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  1. Taking action for unruliness is something they should be proud of IMHO. I also agree that alcohol plays a part in the majority of banning. That said, the times I have seen things over the top are few and far in between. I have a video of a brawl on a Disney ship that booze related, but it does not color my view of the Disney Cruise line.
  2. I was shocked when I heard it, it is a little dated, but if anything, I think it would go down with the intro of much bigger ships. IT was at a marketing function with the senior mgt team on a ship (think it was Horizon, but not positive) during a presentation. I took a pic of the screen, I will try and find it.
  3. Carnival are the FUN ships, first and foremost, but since it is Sunday, you are right, Carnival is also a proud family cruise line.
  4. I have no insight on this, but taking off the extra Generators and other items seems pretty definitive
  5. I have over 5k in fcc, so I booked in hopes they will sail for two reasons. First, it was a deal, a great deal. Second, I really want to be on a cruise ship again. Some say Florida is to much of a hot spot (it is a hot spot now, in 3 months, who knowS). . Disney is open with conditions, islands are open with conditions, cruise ships can be as well.
  6. I would tend to agree, at least at the start. I understand the desire, but with reduced passengers, there probably is no reason they would have to.
  7. We just booked the Conquest for 10/12, and the third and fourth were $10/per plus taxes and port charges.
  8. When did Carnival pull out of Fort Lauderdale?
  9. Were you surprised, you were more than vocal on the topic. You handled it well, everybody gets an opinion.
  10. I will repeat it so there is no doubt...the Vista is not going anywhere.
  11. I have no idea why the look for the new ship yard to complete the transformation, but Carnival is def not declaring bankruptcy in the next year. Take that to the bank
  12. It will certainly be the first barometer, like that the Aida cruises the following month should either add support or more bad news. All this said, the lines are making progress on replies to the mandate, which again is good news. Obviously the CDC is the final arbiter in that variable. From all reports, their acceptance or denial will set the stage industry wide.
  13. They are not selling any flagships. Newer as you describe is a relative term, in all probability ships built around 2000, vs newer classes of ships (which are dramatically bigger and prob have less appeal.
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