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  1. I felt as comfortable as most when leaving children with strangers. My DD and I discussed letting her go to the kids club at length and decided it would be her decision as this was a "family cruise" which for us meant being together. The area is secure as there is someone at the desk to check in and check out. They wear a wristband and a loud noise goes off if a child leaves the area. We did learn after my granddaughter took off the waistband as she said it was scratchy to her that the child has to keep the waistband on even when not in the club or you are charged for a new one. NCL did not charge us and her band was replaced. There are several people watching the children and we both felt ok leaving my DGD there especially after she met a friend and had such a good time and telling us all she did during her time there. I have never sailed on Disney or with children so I have no comparison to share with you. We are planning another POA trip this time with my DS, DDIL and their children as well as my DD and DGD and decided that if they want to go to the kids club it will be alright. My DD and I are taking my DGD with us on a 4-day Carnival next year and if she asks to try the kids club she will be able to go. The sad news, is unfortunately we can never be 100% sure. Recently Disney did have an issue with an employee in their kids club and he goes to trial at the end of this month.
  2. My DD and I took my DGD on POA. She loved it (she fits into the age group). She asked to go the kids club as we left it up to her. Our days were port intensive but once having gone she asked to go after dinner. She had a great time and on our next cruise she asked about going again. We peeked in one time (ok nervous grandma) and she was running and enjoying herself with her new friend and playing games.
  3. I enjoy Catalina as it is a nice relaxing time. It is worth it when we cruiseed there as we take the trolley around and I always stop in the main area before boarding and get an ice cream. I am not sure I would take the ferry over unless I was planning on staying on the island. If you are planning land time prior to boarding NCL the next day, it will take up part of your day there taking the ferry over and back.
  4. We enjoyed this bar on a different ship (Inspiration) and I am a fan. We went a couple of nights and it was the popular spot. the bartenders crate a fabulous adventure with rinks. One bartender created a drink asking what things I enjoyed and it was spectacular.
  5. I will keep that in mind. I will be happy with one lounger. My sweet daughter always lets me have the most time enjoying the lounger when we faced a smaller balcony before such as POA or the 4-day Carnival (smallest suite balcony on earth). Thanks for the information, as this keeps my grandiose dream of room for multiple loungers in check. 🤣😉
  6. The US site has been strange these past few days. I am guessing they are preparing ship information...hopefully.
  7. Any guesses as to when the 2021 Meraviglia schedule will be available on the website?
  8. I would love to see it per person. The DH and I tried to play take turns but let's face I have to admit the sharing aspect was not working. He went and upgraded so we could each be on at the same time. We are as bad as the grandkids and their devices! 🤣
  9. Thanks! I did not think there would be enough room without being squeezed so but thought what the hey perhaps someone has done two loungers.
  10. Curious-has anyone asked for two loungers in place of the two chairs?
  11. We loved the Pearl which is the same class of ship as the Gem. It is not a large ship but the Jewel class is one of my favorites. There are many reviews on this ship. Enjoy!
  12. I am excited to enjoy a spa angled balcony on the Getaway in a few weeks.
  13. I am happy about the perk. We never used all of our 4GB on a 7-day but for th longer one we are thinking of booking we will have to wait and see.
  14. I agree TAs are not obsolete. I am retired but I have better things to do than send emails and make phone calls. We decide which cruise we want, call our TA and we are done. Recently, we decided to go with a TA we found who specializes in the type of cabin we like to sail in on a certain cruise line. It's just too easy to have someone else deal with anything that occurs with our booked cruise.
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