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  1. @brillohead I don’t wish to argue, honestly I can’t imagine my small comment was an issue for anyone. I didn’t put the entire email or send other communications on this issue hoping that you might give me the benefit of the doubt on having a modicum of intelligence and experience (even if not up for frequent posting). But the promo from RCL was entirely different and the obc from the quote was not part of the RCL package I can assure you. But having said that I will end my part of this and let you assume me simply ignorant if that is the only option that will bring contentment.
  2. I understand that you wish to be helpful, but in this case I was not asking about it this issue here but only responding to someone's comment about it. We cruise often and I understand how it works. To be clear, I was referring to the TA's OBC and that fact that we have had some in the past had some TA's give us quotes that specified that their own OBC would be non-refundable. Why they would state that I cannot say, but I am quite sure that is what we have been told by several TA's in the past. For example, this is from the email for our recently booked cruise for June 2020 where one of the competing TA’s provided this information about what she could offer us *above and beyond* any RCCL promotions: “To clarify, for the Owner’s Suite we would only be able offer $520 in OBC that is non-refundable.”
  3. All I can do is tell you what some have told me. I can't see why they would bother giving it just to take it back, but there definitely have been some who said that was the case. I didn't use them of course, but their emails on it were clear. No idea why if they can't actually get it back...?
  4. It wiped out the ones for our 2 upcoming cruises also. With us signed, there are now a grand total of only 5. We enjoy these little get togethers and it seems likely to me that they only increases feelings of loyalty and belonging in cruisers (thus in RCCL’s best interest- not that their decisions are always made based on logic, but.... ). There are some cruisers who show up at the roll call, sign up for the meet and mingle, and then more or less disappear until it’s time to cruise for various reasons. When problems like this occur, these cruises may never realize this error occurred and that they need to sign up again. Not a good situation any way you look at it 😏
  5. Make sure to ask your TA if the OBC is refundable so no nasty surprises are in store at the end of your cruise. We always make sure the OBC offered is refundable (since there are some that will take their “gift” back if not used). That way, no matter what happens you will end up getting any excess back snd will find yourself worrying less about wasting any money/credit.
  6. For the typical cruise length we usually give $100; while this seems close to what many do, there is still a variety of amounts (and certainly could vary with exceptionally bad or exceptionally good service). Only once in all our years of cruising did we reduce it below $100.
  7. We usually only snack with room service rather than getting full meals, but I can see where if they don’t bring a room service type cart that works as a table (and I don’t think that they do) it would be slightly more difficult. There isn’t a balcony in this suite so that won’t be an option, But on the positive side you have the best view onboard! 👍🏼 Enjoy!
  8. We have requested an egg crate topper on every cruise we have taken in the last 5 years on NCL and RCL and they have always provided it. Our requests were through a concierge, but I have heard from several other people that they have requested one once onboard from their cabin attendant.
  9. Glad you managed to snag one before they got stingy! Their website still shows that they offer “...to black” but they likely kept that in for whatever rare occasion that they offer it now. Too bad they don’t look a the cumulative status of an individual (like mid/high status of multiple accounts). But with the military discount we are definitely ahead of the game. Always thankful for companies like Disney, MSC, MGM, and Caesar’s that really make such an effort for military members and retirees.
  10. If you stay at the Hale Koa (and I also heartily recommend it), ask for a corner room on a higher floor (the tower on the side of the “recreation” area vs. the Hilton). Those rooms are the most expensive, but then you get such a good rate there you might as well do it up in style! It has amazing views, is relatively quiet, and has a large wrap around balcony. There is also a secluded elevator very close to those corner king rooms that make for a quick exit and entry!
  11. Hi George - such good news on the discount! Would you tell me what you matched to get Black? I had seen posts suggesting there were no more status matches to Black, but instead MSC was offering Gold for both RCCL Diamond/Diamond Plus, but your post gives me some hope.
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