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  1. My first cruise as a D+ was on Explorer this year, Super Bowl Cruise. I was able to use both the CL and DL. CL was right around the corner from my cabin. CL was an interior space, not the nicest, but convenient.
  2. Captain Kate on a Celebrity ship posts often, and has great photos of all the ships together https://instagram.com/captainkatemccue?igshid=1ik84zv3eoeya
  3. Sailed on Majesty last year over Halloween. Nothing on the 30th, but woke to decorations on the 31st with several Halloween themed activities
  4. The rooms on Empress are very small. I did a solo sailing in an interior, told my husband there is no way we could share the room. There also isn’t any loyalty or suite lounge I did enjoy my time on Empress, and have 4 cruises booked on her. Haven't done Brilliance but have sailed on her sisters. The Radiance class is my favorite
  5. Saw the updated Diamond drink menus on Empress and Explorer. I didn’t order one to confirm, but they were on the menu. Didn’t see any frozen drinks being prepared in either lounge on Explorer
  6. This is great news for diamond members who don’t drink alcohol, neither my daughter or husband do. On Allure last week my daughter was told by a barista that one of her free drinks would cover an iced chai. She was excited to get that treat every day.
  7. I’ve never sailed MSC, but curious about the line. We were docked next to you in Costa Maya and the ship was really rocking in the wind. I poked around on the MSC website trying to see how cost compared to RCCL, but was lost on the levels. Any input?
  8. Thanks for asking, I’m doing the same but going from Empress to Explorer on February 2
  9. This was a great read, I’m fairly new to CC so missed all the fun of the trip report when it was posted. We are on Allure for 2 week in January and I appreciate all the info.
  10. Thanks for the info on the sloths! I just booked a January cruise and the ship is stopping in Roatan. Since I’m doing this solo, I have 100% control of what I pick to do and I want to see some sloths.
  11. Following your report this week. We are doing this sailing in January, and the eastern leg too.
  12. Thanks for the info, hopefully the LA on Allure and Adventure will be helpful with our status increases. Our January cruise will be my daughter’s first BIG ship. Hopefully we will get to experience everything over the 14 nights. Shows are booked and both cruises go to CocoCay
  13. I was on Majesty and we were at CocoCay at the same time 🙂 I didn’t do the waterpark, just hung out at the beach and pool. Was really surprised how many kids were on Anthem, there were a few in Majesty but but that ship doesn’t have as many bells and whistles. My Majesty sailing was also a solo for me too. I did B2B for 9 nights total. I really enjoyed my trip too, but I think being on a smaller ship was beneficial for me connecting with others. I hope to sail on one of Anthems sister ships out of Fl sometime in the future. That’s great you can drive to the port, I always have to fly and Ft Lauderdale is an easy port to cruise from
  14. I’ve got 2 B2B cruises for 2020 In January we are on Allure and my daughter will go from Emerald to Diamond on the first leg. We are in a suite the first week, not the second (classes start after MLK day this year so we are sending hubby home and enjoying another week in the sun) Before anyone asks, she took her first RC cruise at the age of 18, we’ve cruised quite a bit and she’s got the points. In February I’m doing B2B on Adventure. During the first week I’ll go from Diamond to Diamond Plus. Has anyone changed statuses on either of these ships recently doing B2B? If so, were you able to take advantage of the perks on the second leg? I know the new status is only applicable after the first cruise is completed. Any advice would be appreciated 🙂
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