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  1. Is that a rationalization to cruise because you are more likely to catch coronavirus on land than on a cruise? Even if that’s true, you are better off getting it in your home town than during a cruise. if your need to self quarantine, it’s easier to do that in your own home. You can go outside in your own backyard or patio, get food delivered etc. and you have better access to hospitalization if needed.
  2. Here is a video about the situation
  3. This stock is unstable.
  4. She was on tv though saying something to the effect of being scared of missing her chemo appointment wondering if the cancer will be growing inside her as a result. That worry could have been avoided if she didn’t go forward with the cruise with a chemo appointment scheduled shortly after.
  5. I can’t believe anyone would ask that question. Quite obviously, because she is a cancer patient receiving chemo which compromises her immune system and taking a cruise greatly increases her chances of catching communicable diseases including and beyond COVID-19. She had a chemo appointment scheduled that was dependent on getting off the ship around the scheduled time when it was known that a quarantine could delay getting off the ship from a few days to a couple of weeks (based on widely publicized Diamond Princess incident). This could affect her even if she didn’t get infected. If she did get infected, it would extremely dangerous for her. It would be stupid to take a cruise now if you have any kind of very critical medical appointment scheduled within 2 weeks after the cruise is supposed to be completed.
  6. If you don’t get CNN and are having problems with the overloaded ABC live stream, you can watch the Bay Area feed of the CBSN app or find it on the CBSN.com web site.
  7. So, arriving between 2:30-3:00 sounds like a good time. I can check with the hotel to see if I can get a late checkout. I was reading reviews on Yelp stating some people have gotten their room checkout time extended to 2PM, but others couldn't get anything later than a 1PM checkout. I'll still see if I can get a shuttle to downtown in the morning to do a some sightseeing, return to the hotel to pick up the bags and then get another shuttle to the cruise port instead of just sitting in the room until 1 or 2.
  8. I just realized that hotel has a shuttle that can take me to the cruise terminal so I won't need a taxi or a public transportation. Unfortunately, it isn't downtown. So, maybe I can check out around 9am leaving the bags at the desk, take a shuttle to downtown for a few hours, take a shuttle back to the hotel to pick up the bags and then take another shuttle than gets to the cruise terminal around 3 PM;
  9. I'm thinking about arriving at the Seattle port late to avoid ultra-long lines, but hotel checkout time is 12PM. I can take my time getting to the port by taking public transit instead of a taxi, but I would still probably still arrive before 1PM even by bus. If I took a cab, I'd be there before 12:30. I could leave the hotel early and get to the terminal at 11:00 AM so I'll be closer to the front of the line, but then I would still end up waiting around for the line to start moving. What's the best use of time between hotel checkout and boarding to minimize time standing in lines?
  10. Yes, there is no point in trying to activate it before the cruise since you wouldn't be able to sign into the wifi portal unless you were on the ship within range of the wireless signal. I just want to be able to start using it as soon as I'm on board without wasting time waiting in any lines.
  11. Do you still enter the Seapass card number even if your internet package was prepaid? Do you get your Seapass number online before boarding or do you have to wait in another line to get that? So, can you open a browser on your device as soon as you are in range of the ship's wifi, enter your Seapass account number, select the prepaid package, create your password and then start using the internet all on your own without standing in any lines to get assistance?
  12. If you prepay for the internet package before the cruise starts, do they email you instructions on how to get connected before the cruise starts when you do online check-in? If not, how do you get your account info?
  13. I found it on the Celebrity site. $7 per item for long sleeve shirts and for pants. So, I can wash 4 shirts and 2 pairs of pants for $42. I’ll be better off just paying per item than waiting to see if they offer the $49 special. T-shirts, socks and underwear take up the least amount of space in the bag anyway, so I may be able to stuff 7 days worth into the bag. Or I can bring old ones and throw them out rather than paying $3 per item wash rates for socks
  14. I could probably wash socks and underwear in the sink. Even normal non quick dry socks, T-shirt’s and underwear should dry within 24 hours if they won’t dry overnight. So, I could just have 3 shirts and a pair of slacks and/or jeans washed midway through the cruise. Should this cost less than $49?
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