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  1. We move between RCL and NCL (the latter strictly because of the Haven, we like that niche that we think of as being in the sweet spot between the area of suites and star suites on RCL). For us, the small ship size is just amazing for Alaska - it is the little details, like how close you are to the water when the eagles circle instead of the seagulls. I am sorry to hear there are no smaller ships headed that way via RCL, but as @Jimbo mentioned there are so many options. I hope you find one that will be as memorable as our first Alaska cruise.
  2. I have to first say that our best vacation EVER was Alaska in a suite. But I need to admit that it was on the Norwegian ship in a Haven suite, so the benefits were somewhat different (in the Haven we had a private deck at the top of the ship only for Haven guests and that was unbelievable). Regardless, you must have a balcony of some kind, it would be a complete waste if not - AK cruises are like a photography book every day and almost every mile. Like you, we enjoy sailing in suites and so needless to say we find it worth the money most of the time. And I personally recommend the smaller ships as there are places they can venture that are so special that aren’t accessible to the larger ships on Alaska cruises. I hope that helps at least a little bit.
  3. OOPS... I didn't mean the OP, I meant the poster of the question that @island lady was referring to. I need to not post when I am short on time!
  4. Exactly. Unlikely there is one since doing such a thing would be pure insanity. Maybe the OP was just a “stick seeking something to stir”?
  5. Hi - it isn't something that I email, but something that I can share with you via google drive. I can add your name to that list, google should notify you.
  6. Heads up! 🙂 Any of you who are active or retired US or Canadian military members please check your cruise fares for changes. I lucked across an extra $600 military discount off a crown loft on Oasis for November (shocked us to be honest) that had not been there before today. 🇺🇸 Remembering those who have kept us safe through the ultimate sacrifice.
  7. Mya and Molly... I mean errrr. .. WE vote with @molly361. No. We spent too much to spent a vacation that uncomfortable. If it comes to that, we will cancel.
  8. Google has lots of info on that, it is via the google drive - shared files
  9. I do not know whether it was changed, but I read it several times and there was nothing there to make me think the opinion included an “automatic extension” to retirees (since all the included categories were named). Most of us write things that make sense to us and then others see differently. What is the saying, communication is somewhere between what you say and I hear? I only wanted to be clear in my post since the original post was not in my opinion.
  10. What it suggested in my reading was that it was your opinion was that those who were active should receive the discount (vs. those not active). To me there is a great deal of difference between those not serving now and those who served for many years and retired. That may not be what you meant, but by adding the active designation it definitely suggested that (since there is only active, not in the service, and retired as categories).
  11. It also applies to those who served for 30 years and are retired, as it should. Seems as valid a discount as any I can imagine. Not many people serve our country, a small percentage, and only the rare person protects us for decades. They deserve respect and any other tiny token someone can manage to throw in. I work in healthcare, my sister also works in healthcare (and performed many surgeries during war time in Iraq I should add); both my parents were underpaid as teachers for many decades. And none of us expect a discount, none of us would feel we deserved anything special. But the suggestion that those who spent a lifetime serving our country should not get a piddly few hundred off their fare as a gesture of appreciation is far past my ability to understand.
  12. I had started to think that I was an utter waste of time to bother clicking over 55, military and state of residence since I think of the 100’s of cruises that I have priced I saw $100 off 3 times (one on state and twice on age). I am glad it worked out for someone!
  13. Hi, glad to share. Just making sure this email address is associated with a google account 😊 Otherwise it will deny the share.
  14. Absoltely, anxiety decreases respiration (and the perception of it). Anxiety would definitely not help the situation!
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