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  1. States have had to pay unemployment and have lost out on millions in tax revenues.
  2. No one made a big deal about Florida vaccinating crew because of the ships arriving in Galveston. This was something new since Florida has had plenty of media events and the ships have been there for awhile.
  3. Miami and Port Canaveral started vaccinating crew before Galveston.
  4. This may be something the CDC will have to explain in court.
  5. There are legitimate health reasons for some adults to not get the vaccine and their rights are protected by federal law so accommodations will be made for them.
  6. They will run some type of test cruise anyways since they have been shut down for a year and the crew will need additional training on the new protocols.
  7. I am also hoping it's capacity but showing up in your planner doesn't mean much since all me cancelled cruises showed up for weeks after the official announcement,
  8. The grab n go does come from COVID-19 Operations Manual for Simulated and Restricted Voyages under the Framework for Conditional Sailing Order. Recommendations To further reduce the spread of SARS-CoV-2, cruise ship operators as best practices should: Consider options for consumers to order ahead of time to limit the amount of time spent in the restaurant. Provide alternative meal services options, such as prepackaged grab-and-go meals, for consumption on open decks or in individual cabins to minimize risks associated with congregate indoor dining. Use touchless
  9. The guidelines were issued for both the simulated cruises and the restricted cruises so the restrictions apply to even vaccinated cruises after restart. https://www.cdc.gov/quarantine/cruise/covid19-operations-manual-cso.html
  10. It only "applies" if there's no guidance from the CDC. This law was tabled because it didn't have the support from Republican's in port cities and in counties like Collier, Desoto, Glades and Hendry which have a large agricultural base. This bill was a compromise and he can say anything he wants but it would not have moved out of the senate if it blocked cruising.
  11. If the cruise lines use the Florida Law as an excuse then it's on them not Florida because the law allows them to follow the CDC guidelines and institute screening protocols.
  12. The changes to the guidelines basically addresses many of the reasons for the injunction. Mid July is not a firm start date but enough. They added an option to avoid the test cruises which speeds up the process. They also changed the response time from 60 days to 5 and the protocols are now more in-line with which other travel recommendations. There was a chance of getting an injunction before but not now.
  13. If the CDC guidelines are for vaccines then the law allows for screening protocols.
  14. How is it restrictive? They basically put a huge exception in there for cruise lines to get it passed. It originally said state or federal law for the screening protocols now it just says guidance.
  15. There's part in both the order and the pending law that makes an exception to allow health screening protocols if that's the governmental health guidance.
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