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  1. Thank you very much everyone!
  2. We have carried on Pepsi before, however it was always in the carton. We have a bag that we want to put it in without the case, as it will hook on our carry on. My question is has anyone ever carried on loose cans? We have had them open, our cases in the past and Then try to tape them up, so I am hoping this will be alright. We will also have Cheers but we like Pepsi! Thanks, Gary
  3. Easy, it was just a question. I am a 59-year-old man who is never used cannabis in his life. However I do have cream for a very bad back. That’s all I was asking I didn’t need a lecture! Life it’s too short for people always being nasty to one another. Thanks for the fact sheet that did help.
  4. I read the article and at the end the editors note said that it is legal if it’s medical. Does anybody know if that was Bermuda he was talking about or Connecticut. I do have a medical marijuana card for the state of Pennsylvania.
  5. Thanks for the replies!
  6. We will be going on a cruise to Bermuda on the Pride and was wondering if the casino is open while docked in Bermuda for a couple days? Thanks in advance.
  7. We are going on the Horizon the beginning of May and was wondering if the Havana lounge is open to everyone all day or is it like the pool area only to people who have Havana cabins? Thank you very much, Gary
  8. You just need to be careful as a smart watch or phone may change without you realizing it.
  9. I believe they have that doghouse, hotdog cart up on deck somewhere.
  10. No, as only cans are allowed to be carried on, no bottles.
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