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  1. We have done vans and driven to port. Philly says it well, but I4 (which you would use for a while) is notorious for traffic. Also, ensure that surpass is turned on for the rental, you will need it.
  2. This will be my last post here unless the topic changes substantially. You mentioned the lanyard as an example, following is an example of a subset of plat/diamond loyalty gifts we have received. I bring these up as examples of ADVERTISING the loyalty to the brand that Carnival intended. 3 different types of bags, 2 different tote bags, lanyards, night lights, speakers, blankets, quality pens, Tervis tumblers, binoculars, towels and the list goes on. You can either agree or not, but I state the facts, you can agree or not with that as well.
  3. Actually they will not, if the cry babies continue there will be no gift.
  4. Actually it is a perk is perceived by the recipient. The gift/perk is a token of appreciation for a cruisers loyalty of a Carnival logoโ€™d Item. The idea has always been that others (who do not cruise or not cruise on Carnival) see it and the recipients Canute and display Carnival items. It was never intended to be a credit or free this or free that.
  5. Check John Healds FB site today, someone (hmmm) brought it to him to confirm and it is in fact butter. Cancel the plans.
  6. Their focus has always been on new cruisers in as many homeports as the can. The gift value is tied to quantity, pure and simple.
  7. I see three topics, none of which are butter related, am I missing something?๐Ÿ˜
  8. Lots of sadness, esp people griping over a gift.
  9. We have only did one, it was after the program started but to be honest, I cannot remember. Someone here will chip in I am sure.
  10. Well that is a view, it is a commonly accepted practice. Other lines do not let you bring on at all.
  11. Somehow I really doubt anything they offer would change your sailing preference.
  12. We did it on the Horizon, good experience but for us not the end all. Would certainly do it again if some in our groups wanted to do so.
  13. Do not know but would be shocked if they did not. Even thought Gatwick is closer, but guess is that it would be easier to get returns out of Heathrow.
  14. Thought maybe you and John had a โ€˜thingโ€™ going on....๐Ÿ˜€ Just a little humour
  15. I did not think I would need mine, will not make that mistake again. It was not bad and covered by insurance, happy they had it.
  16. They have two on Carnival ships. I had need for one on our Journey cruise on the Breeze last November.
  17. favourite vs favorite The Pride is my favourite Carnival ship and Baltimore is my favourite port
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