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  1. Not correct. I stopped eating red meat 30 years by choice and I am a pescatarian. Beef and pork byproducts can cause severe stomach issues and in some with other health issues like myself it can cause a medical crisis. It might not be a big issue when someone is home but on a cruise it's something to be avoided.
  2. The oil for the fries does not contain animal fat. McDonald's is different. The fries have meat seasoning added at the processing plant and the oil at the restaurants is vegetable oil.
  3. We had an aft balcony on the Miracle in July, we loved the cabin. There was no soot and the vibration was only noticable on night but it wasn't too bad.
  4. They had it at the desert station on the lido deck on my last cruis and I am can't remember when but my wife enjoyed it.
  5. This another reason to always travel with a passport when you leave the country because security procedures can change at anytime and without warning.
  6. Yes, it shows you what you get but doesn't tell you the details. The door is closed so how would you know to open it.
  7. There are many reasons to purchase FTTF. On my first cruise on the Victory we purchased it mainly for the priority boarding and we didn't go to the cabin because the door was shut with a sign saying the cabins would be ready at 1:30. I know now to look on cruise boards but at the time I only went on the Carnival site and they don't have a lot of details. Carnival just says the stateroom will be ready so how would you know to just open the door unless you see one of the stewards. The other thing that's confusing is when to board. The wording says you must select a boarding time so as a new cruiser you wouldn't know to know to ignore that and come when you want.
  8. Carnival beer is brewed at The Brew Hub in Lakeland, FL.
  9. Airplane mode then turn on wifi.
  10. If you all want to board early then they should buy FTTF.
  11. Just keep checking. It sells out but most of the time they open it back up. A good time to check is right after final deposit because there are usually cancellations. Also, closer to the cruise is another time because they will have a better idea of how many priority passengers they have.
  12. Nassau is open now so that won't change.
  13. This was out of Fort Lauderdale not Miami so no comparison.
  14. They fulfilled their obligation by providing transportation so no obligation to offer compensation for cancellation.
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