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  1. I canceled my cruise April 1st. RCI said it will take at least 30 days for refunds. I’ll feel pretty lucky to get refunds, including excursion refunds. Haven’t seen any refunds yet. Asked for a confirmation email of the cancellation, and was denied, but given a confirmation number.
  2. I don’t think Royal Caribbean allows online cancellation anymore, you have to call.
  3. Thanks for the responses. Hope people don’t lose jobs. I work in an emergency room, I’m bracing for the next few weeks. The president did just announce on live TV he spoke to the Carnival CEO about helping with the virus response, and spoke of helping cruise industry. I think the long term outlook is good for the industry. Next year or two will be rough. Having experienced the last recession in Michigan, which was long, hopeless, and painful I can say one thing. That and 9/11 showed us how resilient people can be.
  4. We have Harmony booked December 6, leaving from FL. How confident is everyone booked for cruises late 2020/early 2021? I have until September 5th to cancel with full refund. So plenty of time to decide. I’d prefer to stay booked and proceed with the cruise. I’m just uncertain, if things get worse or RCL goes bankrupt and I don’t get my deposit back.
  5. I hate Christmas. Light music, and some decorations won’t bother me. If it’s too much at least we have a balcony.
  6. Booked on Harmony early December. I’m someone that gets sick of Christmas music quickly. Is it constant Christmas music and celebrations or other types of music on the cruise also?
  7. We spent 2 weeks in Rome on our honeymoon, and said back then we’d come back on our 10th.
  8. It’s $2,700 vs. $5,000 for the cruise. $200 to drive to FL vs. $2,000 to fly to Europe.
  9. I’m booked on Harmony 12/20, got a good deal on a balcony during 4th of July sale. I love the Eastern Caribbean. But, my wife and I will be celebrating our 10th anniversary in 2021 and always talked about going back to Europe. Seriously considering the Greek Islands itinerary from Rome on the new Odyssey of the Seas ship instead. I understand it’s port heavy and not much time is spent relaxing on the ship. Plus a cruise is not the best way to see certain places like Santorini. Is a Mediterranean cruise worth it or should I stick with what’s booked already?
  10. For the first time I’m getting a balcony(Harmony of the Seas, Eastern Caribbean 12/20). How common is it to see dolphins while sitting on the balcony? I read a couple comments online where cruisers mentioned them.
  11. From what I’ve seen working in a hospital, it seems there’s a lot of smokers, and meth use.
  12. Originally I was doing my time dining for Harmony of the Seas. The cruise calendar showed this when I signed in. I called RC customer service and changed it to traditional dining with reservations. They said it was changed and reservations were made for main dining room. That was a few days ago. Now when I sign in it doesn’t show anything at all in regards to dining. Should I call them back or just assume it’s ok?
  13. Going to St. Kitts, through RCI. They have 37 excursions to choose from. Any advice? What would you do your first time? We like beaches, short hikes, scenery.
  14. I did that two years ago, it was amazing. No longer see it listed. In fact a lot of excursions are longer listed. Don’t know why. My guess would be the hurricane wiped out the schooner.
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