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  1. There is a strong genetic basis for diabetes and other insulin disorders such as PCOS. Although I don’t have diabetes, my DNA is absolutely the picture of diabetes if you look at the genetic research (and I have). It’s a matter of both inflammation and how insulin is that within the body. For example, if you were insulin resistant due to dysfunction in your hormonal system, your body will read that you already have sufficient energy from food and put all your food towards storage (falsely leading your body to cause fat to be stored). And if you have genes that create that kind of problem, ev
  2. Us 4 🙂 when the few benefits of being a healthcare provider during covid when it has been so tough. But also ready for everyone and their brother (as they say) to have one too
  3. I created it for our family when we went. I did not want all that work to be lost in that two day period, so sharing it makes it more worthwhile. Make sure to go to the pigeon park, I loved that!
  4. @briternik and @Aussie Gal It is amazing that I happen to come in to cruise critic today, but I’m glad I did because I saw your requests and got you added a few moments ago. We’ve had a lot of cruises canceled, this last one would’ve been April, so we are so hoping we cruise in November (the next one out). I hope all your cruises are also on go and that you enjoy San Juan!
  5. I think since we are not likely to sail until the fall of 2021 RCL should just extend it through the end of 2022. I emailed a very complementary letter to Royal yesterday on my thoughts about this - none of this is their fault, and they have tried to help, but given that we have had continued cancellations it would be a lovely thing to extend this points offer (especially for cruisers who have left so much FCC money on the table and have now lost five or more cruises [although there should not be criteria like that attached of course!]). I am just trying to hold out some hope still that our
  6. So, I thought I would mention that my TA is great while I’m here reading posts 🤩😎 Really looking forward to giving him more business, hopefully sooner than later! I got my vaccine last week (health care providers, first responders) - got the Moderna, zero real symptoms (the tiniest tenderness at the injection spot the first night, but only if I turned to sleep on that side). Here is to hoping that this process picks up steam, to that end GA moves on to 65+ and their caregivers tomorrow. 🤙🏼👍🏼
  7. Glad to hear that. I wish they would extend it through 2022 since at this point it seems that most of 2021 will be a bust cruise wise. If our April 2021 doesn’t go, and it seems unlikely to go, then we will have lost 5 cruises (a total of over 45 days) and since those were in suites and almost all ended up a FCC’s, that is quite a lot of money we left with RCL and a lot of points down the drain. I don’t blame RCL for this situation, not in the least, but it would be a nice gesture of loyal RCL cruisers in my opinion. We look forward to seeing you all again on the high seas!
  8. I was responding to the post about it and the comments related to it (not just the lawsuit). But then I was at work all day, no time to read lawsuits. And it is still a ridiculous claim in my opinion.
  9. First, how RCL is responsible for a global pandemic I cannot imagine. They have been hit hard for things that the company employees and leadership aren’t responsible for. It is like a cook suing a restaurant for having to close down due to Covid-19 - it makes no sense, it is not fair, and it is a situation where a victim of a uncontrollable situation attacking another victim of an uncontrollable situation. Secondly, how do you sue a company for their stock dropping? Did RCL make them sell? Kind of basic stock market calculation to not sell low. Maybe they should sue the fool that decided to s
  10. I hope you will enjoy it. San Juan has taken it on the chin so many times, but it’s a very nice town and can require days to explore!
  11. I got you in, enjoy your trip (hope to travel before long!)
  12. I swear that I think my DH cruises because of how well he sleeps on a cruise.
  13. Totally understand that. We had our Grandeur cruise cancelled for June to Canada/SE US. We so wanted to sail on her again just once. That is looking iffy since all this shifting means 2021 is getting pretty booked. We did have a great Aft OS on the Empress (we have yet to sail on her), but that one also bites the dust (it was the 10/31 and we gave up hope days ago and sent that week to 2021. Maybe a miracle will happen and we can board in the fall 2020... it would be fantastic!
  14. This point I strongly doubt it. My doubt is great enough that we ask our wonderful TA to lift and shift our side to side cruisers that begin 10/31/2020 to 2021. While we got a great deal in doing that, I would have a really rather been on those 2020 cruises ☹️
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