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  1. My cancelled cruise of April 11-25, 2020 (cancelled by HAL when they cancelled the Asia sailing season at end of February) still shows on my bookings. My TA and myself have notification of the cancellation, the credits and I have already received all monies owing along with refund of HAL excursion which had been booked. I think perhaps they are keeping these on record, in order to reference particulars, booking numbers, credits etc. I assume these will time out, once the sailing date has passed. As long as you have your paperwork, all is good. Carol
  2. I find this remark insensitive. That is all fine and good that you have no qualms in cruising, but each person's tolerance for anxiety and the unknown is different. In this scenario, there is no right or wrong, but each person has to go with their gut feeling. JMO Carol
  3. My travel agent advised me as of today, March 5 - travel insurance companies are NOT covering trip interruption coverage due to Corona virus, The best bet is cancel for any reason insurance right now, but once your trip begins, any interruptions or changes probably would not be covered if due to impact of Corona virus. We did not even get into specifics regarding medical portion of any insurance coverage. Yes the cruiselines have been proactive in some ways, but everyone has to measure the value/loss of having their travel plans affected by Corona virus, Of course everyone should check what their insurance will cover, and perhaps some are “grandfathered” in on older policies, paid for prior to this situation. But always best to find out where you would stand, IF...... Carol
  4. We stayed at Hotel Estherea, on the Singel Canal. We walked everywhere. Carol
  5. We were booked on one of the cancelled Japan cruises (April 11-25) Saw a nice cruise Venice to Rome(Civitavecchia) for beginning of May, but with the current cases of Covid-19 appearing in Northern Italy (Lombardy, Veneto region) I think I will wait to see how this virus plays out. The officials are wishing to find patient 0, no-one seems to know how multiple cases came to show up in this region. Carol
  6. Westy had a drydock 04 January 2020 – 15 January 2020
  7. Cruisemom, I am also increasingly doubtful, and my enthusiasm has definitely waned to the point of being almost non-existent. Carol
  8. There are only a few 100 still on the ship. Most have already gone on their journey onwards to home. HAL has an update on their blog. Carol
  9. I doubt very much Japan wants another occurrence of the DP incident. In addition, CCL via HAL do not want a repeat of DP predicament, And it does not take much, one person testing positive for Covid-19, to cause a ship to be quarantined. HAL would be smart to get out of the region now. Cut their losses, but avoid further controversy and problems. Our April 11 sailing is r/t Yokohama with a Russian port, Practically all the SE Asian ports are now closing their doors to cruise-ships, I believe Vietnam being the most recent. Carol
  10. Celebrity is brining the Millennium back to North America and will be sailing some shorter west coast cruises, California, Oregon, Washington, and Vancouver. They have cancelled their Asia sailings for the rest of this season. Celebrity may also be starting the Alaska season with Millennium slightly earlier than originally planned. Carol
  11. totally in agreement with your assessment, Now it is up to HAL to make a decision, and we pretty much all know what that decision SHOULD be. Hope the almighty dollar does not win out over common sense. Carol
  12. I googled a few key words, and there seems to be some reporting https://www.reuters.com/article/us-china-health-malaysia/american-from-cruise-ship-docked-in-cambodia-tests-positive-in-malaysia-for-coronavirus-idUSKBN2090IW?feedType=RSS&feedName=topNews&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+reuters%2FtopNews+(News+%2F+US+%2F+Top+News)
  13. apparently only 20 or so passengers were tested, those who were complaining of cold or flu-like symptoms. This I read on the roll call for April 11-25 sailing, so I am not quoting from any news agency, just what was posted.
  14. I think HAL cannot chance a situation like the Diamond Princess. Celebrity has already pulled put of Asia for this season and is scheduling California cruises, This is bad news for the Westy, as crew members now my be in incubation period, Carol
  15. my experience which I posted above was sub par was on the Maasdam.
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