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  1. Food is very subjective. But I find it universally good on the Cunard ships I have been on. Sometimes a dish is a "miss" and sometimes unexpectedly good. If you get a "miss" one can always ask for something else. I'm American, so some of the dishes on Cunard I am not even familiar with as the names are unrecognizable. But upon trying some, they have always been appetizing. I'm fairly adventurous when eating and I like all types of cuisine. I'm fortunate enough to live in a part of the US where there is a large variety of ethnic foods and excellent restaurants of all types. I eat out a lot and have an expense account budget so I really understand what is well prepared food and good service. Many people complaining about tough beef order it well done.
  2. IMHO one cannot live one's life catering to other's fears. The Coronavirus is generally not fatal. I personally would go.
  3. Princess tends to have large numbers of Americans on board, hence the coverage by US based media. This is happening all over the world.
  4. I had this two days in a row in St Petersburg. The lunches were set meals and were terrible.
  5. If one wants a really, really good steak, one goes to our local Costco and buys USDA Prime beef for the Barbie. But that's another topic altogether. No true BBQ on Princess I believe.
  6. Better than Outback IMHO, but there are other options besides steak. I like lamb, for example. Don't forget the excellent sides, as well. At some level, the personal service and quieter location are worth something as well as the supposed better food.
  7. I've had some decent meals in Crown Grill. But a few years ago on the Pacific Princess I had the Ribeye. I thought it looked a little thin, but it was tasty. Next night in the MDR Ribeye was on the menu. My wife ordered it. It was the exact same cut! I felt a little ripped off. CG can be hit and miss. BTW to some of you: One does not want fresh cut beef. One wants properly aged beef. This is where the great restaurants excel.
  8. Not too terrible, really. It's a working ship and people get busy. More training and supervision seems indicated.
  9. I’ve recently been on both lines. Cunard QG and Regal Princess Suite level. I would rate the food comparable at these levels. Considering the limitations of mass dining, the overall experience is very nice. I don’t do buffets and have no comment on those. Tea on Cunard is more authentic than on Princess, naturally.
  10. I was in Germany a week ago, and this is not my observable experience. I was not near Hamburg, however.:-)
  11. In Germany tipping in restaurants is not normally done, other than a small check rounding-up. Germans are not used to tipping, and likely are unwilling to do so on a cruise. This is probably the reason for the German tip policy. It's probably built into the German price, just like "back home".
  12. Germans eat a lot of charcuterie for breakfast together with Brotchen. Asians will have rice with whatever. Mexicans will certainly have tortillas and chilaquiles. I could go on, but it's different depending on culture. I noticed the buffet had dishes catering to other cultures on the Regal Princess last summer.
  13. I agree, a great perk. I don't get the limited menu. It seems to have all breakfast items, unless of course one is not from an English speaking country.
  14. QG already pay more in tips that others. I agree, outrageous.
  15. We were on the Regal this July in a Suite and the CC had plenty of dining extras. Particularly lobster and shrimp. And tableside pasta among other options. For me, tableside preparation is a big perk. Here in the US it has largely disappeared as an option in fine dining. If you want to know why I’ll tell you. It’s a big money loser. Only on cruise ships where labor cost is much lower than here is it at all feasible.
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