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  1. I hope you enjoy it! Fingers crossed we will be in this suite in June.
  2. The Ocean Suite is bigger with plenty of storage room. The Ocean Suite has a sofa bed. If it is just two of you than enjoy the Havana Aft Balcony as you can also enjoy the Havana. I believe the Grand Suite is now also allowed Havana access. There a few YouTube videos of the Aft Havana Cabin and also the Ocean Suite.
  3. I was so sad when MSC canceled our March cruise but then it was leaving from the US.
  4. I will be in the Serenity most of the time so thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, bars on cruise ships tend to be consistently inconsistent. I try to find the best mimosa location for breakfast and then play it by ear the rest of the time. Alchemy is my favorite night time spot. I will take a look at the closest bar for the just in case offerings at the restaurants. Great advice.
  5. So true about the vaccine not being a cure all. Just like the flu vaccine, I get every year this will be in my vaccine cycle, hopefully at the same time unless the doctor deems not a good idea. My husband and I had to get a two-part Shingles vaccine because of a new strain or something or another after we had the original one years ago. There is no cure all to anything while we live.
  6. It depends on you. We always purchase the FTTF when staying in a balcony cabin because we like to get on the ship early. In addition to the early embarkation and other get on/get off the ship portions of the offer appealed to us. The other two big pluses for us was the ability to get in the Diamond/Platinum customer care line rather than wait for eons (that in itself was fantastic) and having our cabin ready when we boarded. We do not when in a suite because we get all of the FTTF offers except the quicker customer care line and having the cabin ready. For us it is worth every cent.
  7. Is there a special embarkation menu highlighting the restaurant's evening meal or is it an embarkation menu with a little of everything?
  8. I read the article as well and since this is a small luxury cruise line, I can understand the concern for caution. I am sure since it is UK based that many in the UK will already have their vaccinations. It appears there is an older passenger demographic and I am guessing they are trying to protect those who are older. 46.7 years According to the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) Global Passenger Report, the average age of cruise passenger was 46.7 years old – holding steady from the previous two years. However, 40 to 49-year-olds make up only 15
  9. This is us as well. We now book MSC YC because it is a great deal and everything is included and less expensive than the Haven. We will still book NCL, if there is something that strikes our fancy like Hawaii, even with the prices it is a wonderful cruise.
  10. I choose my cruise line based on who I am sailing with, and both NCL and Carnival fit my husband, children, and grandchildren. MSC is just for my husband and myself, and I do wish NCL included the mini bar as part of the offering in the Haven as MSC does in the YC.
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