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  1. I so agree a lovely city that needs a full day in the very least. 🙂
  2. Sorry RNCheryl that this happened to you. We loved Victoria when we went but then we went on our own and did not book a cruise excursion. (whoa watch many say you are taking a chance not booking with the ship etc etc - but then this thread is not about that touchy subject) Sometimes a customer service letter response is not well-written or even close to an empathetic response. I had good, bad and indifferent responses over the years from NCL and yes, other companies as well. Not knowing all of the circumstances it is hard to say what if any compensation should have been given. You do have the right to share your experience and for me it was a reminder that sometimes things do not go the way of of the poster's expectation.
  3. Thank you for the great fair review. RCCL was not a line we chose to sail again but may one day try Celebrity, so your comparison helped. We have not sailed Princess in years after we found NCL. I have sailed Carnival with DH and also with family. For my DD and myself we found Carnival restful. I can hear, "did I just read that---restful". Yep, we find our favorite spot take our Kindles and read in peace without any disruption. Granted this is on a 4-day refresh cruise as for the 3-day no thank you. My DS is treating me to the new Panorama which I am looking forward to enjoying with he and my DD -- just mom and the offspring. The DH and I missed our free laundry perk when we recently sailed MSC YC but we loved every moment of that cruise and plan to book a cruise for 2021. Again I loved your refreshing comparison.
  4. The DH and I loved the spa on the Pearl and we used it every day. He usually just passed but this time he agreed to go and I have not been able to get him out of the spa on any of our NCL cruises. My DD and I booked a spa balcony on the Getaway, so you know where we will be.
  5. We have been on the Epci twice (different shows) and the food was fine as we just wanted to see the show. We did not leave hungry and my steak was cooked as I requested. The price for the show alone in Vegas is expensive! My DD also treated me to show in our area and it was a pretty penny. (and dinner afterwards) The show cost way more than the ship. Personally I don't care if I like the food or not as there is food every where on the ship and I know I will not go hungry. Go for the show which is fabulous. Yes, my DD and I booked the show for our upcoming Getaway cruise.
  6. Years ago I bought Tanzanite earrings in Alaska at a great price. The jewelry store person wanted me to buy the set , I said nope just the earrings and I gave him a price. he agreed and he threw in the necklace. They matched my sweater and I thought oooo why not. I admit I do not pay alot for Bridge or Fashion jewelry and I can also walk away when my price is not met.
  7. Ads are everywhere even when you are online. Read them or ignore them they will be there.
  8. I was referring to this line in your quote "Although the Joy isn't a ship I would recommend, it's a good move to try it instead of Panorama (another ship I wouldn't recommend)". I thought it was the ship - Panorama which you did not recommend which is not finished yet. I had not realized your statement was in reference to the class of ship.
  9. Unfortunately you are the first cabin forward so though the walk is not bad to the dining room, I had to take the elevator back up from the lounge sometimes. It is only one set of steps and then a small turn on a landing and about two steps (guessing the number) from 16 to 18 and the reverse 18 to 16. Easy going down for me but sometimes my leg screamed noooo in the coming back up and I took the elevator. The steps are right outside the hallway door. The elevator is just a tad further down the corridor turn left when you come out instead of right to the dining room. The walk is not bad a long one.
  10. We loved 18002. The cabin was really quiet and the balcony fits a lounger in place of a chair. I had a leg injury that I need to elevate my leg. I so wanted to sit outside on the balcony and I asked for a lounger. Though the area was small we managed with the lounger, chair and table. The only noise we ever heard was one night when there was a workman in the room next door and when I peeked out they apologized for the noise. I told them I was just checking to see if all was ok. They finished up and all was dead silence again. Yes, you can see the Bridge but you have to lean over to see someone - in other words they cannot see you. We walked down the hall to the main corridor door on our right, when you go through this door you turn right to the YC restaurant. We could also take the stairs down to the lounge on Deck 16. Turning left from once in the corridor took us to the elevator on the right to go to the pool area. On Deck 16 is the concierge desk, you can arrange for your Butler to take you to the show (I advise you let the concierge know some time that day). There is a room next to 18002 for "cabin things" but when cabins were cleaned we never heard anything as we were always out. There are two closets with drawers and my DH and I each took one. I loved the bathroom. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have. We loved 18002 and we would stay in this cabin again.
  11. I agree Tom there is a wider gulf in the suite experience between cruise lines. I am going to try the Carnival suite experience again in 2020 since the Panorama will be new and larger. Like you I was not impressed with the suite experience on Carnival but I enjoy Carnival ships. BTW we just sailed MSC YC and that suite experience is to die for! And for those that think we are rolling in dough..nope we also sail in balconies.
  12. Interesting that you would not recommend a Carnival ship which has not sailed yet. I am guessing you are not a fan of the larger cruise ships such as NCL Joy. I do agree with you about trying different cruise lines as the way to go if you enjoy variety.
  13. We used the laundry option on the Seaside and I was impressed to find every item clean, pressed and hung in our closet. We were accustomed to NCL (though no cost for Platinum and above). We plan to use the option again. It is strange how there are two separate costs.
  14. I loved this review with all of the pictures. This a beautiful ship. As always you shared tons of information. I will keep on my 2022 list. We already have plans for the next three years (Getaway, CCL Panorama, and MSC for my birthday 2021). Unless we hit the lotto it has to be one cruise a year.
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