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  1. Sometimes companies recognise a good opportunity when it occurs. Like cathay pacific in 2019. I still remembered it even though I didn't book one of the tickets. So I am sure a creative marketing and PR department at NCL could have used that for something very valuable: https://www.bbc.com/news/business-46732952
  2. No unless a canceled cruise were you only paid with a cruise next deposit so far would give you the option to get a cash back of the full CN voucher amount. I seriously doubt that is an option.
  3. I had two cruises in October that got canceled now. Both were before final payment (UK) and the deposits were cruisenext vouchers. Now I got two 25% FCC credits of the CN value. Not that I would complain but no idea why as I still expect my CN vouchers to get back into my account. So the 25% would be pretty much free money without risk.
  4. It doesn't matter how often you touch your mask or if you put it in your pockets. As long as you cover mouth and nose you limit the spread of droplets. Sure if the mask gets contaminated on the outside and then you touch your face afterwards it is your own problem. But that is why you shouldn't touch your face in the first place. The facts that the usual three precautions masks, distance and hand washing work well is not doubted by any professional and so freaking obvious that any discussion about it is just stupid. Those places that follow the recommendations, which by the way hurt no one compared to the alternatives, already show and will do so even more in the future to have greater success, a better economic recovery and less deaths and long lasting medical consequences. Look at Germany for example, where river cruising already has started and the first ocean going cruises will do so in two weeks. Sure there will be restrictions and rules to follow but it is kind of the reward of listening to professionals and follow the rules to get back to a normal life earlier than those crying loudly about masks and defying rules and common sense. In a way you get what you deserve I guess
  5. Everyone knows what has to be done to reduce the risk and probably everyone in the industry knows that only very few cruise operators have a business model that supports it. I am pretty sure all the major cruise lines are only waiting for a vaccine or another way of the pandemic to end and hope their money lasts long enough. The whole plans and panels are just a show for the public. If you look at the EU working group recommendations there is no way that a cruise like that would be anything like the mainstream cruise lines have offered the last years. Especially regarding medical treatment and quarantine ashore and repatriation plans, risk groups, social distancing and fixed groups onboard. There is no profit in that kind of cruise business.
  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hippocrates_Health_Institute Sounds legit.
  7. Funny how people make up those stories. I never get ignored and I don't tip for days.
  8. Even though I believe it is just trolling. That would be another prime example as why cruise lines should and will be careful. Because who would be the first ones going on a cruise as soon as they open? People who have been social distancing thoroughly, taking all precautions like wearing face mask regardless if enforced or not? Probably not. So you get the worst combination age and behavior wise. And with that and the build limitations of cruise ships result in a more than average risk of an outbreak on board.
  9. I am actually pretty sure on the mind of the executives, at least from the big cruise lines, are a lot of things. Postponing or cancelling new builds, reducing of fleet size, shuffling around dry dock modernisations, employee cuts, ... But starting asap is not one of them. They are in quite a comfortable position at the moment and there is no need to take any ruinous risk so early in the reopening game.
  10. Don't forget, islands have turned ships away last minute when they got the medical record of people onboard with respiratory illness. Not even confirmed covid-19 cases.
  11. There are 3. 1. other countries are involved 2. cases get discovered while on the cruise ship. not like in your examples after they left the business. 3. cruise lines can't just close the business and send guests and employees home.
  12. As long as there are spikes like that and in increase in infections in the area/country you live in cruise lines will have no interest to start again in that area / get guests from that area. And other countries won't welcome them. That doesn't mean there won't be people going on cruises this year. Just not you.
  13. Hurtigruten actually does their safety briefing in the terminal in Bergen before embarking the vessel.
  14. There are just two things to understand. Where your muster station is and to do what you are told to do. Actually even the first one isn't super important because in case they will tell you where to go. It is important for the crew and we guests are to help them train for the emergency, that is fair and time well spend. But don't pretend it is something we need to pay attention to or we are in danger. Every human can do the tasks expected from us on two braincells.
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