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  1. The only FCC DH and I are holding is the 25% bonus granted on basic cruise fare, as a result of our cancelled Japan Westerdam cruise to have taken place April 11-25, this past year. ALL other monies have been refunded. Personally I am not interested in any of my paid fares or deposits held for future use during this “what if and when” current status. In addition, any of the cruises I cancelled where I had used reserve Future cruise deposits, I requested those be turned in as a credit on my credit card (DH and I had 3 cruises booked other than the April cancelled cruise, which meant 4 FCD’s per person). All those were credited back in a timely matter. The April sailing had been my only paid in full cruise. DH and I each have one FCD left attached to our Mariner Account for $100 pp...l This I can live with and let stand, for now. Should I book anything into the future (they expire Oct 2023) at least I will not have to give fresh money or larger deposit amount . As the future unfolds with developing news - i may decide to just cash those in also if I see no foreseeable use for them. Carol
  2. a CC friend just sent me this link https://www.cruiselawnews.com/2020/08/articles/disease/three-costa-crew-members-test-positive-for-covid-19-raising-number-of-infected-crew-members-in-europe-to-54/ Carol
  3. I am sure you have already visited, but the Borghese Gallery in Rome has wonderful Caravaggio paintings. 🙂
  4. I was just reading Allianz policy and it mentions that if there were a travel advisory, it could also affect trip cancellation/interruption portion of coverage also. So not only medical would be involved. Carol
  5. Here is a link for travel restrictions https://www.kayak.com/travel-restrictions I had read somewhere that restrictions will be looked at possibly at 2 week intervals, or on a need-be basis, to revise, add or delete entry allowances. Carol
  6. This could present a problem, as the Covid-19 situation is very fluid and dynamic. One day a country/city/town could have “good numbers”, flattening the curve. A week or 2 or more later, they could be experiencing a surge, hospitals overwhelmed, step back in phase - any or all of these could impact on whatever advance plans or arrangements had been negotiated. Carol
  7. Absolutely. In addition, several countries (i.e. Canada being one) have travel advisories for non-essential travel - which nullifies out of country travel insurance should someone require medical attention, both on or off the ship - for Covid 19. And we all know how expensive long hospitals stays can be. This puts a SERIOUS crimp on recreational travel outside one’s country. Carol
  8. and this is what the whole situation boils down to, in a nutshell. When someone is diagnosed positive, will it be 1, 20, 100 or 500 people coming down with the virus? And how many will be critically ill, requiring more urgent care? Carol
  9. We were on 3 HAL cruises, Sept (Canada/NE), November (TA) and December (Xmas family Caribbean). About the 4th day in on our transatlantic cruise, I was feeling “off”.... nothing in particular of note. Once home, still felt “crappy”, but developed conjunctivitis, BOTH eyes - Dr said I had a bad virus, and was given some eye gel to administer to bottom lids of eyes. Probably had a relative of Covid-19 virus - took about 5 weeks total to get back to normal and was fine for our Xmas cruise. Hubby never came down with anything, Was in Thailand when the beginning of Covid-19 began, by the time we flew home (Feb 05) there was already one case in Bangkok. When we arrived home, we self quarantined for 14 days, just in case - but we were not given any instructions or warnings to do so. Carol
  10. We were on the Zaandam in 2013, 14 day Hawaii cruise. Guest services told me that the organ plays daily at noon. The day I went to watch - it was not happening - and one lady was so disappointed. I asked Guest Services and they said the entertainment staff (dance troupe) was responsible for “flicking on the switch”.... and the rep phoned down to that department to find out. Moments later, the organ went into “action”. Most people are probably having lunch at noon, so miss the “performance”. I believe the smaller ships still have some version of singers and dancers (at least we did on the Veendam this past Xmas 2019.
  11. pretty much the same for me... we sailed with them 2007, they were competing with the newly formed Azamara - so there were some decent prices w/bonuses. What drew me to them was going through the Kiel Canal AND 3 days in St Petersburg, Russia, and an overnight in Stockholm (great to visit the ice bar). It was a toss-up between Prinsendam and Oceania. Food was excellent, at that time - but I agree with previous poster A year later, Azamara was having their one year anniversary sale, and we booked 14 day Med cruise. At that time it was not all-inclusive, and not named Azamara “Club” cruises. We found the staff much warmer and relatable on Azamara. Food was pretty much on par with Oceania, at that time. It appears that the food quality on Oceania may have declined somewhat when they came under the NCL umbrella. Azamara prices skyrocketed when they became more inclusive, Azamazing evenings, etc. Carol
  12. you would be surprised the number of locks on the rivers in Europe http://www.rivercruiseinfo.com/content/list-locks-along-rivers We have done 8 river cruises, one being the Grand European from Amsterdam to Budapest (15 days).... we were on the Rhine, Main, and Danube rivers..... 34 locks on the Main river alone! Carol
  13. Kazu, your garden and flower pics are beautiful! here are a few from my gardens, although we are currently downsizing the landscaping/gardens I am partial to the lavender in pic #3 Carol
  14. here is a picture of the one in Keukenhof gardens....... Carol
  15. This is really bittersweet for us, as our first HAL cruise was on the Veendam (2005) and our most recent cruise was on Xmas 2019 Veendam 10-day cruise. We sailed with our son, DIL and grandchildren this past Xmas, and ironically, the Veendam was their first HAL cruise also (Bermuda, 2015 when we also sailed with them). So the Veendam will have a special place in our families’ memories. Carol
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