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  1. Oh no! I hope you recover quickly and are being well looked after.
  2. I think on the whole most of the birthday/get well messages and general chatter tend to be on the ‘what are things like where you are’ thread and also on the ‘vaccine’ thread. When the off topic posts don’t interest me I just scroll by. I’d rather read or scroll by birthday wishes, weather reports, music tastes, book recommendations etc than posters getting tetchy (or worse) with each other over politics or differing opinions.
  3. I've just been looking at the website and the May and June cruises are still there, just showing as sold out, I had to chose 'sold out' from the filters list. We are travelling with my parents so it's not as simple as just moving our deposit to another cruise. My parents want to wait and see what happens, so instead, I put down a deposit last December for a 2022 cruise when prices were still good, my parents chose not to.
  4. We were due to have a week in Disneyland Paris with the family this September (originally due last September) but I postponed it again yesterday until next year and managed to book an apartment in Devon for a week this September. I was surprised that the prices were still reasonable but availability was very low. I tried to book 2 apartments as there are 7 of us but one went before I could finish the booking. Daughter, son in law and grandson will now be staying in posh caravan 5 minute walk along the prom from us. Means I won’t be able to do the 6am baby, or toddler as he’ll be then, shifts t
  5. My dad has just called P&O and was told our 19th June cruise isn't showing up because its full, hmm along with every other cruise before 24th June? So the person on the phone has either told him what she's been told to say or they have stopped taking bookings until they have more details and protocols sorted etc?
  6. I had a cold mid December, caught it off my daughter who works in retail, she caught a cold while her shop was still open . She is/was fastidious about her mask wearing and hand washing, her only unprotected area was her eyes and she had a few customers who wore their masks under their nose, on their chin and one who removed their mask to sneeze! Trouble is when I get a cold it hangs around for ages and often ends in a bout of bronchitis, laryngitis or something similar, sometimes makes me ill for 3 months at a time. This time I was no where near as unwell but was coughing and congested
  7. A childcare bubble is allowed, but it would also be classed as essential care in my view. I would have done the same as you.
  8. I really hope yours works out ok and your wedding can go ahead as planned. I can only imagine the stress it’s causing you and your other half!
  9. I think you are probably right.
  10. Britannia's first sailing is showing for 19th June but the same date for Iona isn't. Very strange.
  11. I’ve sent them a private message on Twitter to ask, they usually respond fairly quickly. i am expecting that our 19th June will be cancelled at some point even if it’s omission on the website is a mistake.
  12. Yes I’ve just noticed the same thing. I haven’t had an email from them cancelling Iona’s 19th June cruise. The website has had some glitches this week so there is a chance this is just another glitch 🥴
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