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  1. I think that I am caught up on everyone's request. PLEASE read the last info post I did on the tour to make the best use out of it while you are there (the hot streets of San Juan are not the place to start to figure out how it works 🙂 And you are welcomed (for those sending thanks), I am so glad so many people are enjoying it. @kids1stcruise I will be glad to share it with you - to do that I need an email address that is associated with a google account (that last part is essential in order to share and use the map since it's based on a google maps app). Later - Lynn
  2. @jayfan hi Ruth - I tried to add you but Google says that there is not a Google account associated with that email address. Have you perhaps have one that is attached to a google acct? @kba1988 That is def a concern. One of my colleagues here is from San Juan, they were actually headed to Colorado a couple days ago for a convention. I had emailed him to ask about his family still there. Puerto Rico just can’t catch a break ☹️
  3. Amber - I just went over and checked and you were listed as sharing - remember that the email is just a notice, but even if that doesn't arrive the file will be in your "shared" files in google drive/google maps.
  4. Amy - you were in there. Even if the email goes into your spam box or is accidentally deleted the map will still remain in your "shared" folder under your google drive/maps 🙂 It's been there, but I put you in a second time so it would try to deliver your email a second time. have fun
  5. Pretty sure that I am caught up on the recent requests (through @SBerryMN ). For some reason the default in sharing is that the person can edit. I've been so tired a few times I initially click share with that and then go back and make it view only (otherwise when someone edits it changes the map for EVERYONE and that won't work well 🙂 So if I mistakenly have you as Edit, please email me back and let me know. Normally I catch it quickly, but just in case please let me know as one person editing means it's changed for all of us. Thanks and happy sailing!
  6. Hello Bernadette - I tried to send it, but it rejected it as it said the email wasn't associated with a google account 😞 Do you have one that is? Evening will make it a bit more difficult as it would anywhere, but you will have some daylight at that time (check the almanac or other source like the various websites with weather info to see when sunset would be). With the restaurants it won't matter if it gets dark, but you don't want to be just wandering any city at night (even if you could see in the dark 🙂 Maybe you could see some of it and see the rest on your next visit? That is a ridiculous port time for sure! Have fun! Lynn
  7. It’s fine, I just turned off that option on the videos - it was never my goal to be popular on YouTube, but only to give people a good look at various cabins. So I care nothing about how many likes there are, it is just sad how much passive aggressive behavior there is on the Net. Luckily many sites have a way to reduce how much we have to interact with them 🥳
  8. Wow.... over 120 now sharing this tour! Can’t believe that I went over that much to google maps to add someone 😂 But almost the minute that I discovered that fact I also found out that the one person (among all these lovely people) who was really aggravated because google required him to have a google-related email address to share the map and emailed me to say so is also the one person who tracked down my tiny YouTube channel (since it’s also under “AlohaLivin”) where I must film our cruise cabins to help people who want to see it before they book it plus a few scenic travel destinations (without people and comment) and clicked on dislike for every single one. 😏. Unfortunately the nice people on the planet are always less motivated than the ones who aren’t so nice ☹️ I think the nice people go on their merry way, it’s the mean ones who sit and scheme. Sometimes the good guy should win though 🎉🤞🏼
  9. Hi :-) There is not a way to do that and that is because it is shared so that any change one person makes would effect everyone else. I had worked so very hard on this for weeks and weeks and sharing it was the only way that I could at least retain ownership while letting others also be able to use the tour. I hope that you enjoy your visit!
  10. REVISED USER INFORMATION (12/28/10) for the THREE AMIGOS IN SAN JUAN WALKING TOUR (2.0) 👨‍👩‍👧 >>> I am glad to share the tour, but please make sure that the email address that you provide is associated with a Google account since Google will reject it otherwise - that way I don’t waste time trying to share with someone who isn’t able to share. Thank you! 1. I added a description and a photo for each stop (just click on the stop icon/letter to open them). This way you have the historical background and location information readily available to you (and can completely annoy your teenagers by reading it to them aloud 😉 2. To create the tour I thoroughly researched Old San Juan looking for what I thought were the most worthwhile historical stops, the most interesting cultural stops, and a variety of the best and most authentic food, drink, and shopping options available (at least by the preponderance of the “review” evidence and our personal experiences). Note - the food stops exclude any expensive dining options. 3. The route is around 3 miles in total. You can break it up however you wish, take as many breaks as needed or skip parts that are not of interest to you. Regardless, please note that the incline in Old San Juan from the port to the northern boundary is on a rather steep incline and there are many uneven, cobblestone streets. And, the only shade tends to be only indoors. Therefore, I highly recommend that visitors complete the first portion of the tour in earlier or cooler hours if possible. 4. You may or may not arrive at the same exact cruise port as noted on the map, but it will be very close by no matter which port is used. 5. There is a portion of the map shown as “Castillo San Felipe del Morro.” This section of the tour has multiple parts as the “Faro del Castillo” is in front of you at that point and the “Bastion de San Antonio”, the “Patio del Morro Castle”, and the “Capilla del Cementerio Santa María” are all to the right side of this area (bordering the northern section by the sea). Please be aware that these were not possible to add to the tour because of Google issues but please note them on your journey. 6. Near the end of the tour you will reach the “Paseo de la Princesa” (a beautiful statue and fountain on the SW part of old San Juan. The directions/map letters will seem to have a gap there and that is because Google maps refused to acknowledge that the paved section accesses the road (also called Paseo de la Princesa). The Paseo de la Princesa walkway follows the curved walls on the south side of Old San Juan and connects the port where the cruise ships dock to the gates of the old city. It was originally built in 1853 and renovated in recent years. It offers a broad pathway for a safe, traffic-free, shaded walk. 7. As you get near the end of the Paseo de la Princesa walkway, the “Bastión de la Derecha de San Justo y Pastor” will be on the left and as you approach a round-about to the right there is the “Estatua al Inmigrante” (statue) in the center. Please be aware that these were not possible to add to the tour because of Google issues but please note them on your journey. Some of the points around and just past this section may seem to have odd names as Google makes its own rules 😉 8. The last point on the tour is a CVS that is near the port (and typically less congested than the Walgreen’s just in front of the largest port). Feel free to ignore this stop, but it’s there just in case you need it. ✏️ Other Notes: Although the tour is a single tour from cruise port back to the cruise port, it had to be designed in 4 segments because Google Maps limits the number of stops per segment (with some “stops” acting only as markers for design needs). I choose Google Maps for my Three Amigo’s Walking Tour in part because Google claims the maps will work offline. However, that is only partly true in that some elements of the tour may NOT be operable offline. So if that is essential for you please check how it works offline before your visit San Juan. Most cell plans from the US include PR without additional cost as it is a US territory. They may be points on the map that seem illogical, but those actually minimize back tracking and help you to avoid areas that may have barriers not visible on a 2D map. But changes are constantly being made in any city (such as on our most recent visit there the “Paseo de las Sombrillas” no longer had parasols and foot traffic on that street was blocked) - the map should be at least 99% correct, but be aware recent changes can effect the tour path (and no matter what it should be easy to find your way to the next stop on the tour). If you wish to try to use it offline, these are the directions from Google: 1 Open the Google Maps app. 2 Make sure you're connected to the Internet and signed into Google. 3 Find the map you have saved (in your google drive or google maps app or site). 4 At the bottom, tap the name or address of the place - tap “MORE ...” 5 Select “Download offline map”, then Download. I do hope that the tour will help to make your visit more special as it was created with love for my family to have the best visit possible - the best food, best shopping, and a good sampling of San Juan's most important history and culture. Happy travels - WEPA! Lynn ⚓️ —————————————————————————————— Changes made from the original version (1.0 😆) 1. I removed the optional shorter version since it is so easy to leave out the stops or a section of stops to shorten the tour as needed. 2. Because of the time and effort to trek up the hill beyond the main part of the tour to visit the one of the world’s most famous bars. 3. Based on our last visit, some shopping options were replaced with new ones based on quality.
  11. I am so happy to hear that you enjoyed it! One thing it doesn't show is just how upwardly sloped the old town is and it's not an easy trek in places. But then one can skip what they need (I know we skipped a few things to head to the chocolate bar LOL). For all those recently added - PLEASE read the last info about the tour here in the thread and also the update I made a couple of weeks ago. Happy sailing! And Merry Christmas or whatever holiday that you celebrate this time of year. 🙂
  12. Yes! The Maitre D always remembers our name and room number from the first night on (even though we aren’t there nightly) and smiles like you are his most important guest (and no doubt everyone gets the same smile). Now that is service and it’s that kind of thing that makes the Grandeur a cruise experience unlike others.
  13. Request to 12/22/19 have been added - you didn’t receive your email it doesn’t mean it’s not there so make sure to check your shared files folder in Google drive/maps 😊 please make sure to go back and read the basic info post about the tour and also the recent note regarding changes (posted during Dec 2019).
  14. I agree with so much of what @Tatka said! The Grandeur is cozy in the most positive way - it is easy to get to almost anywhere on the ship you want to go Iso that you didn’t start dreading going to X or Y), you frequently run into new and old cruise friends which can make for a more interesting and enjoyable week. The Grandeur just has a feel of community that is about more than just its size that we will miss. One other special aspect is that it is like the older passenger ships, where there were wooden decks that offered an open view of the sea the entire length of each side (absent on almost all new ships). I don’t bother fantasizing that there will be new ships this size built in the future, but to not have them at all one day will be a huge loss.
  15. @BamaD I tried to add you, but google gives me an error saying that the email address is not associated with a google account. 😞
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