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  1. For us, since we are retired committing to sailing before the three years is over - in our case 2022 is not such a bad thing. I am looking forward to the new MSC ships and different locations. The three years gives me an opportunity to also sail other lines as well.
  2. Yes it is our first MSC cruise and we are really excited. We will be sailing with friends and celebrating the guy's birthdays and our friend's 53rd Wedding Anniversary. I am looking at an 11-day for 2021 with DH since I already have one booked this year with DD and one next year with DS and DD. DS is treating mom to a cruise to enjoy with just the kids (ok they are almost 50 with families of their own-but still kids to me).
  3. Sadly, MSC is not a good fit for you and you have not even sailed. We have always used a TA to book our cruises and received great service. I agree Dexddd MSC matched us to Black and we are already eyeing another cruise for 2021. We decided to mix up our cruise lines and no longer sail just on NCL.
  4. We are passing on Vibe for our November cruise as well. $209 per person is more than we wish to shell out. We can enjoy our balcony or any number of places to sit and read our Kindles and still have our adult beverages.
  5. My choices for dinner are all set now. Thank you! Onion rings, strawberry cheesecake, and Filet Mignon. and yes they are in order of my favorite eating choice.
  6. We are sailing in 40 days. I told the DH to leave his sports coat at home and he is happy. No shorts for us at dinner but I am going to wear capri pants because they look great with my dressy blouses and are comfortable. I am more concerned with men wearing a hat to the table regardless of mealtime than shorts that I cannot really see when seated. Yep, can you tell I am winking at 70.😉
  7. Thanks for the menus. We are looking forward to the enjoying our Black Card Perk. I am a light eater but to be sure I will have the cheesecake.
  8. I have searched Panorama to find answers to some questions but like others, I can't wait to be able to read posts.
  9. I know this is an old thread but I sure smile when I think about our spa angeled balcony for DD and me on her birthday cruise on the Getaway.
  10. Great quote! People are people and rude people come from everywhere.
  11. Thanks for the great comparison. I felt you gave an unbiased opinion by stating what was the same and different along with pros and cons. I would also not turn down this great offer should it ever appear and for the extra $200 I would have jumped on it as well.
  12. I know how you feel as after many years we had our cruise canceled in 2018.
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