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  1. Thank you, so many replies and lots of useful advice. My suitcase is smaller than my hubby's one so I have a feeling we'll be swapping 😀
  2. My list of shoes is already up to 6 and I'm only on a 7 night cruise 😂
  3. Thank you. The dressing up is part of the 'cruise image' that I've been waiting 30 years for - it's taken that long to persuade my hubby to try a cruise!
  4. Michelle sounds like a woman after my own heart! 😁
  5. Thank you all for your replies. I think I'll try to just take 2 clutch bags to match my formal dresses and then take Stokie's advice and use hubby as my handbag if I don't have anything to match any of my other evening outfits 🙂
  6. I am taking some long formal gowns with me next year when we sail on Iona as well as some shorter dresses and chiffony jumpsuits. Never cruised before and I'm hoping I wont stick out like a sore thumb in my long frocks and bling 😁
  7. Hello I have started jotting down a rough list of what I might want to take with me on our 7 night cruise. We're not going until next June but you can never be too prepared 🤣 I'm often guilty of being an over packer so I am trying to be more sensible, but..... My list has quite a few bags on it, rucksack for days out, large bag for embarkation day, canvas bag for pool/sea days and so far 4 evening clutch bags to match my various long and short gowns. I just wondered, do you tend to use evening bags on the ship? Or as it's cash free are they pretty much redundant? I don't want to waste space that could be used for more shoes 😁 Thanks Sarah
  8. Just watched your cabin video, it looks very spacious! Also watched your deckchairs on the balcony video, gave me a chuckle to start my day 🙂 Did you have many days that were too windy to use the balcony?
  9. Thanks Andy, I think I'll look for a good garment carrier.
  10. Thank you, do you take them as hand luggage or send them on with your suitcases?
  11. Just wondering, how do you pack your suits and posh frocks? Do you take them in clothes carriers as hand luggage, label clothes carriers for porters and send with suitcases or pack them in suitcases? Thanks
  12. Yes thank you Jaydee. Does anyone know how soon before launch they generally release photos of the cabins and other interior areas?
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