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  1. I hope you will enjoy it. San Juan has taken it on the chin so many times, but it’s a very nice town and can require days to explore!
  2. I got you in, enjoy your trip (hope to travel before long!)
  3. I swear that I think my DH cruises because of how well he sleeps on a cruise.
  4. Totally understand that. We had our Grandeur cruise cancelled for June to Canada/SE US. We so wanted to sail on her again just once. That is looking iffy since all this shifting means 2021 is getting pretty booked. We did have a great Aft OS on the Empress (we have yet to sail on her), but that one also bites the dust (it was the 10/31 and we gave up hope days ago and sent that week to 2021. Maybe a miracle will happen and we can board in the fall 2020... it would be fantastic!
  5. This point I strongly doubt it. My doubt is great enough that we ask our wonderful TA to lift and shift our side to side cruisers that begin 10/31/2020 to 2021. While we got a great deal in doing that, I would have a really rather been on those 2020 cruises ☹️
  6. I actually lived in one that was worse. Had me repaint the small portal decoration on my house before I closed on it after selling.... egads. There was an episode of X-Files on such a community, wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry watching it. I think perhaps the next time we need 20 acres somewhere!
  7. Have you seen that commercial with that woman cutting down someone's plants and mailbox? That would be ours! Build a fence, cut down a tree, get permission (maybe). 💁‍♀️
  8. we lived in a planned community that requires any RV’s to be in enclosed garages (our home isn’t set up for one currently) - so looks like locally it’s about $100 mo parking for it, new truck, new RV, insurance, anything I am missing? OY! 😂 Of course we now have so many cruises booked and shifted to 2021 we have to figure out how to manage that much time off from what we do for a living so we likely should do an RC in 2022 😳
  9. I was just wondering about that last night, where to put the litter box – – – good idea!
  10. I went to check out the RV’s online last weekend, but then I realized we would have to buy a truck and find a place to park it and I realized maybe I needed to stop shopping 😂
  11. I just seen one in an article and went to look for it. Why is it it takes forever to find something again that you just saw? 😫 But the 3rd time through I finally found it! The articles suggests the websites for TRADING PLACES INTERNATIONAL and REDWEEK . Note this is for discounted unused time.
  12. We don’t have an answer for the OP’s question yet. With elderly parents, kids visitations, and busy careers we didn’t get to travel much for so many years and so have been catching up the past 3 years. We love cruises since we can travel relatively far and wide while unpacking once and there are beautiful views, new friends, and fun on the way to each new location. There is nothing that replaces that in total. I really hate long flights and avoid them whenever possible (we all have something we don’t like, that is mine); but we are well located for all eastern cruise ports so it’s less than a 2 hours flight to all. But we both still have full-time careers (and that will be the case for at least the next 6-7 years) and so the time we have for travel is not completely opened. I hope that cruising will resume, even if in 2021, as it will truly be a big loss for us if it doesn’t.
  13. I have used it for OBC twice (although not yet one we could use) - the second time I got a very quick email in return from the company behind MyVEGAS, but the first time no email came (it took me emailing them and getting the required email only after the email reply to my inquiry). Luckily it was all just prior to the deadline. So, sometimes it works as it should and sometimes you have to kick the machine. It would also help if they would rewrite the rules so they at least don’t read like an insurance policy.
  14. Well it had been so long and drawn out and really so minor an issue that one would have had to studied it all for it to be anything less than vague. I have worked tons of hours and had a major surgery since it began. I will talk to Santa about your Scrabble request.
  15. My prior post, in short, suggested that you have a great desk of time on your hands for an extremely old thread. You proved the point. May I send you a crossword puzzle book or something?
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