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  1. I purchased the all inclusive photo package and that includes all the photos on a USB. Being that you can’t check the USB yourself onboard, unless you have a computer, some of them are missing. Who do I contact to get them since I already paid for them?
  2. So on the Alaskan cruises, what is the time frame to cancel excursions? I'm thinking about booking the Rock Climbing in Skagway and the ATV Adventure Karts in Ketchikan. Does the cancellation window close the night before? Or 2 nights before? Or a specific time like 5pm the day before? Does it have to be when the shore excursion desk is open? If the booking closing times are only onboard, is there time to cancel onboard if the excursion is on day 2 or 3?
  3. Do you have any friends or family that will be cruising before the expiration date of August 31st? If not, would you be willing to send them our way? I’ll have 3 college kids with me on an upcoming Alaskan cruise that all drink coffee.
  4. I just received an email from Princess about a program called Ocean Rewards. (Oceanrewards.com) Apparently you make purchases and they give you back money to spend onboard. Does anyone have any direct knowledge on how this exactly works? It sounds that once you earn, the money needs to be transferred into an American Express Member Card to use only as OBC or purchase of a new cruise. So if I made a purchase today on let’s say luggage through this program, how long does it take to post to the account? How long does it take to get the AE member card? How long does it take to transfer the money to the card? The email said I can start earning now for my upcoming cruise.... but my upcoming cruise is in 2 weeks. How fast is the turnaround from purchase to the Ocean Rewards? Other programs like this usually are 30-60 days. Thanks for any info. Anyway to earn extra OBC is good.
  5. I read on some other reviews that if the bartenders have been with Princess for awhile, they still can make your Raspberrytinis and other favorites. Let us know if you order old favorite drinks and they make them for you. We are boarding in August and my sister has favorite drinks that might be missing from the menus.
  6. Caribbean Princess Alex Yepremian (July 27th) Coral Princess:   Crown Princess: Peter Tredgett (March 2019)  Diamond Princess: Emerald Princess: CD Kaylee Lloyd / ED LisaBall (Jan 2019) Golden Princess: CD Corey Moir / ??? (May 2019)  Grand Princess: CD Kevin Tugwell / ED Marahscalh Stanton (May 2019) - On June 17, 2019, the CD was Steve Campbell Island Princess: CD Natalie Costa / ED Susan Rawlings (June 2019)  Majestic Princess:  Pacific Princess: Neil Rose (Jan 2019)  Regal Princess: CD Alex Yepremian (at least by Jun 1 2019) // ED - Martyn Moss (long time running ~5yrs as CD & ED)  Royal Princess: CD Matt O'Brien (July 13, 2019) / ED Ron Goodman (June 15, 2019)  Ruby Princess: CD Michael Reitano / ED Marahscalh Stanton (June 2019)  Sapphire Princess: CD Paul Andrew Chandler - Burns . Entertainments Director Kelvin Joy. Both leave on June 1st but are back in October 2019 Sea Princess:  Sky Princess: Alex Yepremian (upcoming - when??? He is assigned to REGAL) / ED Simone Smith Star Princess: CD Gary Golding / ED Bernie Fuentes (from posted P. Patter on June 16, 2019)  Sun Princess: CD Callie Smit (Feb 2019 pre-cruise e-mail) TO UPDATE THE PRINCESS CD/ED LIST: DO NOT push the "Quote" button. It creates a copy that the next person cannot properly update. DO select and copy ALL of the text, including these instructions, from the most up-to-date Princess Cruise Directors list. Go to the bottom of the latest post and below that is the Post a Reply box. Paste your copied text into that box. Make your modifications to the list. Click "Submit Reply" button just below the list you are modifying. Confirm that everything is correct - you can edit for up to 20 minutes
  7. On 4 Alaskan cruises, my son has worn a tuxedo. When he was younger, he wore the tuxedo with tails. He looked fantastic. My daughter has always worn a long formal gown. They are now 18 and 21 and they still like to dress formal. On their 5th Alaskan cruise in August, my son will probably wear a suit and tie for the first time since he no longer fits into any of his tuxedos. My daughter wants to buy a new formal gown. I think it’s fantastic that my kids still want to follow the rules/ “suggestions.” I guess they are the exception nowadays for the younger generation.
  8. Which ships have an Escape Room? Do they have them on Princess Ships or only on Royal Caribbean Ships? My family loves Escape Rooms. In fact, we just did one yesterday. It would be awesome if the Grand has one.
  9. I couldn’t find the fine print on the new classic soda package but I did find it for the new Premier Coffee & Soda package: The package includes all, specialty or premium coffees and teas, hot chocolate, fountain sodas, fresh juices (if available), Gong Cha items (if available), Frappes at Coffee & Cones, mocktails, and smoothies as per the menu, Red Bull and Milk Shakes (if available). What I notice here in the fine print, it says: “as per the menu”. Does that mean you can only pick from their limited menu per area? Usually there are only 4-5 mocktails listed but what if you want a Mocktail not on the menu such as the chocobanana Mocktail that everyone has been raving about? Do you have to travel the ship to find it on a menu?
  10. We will be sailing for the 4th time on the San Francisco Round Trip to Alaska. We LOVE Alaska! The Princess Patters were just posted from the most recent cruise. Why do they still have the same old production shows on this ship? It lists British Invasion and Stardust. British Invasion has been on the Grand since 2010. The Princess website doesn't even have these shows listed anymore and haven't for a very long time. I was excited to see a new lineup of productions shows, "Born to Dance", "The Secret Silk", "Encore", "Fantastic Journey" etc. on the Princess website. Princess even states this: " And with every season, Princess finds exciting ways to deliver something new so that you’ll come back dazzled." Well, there's nothing new on the Grand, hasn't been for years and we aren't dazzled anymore 😞 Does anyone have any insight on whether the Grand will ever get new shows?
  11. Is this a new game to Princess? I don't see any other posts about it. It would be great if all ships could add new entertainment like this. I'm so tired of Bingo, Trivia, Bingo, Trivia, Bingo, Trivia and the same production shows for years and years. We will be on the Grand this summer again and someone just posted the May Patters. Stardust....again. British Invasion.....again. Uuuggghhh. Those shows aren't even on Princess's website anymore and haven't been for a long time. I really thought with booking a cruise this year, I would finally be able to see a new show like "Born to Dance", "The Secret Silk" and/or "Encore." Is it up to the cruise director if he/she wants to go beyond the basics? When will they change things up on the Grand?
  12. We will be in rooms 6214 and 6216 port side in July and I think you mentioned that you are in 6217 which is the same category, starboard. How long are the couches and can they sleep a 6'2" person comfortably when it is made into a bed?
  13. Are there any games such as checkers, chess, rummikub, mancala, backgammon, sorry, etc. on the ship for adults to play?
  14. It looks like you'll still have to jump through hoops to find a cabin by selecting aft, midship, forward and then deck. I would prefer to see all of what's available on each deck and then pick from there. It's really difficult when you are trying to book a balcony across from an inside, or a veranda suite next to a vista suite. Or even side by side when one room is considered aft while the room that is available right next door is considered midship and so you have to keep switching. I often go to other cruise websites to see the whole deck at once to find what I am looking for and then come back to Holland's to book.
  15. I recently booked another cruise and found out that I had 3 Mariner numbers. All 3 had my name a little different and the one that had my past cruise on it had an incorrect birthday. Just have them look up variations of your name and if you had other phone numbers or zip codes. I also was surprised to find out that my daughter has a mariner number and she hasn't sailed with Holland yet but my son did not have one and they have only sailed together. We've been on Princess so maybe they signed her up from there? Another thing that was strange was that both my parents were listed with my address. I've never sailed on Holland with my parents and they have never lived at my current address. My sister had my phone number and the wrong birthday and her husband, who hasn't sailed Holland either, has a number. Their system seems to be all screwed up.
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