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  1. We did, the same cruise, just a week earlier to avoid the first week of Wimbledon, I don’t intend missing it 2 years in a row 🥴 Next year’s cruise worked out a little cheaper so we changed from a balcony cabin to a deluxe balcony cabin which cost £100 more each, we figured it’s 2 years holiday in 1 so why not. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  2. I saw the song on Twitter, very good 😀
  3. Just got back from Sainsbury’s, queued for 45 minutes but managed to get everything I needed except frozen peas & soap bars. Their queuing system was good but could have done with a one way system up the aisles, some people don’t seem to know what 2metres looks like! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  4. Great news on both [emoji4] I hope the technicalities in setting it up go smoothly. I’m also from Kent, I think I’m going to brave the local Sainsbury’s & M&S this afternoon. I’m ok for loo roll but will be going on an egg, milk and bread hunt. My golden find this week has been my daughter’s eczema cream, on Amazon, cheaper than a prescription, so have bought 2 big pump dispensers, 4 pairs of dry sore hands in our house. 🥴 Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  5. The community spirit last night was incredible and pretty emotional. The majority of our street were at their front doors or at open windows, clapping, cheering and banging pots and pans. Very very grateful for everyone who is working hard to help us all! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  6. We decided yesterday to transfer our 27th June cruise to June next year. Was on hold for 45 minutes but once through it was very easy to transfer. The lady on the phone couldn’t have been more helpful. We upgraded from a balcony cabin to a deluxe balcony, only had to pay £6 more for the deposit.
  7. My son is working from home and the dining room has been turned into his office, now it looks like my husband will be working from home on alternate weeks too. They are both required to take phone calls and skype meetings during the day and sharing space would be difficult so we decided my husband would work in my sewing/dressing/ironing room. I've spent today clearing up, getting my mess out of the way and making it nice for him. I move all my sewing bits and pieces, put his model aeroplanes on display on my sewing desk shelves etc. Thought I'd done a really nice job and then snapped a wheel and a bomb off of a Spitfire 😵 I am not going to be popular!!
  8. I forgot to say, a big thank you to your daughter and all who are fighting for us!!
  9. Thank you Andy. They came for takeaway and quick cuddles, everything seems better with a baby cuddle, then we all went out for a walk in the fresh air to a local country park. I really feel for Michelle, and you. I can totally understand your daughter, no-one wants to risk their loved ones health however difficult it is. We all facetimed both sets of parents today, my parents didn't quite get the hang of it and we saw more of mum's chest than her face 😆
  10. I’m in Medway, Kent. I am amazed by how many elderly are still out browsing the shops for non essentials here. One of my daughters works in a card shop and says she wants to tell them all to go home and stay safe not buy stupid cards, well stupid wasn’t the word she used! At the start of the week the local Sainsbury’s had hardly any stock of any food items but that us improving slowly. Online delivery slots for all 3 main supermarkets here are almost impossible to get. My other daughter is half hour drive away, has a new baby not quite 2 weeks old, and can’t get a delivery slot at all at the moment. We’re ferrying bits and pieces over to her as well as to my parents and husband’s parents.. Son works in London but is working from home now. Husband works locally but in a massive company and they can’t all work from home so he is in office 1 week, working from home the next. Not sure if it’s wise but daughter wants to come to our house today with baby as it’s my son’s birthday as well as Mother’s Day. I’m very nervous about it, but at this precise moment not of us have any symptoms, we’ll sit at least 2 metres away from them, have the windows open. Husband and I are early 50’s and healthy so not in the high risk category. We went to our local small shopping precinct yesterday, they’re sensibly only allowing a few people in each shop at a time which means there’s queues outside to get in to the chemist, butcher, baker, post office. It reminded me of photos of war time rationing queues. Crazy times!
  11. SarahHben


    We went to Sainsburys on Monday, all meat & fish were gone, 1 tin of beans left and 1 pack of spaghetti, so I got those. A man picked up the last loaf of bread and was clutching it to him in case someone grabbed it, but my golden find was 1 pack of antibacterial/anti viral hand wipes. Tried M&S next and other than eggs, they were very well stocked and also had an employer there specifically to wipe down all card machines. We’re trying to buy for ourselves, a family of 4 adults, my daughter who had just had a baby and is trying to keep newborn away from shops, and my parents. We looked at doing an online shop Monday evening with Tesco and the next available slot was 2nd April. It’s crazy!
  12. I hope I didn’t offend or annoy him when I was horrified at the thought of the emergency shute 😳
  13. I emailed P&O and Paul Ludlow last week and received a voice mail call and follow up email from Paul Ludlow’s office yesterday, I was very impressed by the response & like in your case Andy, they were very helpful.
  14. I'm not sure if that's reassuring or not 🤣
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