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  1. Never having done this before, I know I am not the best person to offer any opinion ... from the responses here, however, it looks like if there might be a hold-up at the port it'd be with waiting for US customs clearance. Customs line-ups can be brutal depending on how many officers are on duty and how many questions need to be asked of howevermany people in line ahead of you, and I'm not a risk-taker, so for me, going early-early in the hopes of being toward the front (rather than the back) of any possible long customs line-ups, is likely to be less stressful to me. Everyone is different though ... your mileage may vary! Really appreciate all the input from you folks who have posted here - thank you very much!
  2. Oh dear ... we would like to bring at least a 12-pak of bottled water (plastic bottles) with us, and that's pretty heavy to carry around with us until the cabin is ready. Glad to hear it's okay to bring it, but was hoping it could just get checked with our bags. Is that at the Vancouver port, that you have gone as early as 10:30? thanks
  3. New to this both HAL, and cruising in general) and am unable to locate answers to a few questions on the HAL website. Hoping people here can help me out... We are booking a September Inside Passage cruise, roundtrip Vancouver. Does anyone know what time the HAL counter, for check-in, actually opens up (as opposed to the time it might state on the travel documents)? Have people had success with turning up much earlier and being able to get through before the crowds show up? We need to make arrangements far in advance for when to arrive at the port, so it'd be very helpful to know what the earliest time people have found they can check-in might be. The other question we have is whether or not we will be allowed to bring bottled water and cans of ginger ale with us, as either carry-on or checked baggage? Thanks!
  4. Fantastic pictures - thank you! And, thanks to everyone for the comments and advice.
  5. Thanks to everyone, for the comments and advice - much appreciated!
  6. What dates did you go? We live in Vancouver, so, variable weather is not new to us. Not afraid of a little damp and cool. I guess our main concern is whether or not here's a significant chance of it being so socked in with fog or heavy rain that we wouldn't see anything from the balcony except a wall of white or a wall of water.
  7. Thanks - any chance you'd be willing to tell us anything more about your trip on the Westerdam? We are completely confused and a bit stressed out about all this ... deciding on a cruise is a lot more complicated than we expected, what with so many variables to consider! The September 22nd thru 29th round-trip out of Vancouver is the one we are looking at; any thoughts on that you could share??
  8. We've never been on a cruise before. Weather-wise, is September (2019) a significant negative risk for Inside passage cruises to Alaska? Or, might it be okay? We'd love to hear your experiences / advice. We have a choice of two Inside Passage cruises, one leaving on Sept 15th and the other on Sept 22nd (the later one is a better deal price-wise) - would it make any difference (for weather risk) which one we chose? The first one goes to Glacier Bay, while the second doesn't (goes to Tracy Arm instead). I originally posted this in the forum for new cruisers, and someone who replied suggested I post it here - hope that's okay!
  9. Never been on a cruise before - we are looking at booking a Vancouver roundtrip Inside Passage cruise this September - we can choose either the Noordam on Sept 15th or the Westerdam on the 22nd (this one is a bit better deal for pricing) ... any advice or recommendations (and feedback about weather!) is much appreciated.
  10. Hello - new to this board and have never been on a cruise before. I am hoping someone here can answer a couple of questions / tell of your experiences with the round-trip Vancouver 5-day cruise on the Island Princess. It's advertised as a "5-day Alaska Sampler" cruise; next sailing is Sept. 11th. We have seen numerous different route map / diagrams for this cruise on vendor websites, and we are confused about whether or not the ship spends any significant length of time west of Vancouver Island / Haida Gwaii. Some of them show the same inside passage route in both directions, some show part inside / part outside northbound, and then there are variations on both of those themes. We phoned Princess and asked them, and they basically said (after a looong wait on hold for them to get the information) that they do not know. The diagram on their site shows the boat leaving Vancouver and going south around the lower tip of Vancouver island, taking the Seattle route, sailing all the way west of the islands for the entire northbound trip ... the person we spoke to said that's incorrect, but they could not tell us how much of the route might be on the outside; they did not know (!). If the boat does take the Seattle outside route northbound, is it a rough trip?? Motion sickness is a possiblity with our family so it'f really help us to know what the waters are like. Anyone been on this trip? We'd love to hear what route was used when you went, what side of the boat is best, and if you enjoyed the trip. Thanks!
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