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  1. Just because 800 cabin numbers are open to select doesn't mean that 800 cabins are available. The time to observe like that is long over since their guarantee/upgrade/assignment algorithms in the background.
  2. Going on a cruise next month, flying to Sydney with layover in Hong Kong I am only worried about air travel disruptions, immigration problems, missed ports and extreme measures on board. On some roll calls I saw people are already bombarding NCL with panic mode questions. Not worried about the virus itself.
  3. China has implement regulations and actions that put more burden on their own people than any western country would have ever even considered. Apart from that, the virus luckily so far is extremely mild and the media panic completely baffling. Look at the figures comparing it to other diseases, especially the seasonal flu.
  4. Actually you need to replace carbs through protein for that, the TEF of fat is lower than carbs: "The thermic effect of food, also called diet-induced thermogenesis (DIT), is a metabolic response to food. Food intake results in a transient increase in energy expenditure attributable to the various steps of nutrient processing (i.e. digestion, absorption, transport, metabolism and storage of nutrients). The DIT is mostly indicated as percentage increase in energy expenditure over the basic metabolic rate (BMR). DIT values are highest for protein (~15-30%), followed by CHOs (~5-10%) and fat (~0-3%)" https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4258944/ Which once again is the essence of calories in - calories out. Oh and I know Jason Fung. He is kind of famous for his rants on his blog and you can find responses on other website questioning his rants with quotes of actual studies easily. To get back to the origin of the discussion, as any caloric restrictive diet (low carb, low fat,...) works[1] when it is supplemented by behavioural changes and physical activity I don't think it is wise to encourage anyone to follow through with a diet that shows negative effects on the body. [1] https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/fullarticle/1900510?utm_source=Silverchair Information Systems&utm_medium=email
  5. The graphic shows exactly that. A calorie is a calorie. A calorie never defines how healthy food is or how satisfying. But if the calories in doesn't matter you can safely triple the amount of non-carb or non processed food a day regardless of the calories without gaining weight, right? 😉 The "problem" of overeating on potato chips are not the carbs but that you already spend most of, or even the whole, caloric budget of the day and severely lack protein, vitamins, minerals and so much more nutrients important for the body. As you will then feel hungry and cranky you will eat additional food, aka more calories, having a caloric surplus and gaining weight. All because of the damn energy value measured in calories
  6. Not that I will spend any money on books like this. Lets be honest they are written for a specific audience to make them buy them. If there is a referenced peer reviewed study that shows people losing weight while maintaining a caloric surplus as long as it is with "good calories" I am happy to reconsider. A calorie is a calorie, as it is defined as the energy needed for a specific reaction. What is not the same is the nutritional value of foods that have equal calories. I don't mind when people follow whatever trend. But spreading the idea that losing weight on a ketogenic diet actually comes from cutting out carbs on itself and not from changing the caloric intake by removing caloric heavy "empty calories" with no nutritional value and more important that are not filling and induce overeating and replacing them through protein or dietary fiber which has the opposite effect is just plain wrong. That is why you can have the same effect when changing from a "I don't care diet" to a planned paleo/vegan/clean eating/... diet as soon as you start being aware of what you eat and how much and removing highly processed foods you will have a positive effect. Because the caloric intake changes. Yes it is so easy.
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_law_of_thermodynamics It is science. Most people underestimate the difficulty in correctly measure, calculate and assume energy intake and even more difficult so energy expenditure. I haven't seen any study that suggests you can sustainable gain weight on a caloric deficit or gain weight on a caloric surplus. https://academic.oup.com/nutritionreviews/article/68/3/148/1910457 Or a more recent one
  8. At least for Europe the reason is their dirt chip price on regular cruises especially for families with kids. And the easy access through chartered bus and planes. They are not successful because of quality or service. When you offer cruises that include meals and entertainment for a price less than you would have to pay in a touristic European city there are enough people to fill the ship regardless of quality and standards.
  9. Being on the cruise as well I wonder if that has been observed on other affected cruises as well that NCL has been pushing back the time to the “no self service at all” escalation level until after breakfast of the last port of call to ease operations. As with three sea days now the crowds are easier to stretch over the opening times of dining venues than before port arrival times and excursion starting times. I never got the rationale behind how it can help to take away the ketchup and napkins on the tables but still have everyone use the same things and push the same buttons for juice and coffee. Service and mood have already been difficult so far and I expect not getting any better the next days with the extra stress on crew and guests. Has been a long time since staff member avtively approached me to vent about other guests and the on board management lol
  10. I am always surprised that those questions get asked and the answers taken seriously. Even I just make stuff up and give random answers when other guests get too nosy or ask about stuff they clearly shouldn't have any interest in about me and my background or finances. No one should expect the crew while employed by MSC, being on board of an MSC ship talking to a random stranger, where they can't be sure about their possible connections to the industry, tell them honestly about competition, working conditions, pay or any other contract details. Come on....
  11. I'm not sure if they need all that stuff at all. Just recently came back from a port intense two week cruise on a jewel class ship that hasn't all of those new features anyway. And the probably around a dozen teens did what teenagers do, obviously they preferred the areas sparsely occupied by adults. They seemed to have a great time. Hopefully no cruise babies were made 😂 As long as they find some peers, a no brainer on ships that large, no worries.
  12. I never understand why people actually fill those out. It is valuable data for the company. So what compensation do you actually get for spending your time aka as working helping them make better business decisions?
  13. I’m always surprised that with guests from dozens of different countries booked through offices in different legislative systems people on this board always know exactly how a potential lawsuit around the world will end. Apart from that it is somehow embarrassing when people seriously believe that missing a port on a seven day drink and gamble run to the Caribbean where the highlight of the trip is getting skin cancer on a beach is comparable to missing three days in Iceland on a cruise marketed as an Iceland cruise. 🤷‍♂️ It would be interested to see how that ends up in court but I am pretty certain NCL will settle a refund with affected guests outside of that. Otherwise the question would not be of they could have gone to the ports, I don’t doubt it wasn’t possible, but at what times NCL decided what itinerary change and if it always was in the best guests interest in regard of replacement ports and tried dockings.
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