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  1. My daughter and I recently got off Navigator. When she went back to her job at the VA as an RN they sent her home for 2 weeks. She has no symptoms, no known exposure. It was just because she was on a cruise!
  2. 16 days until our Navigator trip. We are still waiting on our official GTY balcony room assignment. Apple wallet shows 8th floor spacious ocean view balcony mid-ship.
  3. It looks like our GTY on Navigator will be in a spacious OV balcony. Nice to have a larger room but the balcony is smaller. I’d rather have a larger balcony.
  4. On another thread someone said their Coco cay stop was switched to another day due to Anthem being scheduled there
  5. Price for package on our 4 night Navigator March 2 is $65 plus 18% gratuity.
  6. $69 on our 4 day Navigator cruise March 2. When we booked in January it was $60 then went to $65. Does not include gratuity.
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