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  1. This. Even though I will with a very high probability cruise with them again I choose the refund for both cruises affected. Just because I assume that will put more stress on the company and people in charge there. And the 25% and 50% isn't so much additional value that it isn't worth it.
  2. Nope. But why should they be flagged in the US? All of the aspects why people take a cruise and is popular has nothing to do with the US. The great service of the staff - not US. The exotic destinations - not US. The cheap prices for local tours and food in the ports - not US... There are two reasons the cruise line have a good chance to get supported (by whatever name and instrument). Support for the US embarkation ports and to continue to give mid to low income Americans a chance to have an affordable vacation.
  3. NCL might be technically correct as one cruise ended at the designated disembarkation port and the next one didn't start at all. But what they should do is so easy. Tell the affected guests that NCLs air specialists back home with their experience booking flights for ten thousands of crew members and guests and their shore side connections and pier agents at every port will figure out transportation to the airport and flights back to their home airport for them. Because they safety and comfort of all guests is NCLs top priority. Or you can just tell your guest last minute about the change and let hundreds of them all figure it out by themselves.
  4. Not surprised. On the Norwegian Jewel they pressured the guests to buy their own flight arrangements home from three different countries only to revert it shortly after. Of course "reasonable change fees would be reimbursed later". People had to transfer money from their savings account to their credit card to make space for more flight expenses. Negative highlight when they planned to offload us in Tauranga, refusing to organise buses to the airport in Auckland and the only response was that there should be a local bus running we could take. Makes sense for around 2000 guests. If Hawaii hadn't made the condition that NCL organises charters otherwise no guests would have been allowed to disembark there would have been no support until the end. But at the same time writing these nice press releases how the guests on the ships when they stopped operations will be supported to get back home.
  5. Insane. The central european flight ended in Frankfurt without any issues. Delayed disembarkation from the plane due to a staggered process of only groups of 40 each time and that we had to fill out a contact form no one looked at or verified. Should have written some random names and phone numbers though lol. No temperature checks or medical questions and no quarantine as it should be.
  6. Frankfurt and London now delayed to next morning. New schedule for us. Can’t say anything bad about what they put on.
  7. Some of the charter flight are delayed until tomorrow. Lunch and dinner will be served today.
  8. There seems to be a bit of upset/confusion. Heard from some New Zealanders who got the flight to London. I do blame NCL for a lot on this trip but getting everyone the perfect charter flight is probably impossible. Long lines at guest services for hours already though. another annoyance though is that according to our letter stops at 9:30 with breakfast but my disembarkation/immigration time is scheduled for 2:15 and then straight to the airplane for a 6:45 departure. Some food after breakfast would actually be nice.
  9. being on the cruise so ummmm... nothing against him personally but when compared what was done on board a couple of years ago for way lesser inconvenience and now.... I wouldn’t use the word well looked after actually. It is more like being on a ship of a company struggling hard to keep financial liquidity over the next weeks and having other worries than our comfort or ease of mind.
  10. If they prohibit guests from every country with an outbreak they won’t have any guests left in 3 to 4 weeks lol
  11. There won't be any replacement ports. If the concensus in the near future will still be that Conav is treated differently than the common flu the cruise season in europe is over before it began. The idea that it can be contained is very very optimistic. Imho just something we have to live with and we should continue like usual. Lots of people here with common cold and flu like symptoms without going into panic mode or getting tested. Just treating it like every winter. That is probably the reason why there are always suddenly these extreme spikes when they start to actually test all contacts.
  12. It seems to make a difference as well from where you take the specimens. From the upper airways are probably what is used most for convenience but not as efficient. There are more voices from people in the medical field now suspecting that there are infected people all over the places already. As many seem to never get serious symptoms I would guess on many cruise ships and airplanes we now have people with SARS-CoV-2. As far as I know there are no tests for anti-bodies yet.
  13. There are tests that itself need less than 2 hours. It depends how many places can conduct the test and how the transport is organised for the total time.
  14. I wish all cruise lines would have a similar rule like that. I mean isn't the part of loyalty being a frequent guest at the same business? And three years is really a damn long time. I haven't cruised with RCI for four years and am still Diamond... that makes no.
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