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  1. Our family plans on doing some swimming snorkeling at three different ports while on our Caribbean cruise later this year. I have been trying to figure out how to protect our cash, credit card, S&S cards, and possibly even my phone while we are all in the water. I’m worried if we just leave it all in our backpacks unattended, it may get taken. We may go to a site or two that doesn’t have facilities or lockers for rent. 1. Has anybody ever tried to swim or snorkel with a waterproof belt bag such s this one? https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07B8G5Z7F/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?smid=A307XX0IS50NV4&psc=1 2. What are other ways I could keep these items safe if there are no lockers available?
  2. Hi, I understand most of the carnival ships have a couple hanging areas in the closet. I was wondering if a hanging sweater organizer would fit in one the hanging areas? They are like a hanging shoe organizer, just wider (12x12), I wasn’t sure how wide the hanging areas in the closet were.. We will be on the Vista if that matters. like this one... https://www.amazon.com/MustQ-6-Shelf-Hanging-Closet-Organizer/dp/B07DN87BCZ/ref=sr_1_2_sspa?crid=1PF50K80J0T20&keywords=sweater+organizer+for+closet&qid=1564164253&s=gateway&sprefix=Sweater+orga%2Caps%2C169&sr=8-2-spons&psc=1 thanks!
  3. Does anybody know if they sell a limited number of the seven day spa passes? I was just trying to decide if I should book the spa now, or just wait until a few days before we go on the Cruise?
  4. Thanks for the info. I thought about just changing to a spa room, but there doesn’t seem to be any more available for our cruise.
  5. Anyone ever tried the Spa on Vista? I am trying to decide if I want to add a one day or seven day pass... 1. Is there only one shower? In all the videos they show just one shower, but I am assuming there are more? 2. Does the spa pass ever go on sale? 3. Does the spa get crowded? One of the reasons I want to try it is to relax in a hot tub without it being too crowded.
  6. I can confirm that it works with carnival cruises booked through Expedia. Expedia pays Carnival directly and the charge shows up coming from carnival reservations. I already got my $75 back. Anyone know if it would work for booking cloud 9 spa packages or drink packages booked on carnival website? I know it’s not supposed to work, but that don’t mean it wouldn’t work. I have another Amex card with the same offer, but cruise is already paid off.
  7. I also went ahead and booked the Submarine in Cozumel. Do you remember how much time it took or about how much time you had left after it was over? We show to arrive at 7am and our sub excursion starts at 8:30am. It says it is two hours long, so we should done by 10:30am and the depart port time is 3:00pm. It seems I will have at least 3 hours extra and I was thinking about taking a taxi to a beach and eating lunch somewhere. But since this is my first cruise I wanted to make sure that would be feasible from somebody that has been on the submarine excursion or something similar... Also, if the depart port time shows 3pm on the website, how much sooner would we need to be back on the ship?
  8. Thanks for all the feedback. I will think we will just dress business casual and go ahead and eat in the dining room. I might bring one or two beach towels and then just plan on using theirs also. Thanks again!
  9. A couple quick questions for our first cruise coming up... 1. I understand Carnival has “formal nights” in the dining room? We are on a 7 days cruise, so there will be two? My question is, can we just skip the dining room that night and eat somewhere else? Is guys burger and the other free places to eat open for dinner? I have to dress up a lot for my job and dressing up on vacation doesn’t sound like my idea of fun. 2. We plan on doing a little swimming at the ports. How does the towel situation work on carnival cruise ships? Or should we bring our own? If we can use theirs, do they track them somehow and make sure we bring them back, etc. How many can you take at once?
  10. I know these seem like dumb questions, and I would never ask something like this for a land vacation... I’m just out of my element when it comes to cruises. Thanks for the response.
  11. Thanks for the feedback. Sounds pretty simple. My thinking is, I might book a shorter excursion in the morning that lasts for only 2 to 3 hours. Something kind of different and exciting like a submarine, boat ride, dolphin swim, helicopter, ride, etc... And then after that is over, go find a beach somewhere and swim for an hour or two. Does that sound reasonable? Are there taxis plentiful at the ports to take you wherever? We will be in Cozumel, Jamaica and Grand Cayman..
  12. I have a cruise booked and almost paid for in December of this year. I have a few questions specifically related to shore excursions. These shore excursions stress me out more than anything. 1. Is it too early to go ahead and start booking shore excursions? Or should I wait awhile and see if there are any sales, etc? I don’t want any of the excursions we want to do to sell out. I’m not sure how fast these sell out... 2. If we book an excursion through Carnival and the advertised time is only 3 hours, say 9am to 12pm for example... will we have time to walk around the cruise port when we get back and buy souvenirs or whatever? They don’t force you back on the ship or anything when you get back do they? 3. If the shore excursions starts really early, is there any fear of not getting off the ship in time? I have heard the lines are long to get off? Thanks so much, I promise I won’t ask any more questions for awhile. 😀
  13. Thanks for the reply. What happens if you still have a balance on your S&S account at the end of.a cruise?
  14. Hi, we have our first cruise booked and almost paid for already coming up in December. I was able to pay for a lot of it by using discounted carnival gift cards and even the recent AMEX offer, so I saved a few hundred dollars. A have a couple questions for if somebody could kindly help out... 1. The FTTF shows sold out..Is it already sold out, or is just not for sale yet? Cruise is on Dec 14th of this year. 2. I paid for a lot of the cruise using discounted carnival gift cards. I just figured even if the cruise got cancelled for some reason, I could move the money to another cruise. I noticed that I can even pay for shore excursions and several other things using carnival gift cards directly on Carnivals website. My question is, Is there any disadvantage to doing this? What happens if the shore excursions gets cancelled (by me or them). Do I get my money back in the form of a carnival gift card? Do I need to save all these gift cards? I want to save money, but I’m just trying to figure out if it's wise to pay for EVERYTHING on a carnival gift card... I don't want to end up getting several refunds and end up with a ton of carnival gift cards. I guess in the unlikely event this happens, I could always sell them if I needed to or save them for another cruise.... Do you usually pay for shore excursions with gift cards also? 3. It doesn't look like there is a way to pre-pay for gratuities using carnival gift cards, or am I just missing something? Thanks in advance for your help!
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