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  1. I recently traded off the Explore4 with OBC of $600 for a $1700 savings in price (not this Thanksgiving sale though). Less cruise-fare to insure! None of my future cruises are in this Thanksgiving sale, but that’s OK - glad people did benefit from it. Carol
  2. Good for you Jacqui, I just noticed that your future cruise was listed, and was going to post that fact - however I do not know at what price or promo you booked..... so have no idea if it is a savings or not! Glad it worked to your advantage.... Carol
  3. FWIW, our cabin steward on our recent Zuiderdam cruise introduced himself on embarkation day, asked if everything is OK, if we needed anything, etc. It has always been the case that I have met my cabin steward that first day - and we ask for an extra bar of soap for the shower as DH Is not fussy on shower gels. Cabin steward replenishes supply of that extra bar when he sees that it is near finished - no further requests needed! Hopefully on your Vista class sailings you should have same experience you previously had on embarkation day on smaller HAL ships. Carol
  4. I am looking at 2 itineraries : Viking Paris to Swiss Alps( or visa versa), - 12 days. or AMA 7 day Luxembourg to Basel (additional days in Paris optional) I am looking at Nov 4 for AMA, Rhine & Moselle Splendors. Nov 7 for Viking. Viking also has some August dates. What would weather be like Zurich to Paris beginning to mid November? Any experiences on either of these itineraries? Comments? We have cruise 6 times Viking river, 2 times AMA. Any advice, opinions would be appreciated. Carol
  5. Hi Fran! nice to hear from you. Well that is VERY good news, if true. Maybe you want to join us ?😛😁 Thanks Carol
  6. On the monthly updates posted by VMax, the last dry sock for Rotterdam was 26 October 2017 - 03 November 2017. We last sailed on Rotterdam in December 2015 We are looking to sail on the Rotterdam Jan-Feb 2021 for a lengthy cruise. However, I am a little concerned about the ship not being “refreshed” in over 3 years by the time of that sailing, Most dry docks seem to occur at the 2-1/2 year mark? Any information, and also condition of the Rotterdam currently, or updates as to possible drydock/refurbishment? Thanks Carol
  7. Good idea to have a few alternative dates and times - just in case your first choice is not available.
  8. It is assigned, you receive a card in your stateroom...however, you can change the date and time, provided there is an opening for your preference, Usually it has never been a problem. Once I converted a complimentary PG lunch and paid up the difference to make it a PG dinner, as we joined another couple.
  9. I was on the cruise following yours, 12 day Canada-NE. agree with the above, the cruise director was pretty much useless.
  10. Our second trip to Norway was on the Koningsdam in 2018, and it was fantastic. (our first visit being with Celebrity Millennium). I would not rule out the “mega ships for that area. I believe only one port was tender, but we are 4* and just headed to the tender area - no lines.
  11. And that is 21 business/working days.... so closer to a month calendar-wise😧
  12. I was on the sailing right before yours, and yes the ship was FREEZING, wish I had brought along some winter sweaters, Maybe they are trying to sell more thermal suite passes by keeping the ship temps like a meat locker. 😧
  13. well, I tried everything, even downloaded Microsoft Edge on my iPad - nada, zilch. Went on my Samsung phone, logged into my account on HAL, got to download the e-docs and luggage tags, sent them to my gmail (I could have saved to my google drive also). So then I printed from the emails on my iPad, only the pages I need. I like to come with the boarding pass, as it shows the 4* designation. At some ports, they have given us a boarding number tag. Guess depends where you board (some have been foreign ports, I remember in Amsterdam the lady said there is no priority boarding or mariner status and I received boarding tag #27- found someone else and they directed me straight to check-in 🙄. go figure. Thanks for all the suggestions - this is the first time I have not been able to download and print docs directly from my iPad 🥴. and yes, I have the most recent IOS update. Carol
  14. I was just told that HAL e-docs will not load using mobile devices, iPad, iPhone? I have been downloading and printing for years from my iPad...really? I just returned from Zuiderdam cruise, where I dowloaded and printed my docs, Today, I am trying to download my e-docs for October cruise and get this message, see attachment below. I have been working off my iPad for YEARS, and have wireless air printer Why can I not get the docs to download, I get a short spiralling circle of doom and then message below. Thanks for any advice, HAL rep says that docs do not download on any IOS devices, is this something new and is it actually true, or just a line they are handing me, Carol
  15. This is listed monthly on the HAL board by a fellow contributor, on a volunteer basis Most recant, Sep 2019 info at https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2693675-september-2019-update-hal-dry-docks-charters-and-groups-onboard/ Carol
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