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  1. On the Mariner in mid September, I asked for fresh squeezed OJ on the first morning's breakfast (it was clear to me that the urn containing OJ was not fresh squeezed). I had to ask for it every morning. Towards the end of the cruise, I asked for fresh squeezed OJ as usual and was brought a glass that was clearly not fresh squeezed (by the color and look) and pointed it out to the waiter. He "disagreed" with me and said "see the pulp, it is fresh squeezed". One small sip confirmed that it wasn't fresh squeezed. I put it aside. A few minutes later a different waiter brought me a glass of fresh squeezed OJ. Just putting out my experience as it also reflected a wide variance in service on the sailing.
  2. First cruise coming up next month, we booked only a couple of weeks ago. There is a WL for an excursion we want, our second choice has an upcharge. What’s the strategy? Can you have one excursion booked and another on WL? would you get a refund on the booked excursion if the WL comes through?
  3. We're looking forward to our first cruise in September and still trying to sort out excursions. Does anyone have feedback on the new Go Local tours in Alaska? I can find plenty of links to the announcement of the new GL option but no actual reviews. Seems like a neat idea but I can't tell how they've actually come off. I'm thinking about signing up for the one in Sitka. Thanks, this board has been quite helpful in getting a getter understanding of what's ahead.
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