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  1. Wow 3-4 months!!!that is totally uncalled for..but I quess nothing is out of line after what I’ve been seeing from ncl..
  2. Bottom line is ncl has declined big time in the 10yrs my wife and I have been sailing with them..even as casino quests with comped sailings 3 times a year(more if we had time)it’s not worth it...they are great when there is no issues but any issues and you get stuck in a loop of incompetence and you realize how little they care about individual customers no matter your loyalty or amount of $$$ you have spent in the past..and not for nothing the clientele has gotten to be on par with carnival...
  3. If you want to book a new cruise on ncl there is no wait time on the phone, but if you have any other issues to ask a question about or get info customer relations/support is obscene wait times on hold?are there that many people calling complaining?or do they have 1 agent in that department because once they got your vacation money they could care less?
  4. Has anyone received their 300$pp from the 8/25 breakaway sailing???
  5. How about the 300$ per passenger air fare credit??????filled out online form with all requested info/email. The day after we got home...where’s the 600$ ncl....maybe they will send it for Christmas!
  6. I think the cherry on top was the last day the captain did not address the passengers,not in front of the ship as everyone disembarked,not over the PA system nothing..silence.....
  7. Hardly anyone’s key cards are working they have the stewards in the hallways opening everyone’s doors ...because there is over 500 pissed people at the desk bitchin about having to stay in NO 1-2 nites....it’s like a maiden voyage..comedy of errors....they don’t even have the luggage tags out they have no clue they are so overwhelmed...it’s quite funny...they actually made an announcement that your key cards don’t work in your stateroom but you can still buy things so don’t worry....I hope they loose many millions on this disaster,they deserve it...
  8. As of 5 pm they are not releasing any info to me on a flight out of NO tomorrow,if it even is tomorrow...we used ncl air so they said they would take care of everything!!!i am becoming less and less hopeful this is gonna go smooth tomorrow...has anyone got their ncl flight info yet??
  9. They extended internet and spa for us....
  10. Let’s turn around back to Cozumel so we are totally safe and people that have to get off can!or maybe they don’t want to pay port fees!!
  11. Unreal we are trapped,they really dropped the ball on this one...should have cut it a day early .instead they let greed win over giving a crap about people...I can’t wait to go to the desk and ask questions...drink packages??new flights???
  12. 8:23 pm local time we are still sitting here!!!!all aboard was 6:30
  13. I am on board as well ,,,had a blast at mr Sanchos today only to come back to this let down.....I went to deck 6 for clarification on flights and they said as long as you booked through ncl you are good no flights have been canceled out of Miami...I looked online and can’t find anything available.i would think they would get all the aircraft out of there tomorrow..why didn’t we just skip Cozumel and get back a day early??they also told people if they have to get home book your own flights out of Mexico because we are doing 2 overnights.now I saw a couple of people in line not happy they just wasted money on unnecessary flights!!
  14. Got the email today “unable to confirm upgrade”boo hoo , we will have to enjoy the mini suite and not spread our wings in the haven...
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