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  1. I ended up leaving the cabin upgrade as is, holding out hope for another.
  2. I took a look this morning, you were indeed correct, IB is more pricey than ID. Still, I prefer the aft location. My TA sent an email this morning confirming the upgrade. I hope I get another!
  3. Interesting. I know I paid more for ID as I wanted a location in the back of the ship. When I booked the cabin, IA/IB were a bit cheaper but they were up front, which we did not want. So it goes. I’ll leave it as is for now, hope they “upgrade” me once again 🙂.
  4. After watching this thread for a while and waiting patiently with fingers crossed, I logged into my booking a short while ago and finally saw a change in cabin! A DOWNGRADE it seems from and ID interior to an IB interior. I paid slightly more for ID, not sure why they’d move me to a cheaper room. What gives? Any recourse at my disposal?
  5. Thanks! Perhaps there is hope for me yet 🙂
  6. I'm curious, for those who have received upgrades, did you book directly with Princess or with a TA?
  7. Hasn’t cost me anything actually, I only lose if I were to sell, I’m sure you are aware of that though. I am confident that the stock will bounce back well before I reach retirement age, more than a quarter century from now. As part of my ira portfolio, I chose this stock. If you are closer to retirement age or in desperate need of cash, avoid it no question. For me, I am fine with the investment. If CCL goes bankrupt, so be it. I’ll lose $3,200, I’ll be fine. If they don’t, I’ll be fine as well. If they continue paying the OBC and the dividend, I’m in a net positive situation unless I need to sell right now. I don’t and I can’t touch these funds for a long time. Finally, I’m not encouraging anyone else to buy the stock, merely showing that the OBC is still in effect as there were questions raised about that. So yes, I’m good with it. Cheers
  8. Purchased 100 shares on Monday, faxed the required information over to Princess at 2:32pm today, $250 OBC now posted to my account. I’m good with it.
  9. I picked up 100 shares today, cost me roughly $3,200. At that rate, my minimum annual return will be 7.8%, as my wife and I will take at least one 14-day cruise per year. Further, with a $2.00 dividend per year (paid @ 50 cents quarterly per share), the dividends will pay $200 per year. In total, at a minimum, my overall annual return on investment will be 14%, perhaps higher if we cruise more. All of the above is only possible so long as the cruise line continues to offer the shareholder OBC benefit and continues paying dividends at the same rate. Good enough return for me :). Cheers
  10. Perhaps you want to consider opening an IRA? You’ll have the ability to choose individual stocks while also putting away a bit of cash for retirement. Also, depending upon your level of income, you may receive a tax benefit for the amount contributed to account ($6000 max for a regular IRA of I am not mistaken). https://www.investopedia.com/ask/answers/081414/can-i-deduct-my-individual-retirement-account-ira-contribution-my-tax-return.asp Good luck!
  11. I can confirm that Princess will email a copy of the final bill. I had to contact them in January in order to obtain the final bill from my cruise during the holidays. It took about three business days for them to send it. Easy enough.
  12. Just to add a bit of clarity concerning alcoholic beverages in the package, the limit is 15 per day.
  13. Thanks for the detailed reply, this makes sense. I'm new to cruising and have thus spent a lot of time reading here on CC. I have noticed many posts linking meal quality and taste to specific ships, ie I won't cruise on Ship A as the food is terrible, Ship B is so much better. My one and only cruise was on the Caribbean Princess over the recent holiday season. While the meals were far from extraordinary, they were entirely suitable for our needs. Cheers!
  14. I must ask, do the meals really vary from ship to ship? If so, why would this be. I would expect a cruise line to partner with a set of vendors, providing produce and other food & beverage options for their entire fleet. Do cruise lines really provide better cuts of meat or enhanced meal options on some cruise ships specifically? I understand if certain itineraries would offer different fare, ie. sailings in the Caribbean offering meal options that differ from those in the Mediterranean, likely more similar to regional offerings. I can't fathom why the same itinerary on a different ship would have different meals. Tell me more, thanks!
  15. Thanks, this aligns with my understanding, I’m aware of the many MDRs. Given the post by trbarton indicating the OP would sit at the same time every night in the MDR, I was slightly confused, as during my only Princess Cruise to date, the Anytime dining experience was in an MDR. I think the sum of if it is, both anytime and standard dining options are offered in MDRs.
  16. I am still new to cruising, thus am a bit curious as to your comment. I thought the MDR was the place that one went for anytime dining. The difference for anytime dining being that one can show up anytime, versus having a set time for the "standard" MDR experience. But, both anytime and standard dining were in the MDR. Is my understanding incorrect? Thanks
  17. I have a personal VPN server running on my home router and leverage OpenVPN on my mobile devices for connecting to my home securely. No issues with using VPN while at sea on Princess. But, as Princess seemingly relies on IP addresses for location purposes, my medallion class app showed “off ship” whenever I had VPN enabled, thus I could not use all of the app functionality. I generally toggled VPN on/off depending on what I was up to.
  18. We were also on the CB during the recent holidays (lovely cruise by the way!) and noticed the same. Quite a few tuxedos and gowns, which was nice to see. My wife an I really do enjoy dressing formally, thus it was quite nice to see that we were not oddities. Still, I am perfectly fine with others dressing as they wish, hoping they don't make things difficult for the crew by wearing inappropriate attire and having to be turned away. A great mixture of formal and smart-casual attire was nice to see.
  19. We just returned from a 14 day winter holiday cruise with the Caribbean Princess. This was our first cruise, thus can't really compare to others. That said, we found the ship to have been in perfectly fine condition, perhaps with one exception. Churchill Lounge, that place seamed a bit "filthy". But, it is an interior cigar lounge, I imagine that is par for the course. The ship was great, our cabin was very clean. No issues.
  20. What is a young adult these days :)? My wife and I just returned from our first cruise, a 14 day holiday circle on the Caribbean Princess. We are both in our 30's. I found there to be a good mixture of quite young, college aged, young adult, mature adult, and senior passengers on the ship. We are a bit concerned initially after booking the cruise as we were told by friends that "Princess is for old people". During our time on board, it was not. A good mixture, noting the crowd was older. If I had to guess, the average age on the ship would have been mid-50s, median low 60s. That being said, we enjoyed our time quite a bit with some of the folks in the "senior" group, don't count them out. Each night, we'd visit a variety of the entertainment options onboard, spending much of our time with the band "Project 5" in the Explorers Lounge. Then, we'd head up to the Skywalkers nightclub for after-hours entertainment. Many of the folks in the entertainment sections don't do the "party" thing, but instead enjoy a drink while taking it all in. Note, we did chat with many of the staff members onboard and they advised that our cruise was "younger" than the typical cruise, given the holiday period. I suspect a summer cruise would be similar. Cruise outside of the general holiday periods I and can see the age demographic swimming to the upper end of the spectrum. We enjoyed the cruise so much, we have already booked another holiday cruise for later this year, on the Enchanted. Again, we are in our mid/upper 30s, not sure if that counts for young adult these days, but we do fall into the millennial category. We chose Princess in part because we wanted to avoid the party ships; we are happy with our choice. Hope this helps, happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the ship and entertainment. This board was so helpful in my wife and I preparing for our cruise, I'd be delighted to return the favor. Edited to add, the Piazza was a great place to hang out, day or night. I spent much time during the day sitting around drinking tea and people watching. In the evenings, a drink from Good Spirits and whatever entertainer was assigned to the Piazza was always fun. If a more intimate atmosphere was needed, Crooners was just a few steps away. Cheers
  21. We recently returned from a cruise on the Caribbean Princess, I tend to enjoy bourbon as well. The best option they offer in my opinion is Woodford. No Michter's, Elijah Craig, Angels Envy, Weller, EH Taylor, Eagle Rare, Blanton's, etc. , yet alone Pappy, Stagg or the like. Nothing remotely close. Still, I find Woodford to be suitable for a regular sip.
  22. Bumping this thread, I am still somewhat new here. I do hope this is okay :). After returning from a 14 day holiday cruise on the Caribbean Princess, my wife and I booked a 14 day Caribbean East/West cruise for the next holiday season on the Enchanted. We figure it will be nice to see new ports this time around, although we really enjoyed our time on the "circle" cruise. We spent a lot of our time on the Caribbean Princess in the Piazza, Explorers Lounge, Club Fusion, and Skywalkers. The live band playing in Explorers and the DJ in Skywalkers did quite well by us, and we would hope for a somewhat similar experience this coming December. In looking at the deck plan of the Enchanted, Skywalkers, Club Fusion and Explorers are gone, and the only similar space I can find appears to be Take 5. Is this truly going to be the case, no dance club on the Enchanted and limited live music offerings? How is the overall entertainment setup on the Sky, which I believe is similar to what the Enchanted will offer? Thanks!
  23. Fully agree with you! We just got back from this very same cruise, 14 day holiday on the Caribbean princess. We left On 12/20, returned on 1/3. Enjoyed it so much, we wanted to book another for the 2020 holiday season, looking to see a few more ports.
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