, thank you for all the advice, much appreciated!
  13. I can understand some of you seasoned cruisers being bored with formal nights after so many, but as a newbie to cruising I'd like the chance to do enough of them to be able to get bored by them. 😀
  14. Grapau27 Thank you, certainly would get great views. Would that balcony cabin get any sun when ship is sailing north or is there overhang from the upper deck that would keep it mostly in the shade?
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