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  1. I suppose it would depend on what they were charging and what you get in return. But probably not - unless it gives me a better discount on my base fare, excursions or service charges. And while they are at it, give those of us who don't drink another option over the booze.
  2. I thought if you cancelled under POM you only got FCC??
  3. I wish! You can book another cruise but the price and perks won't transfer.
  4. Umm - no. If you had the SHOREX promo, you could call and book ahead of time - no payment until it hit your onboard account. Rules have changed, you must pay in advance or book onboard now.
  5. Rules have changed. You now either book on-board or pay in advance, regardless of whether or not you have the excursion credit. $50, along with any Latitude discount, is deducted at the time you book and pre-pay. You can't use OBC if you pre-pay. It's been posted that if you pre-pay your excursions, you can get your OBC refunded - but it's not really been tried, since few if any cruises have gone since the rule changes.
  6. Yes, I think you can still call but you have to pay upfront.
  7. Nobody knows what they will do. They can ban you, and have done so in the past, although under different circumstances. Probably more likely if you are trying to get a refund when you are only due FCC because you cancelled. They can also blacklist your CC so it couldn't be used on any future cruises.
  8. Not going to happen. I had double excursion credits, free airfare, lots of OBC.... 25% bonus FCC doesn't even cover the increase in fare for the same cruise next year, let alone the extras. Plus 2 of my cancelled cruises were "specialty" and probably won't ever be offered again.
  9. I believe you get your discount when you book, although now they take the $50, then the discount, so that's another $5 (or more depending on your level) you won't get. But some of us use OBC to pay for excursions, so not a good change in my opinion. Hoping that it's true that you can get your OBC back under those circumstances - it's been said that you can but not everything you read on CC is true!
  10. If you had the $50 excursion credit, you could reserve by calling - and excursions were billed to your on-board account. If you did not have the promo, you could reserve on-line but had to pay in advance. Policy changed just prior to all the covid stuff. It makes it harder to use your OBC for excursions, although someone recently posted that you can use OBC by essentially rebooking the excursions onboard and get a refund once onboard.
  11. Same for all of the people at many of the ports who depend primarily on cruise passengers. Souvenir vendors, tour guides, bus & taxi drivers - just for starters. And they don't have any sort of contract, since they are independent. I was in Alaska at the end of the season last year - some of the small shops didn't even make it during a good season.
  12. Pretty sure, based on other posts, that the person cancelled under POM but firmly believes that they are entitled to a cash refund because the cruise was eventually cancelled.
  13. It is interesting that NCL is returning "deposits" - meaning payments prior to final payment deadline - very quickly, usually within a couple of weeks. Part of that could be just that they have the mechanism in place to do that, but I'm thinking there may be a little more to it. If it was simply a matter of interest-free loans, they would have no reason to return deposits any faster than full-payments for cancelled cruises. I did see somewhere that withholding payments for 90 days might have something to do with the financing deals that NCL (and all the other cruise lines) are making.
  14. NCL charted the flights, so details were per NCL specifications, not subject to cancellation for reasons other than flight conditions. Of course NCL didn't fly the plane but the flight was not up to the airline, except with respect to flight conditions. Nor does NCL drive the buses on excursions and airport transfers - but if you book those through NCL, they will do whatever they can to get you to your cruise. And within reason, they will wait, something they will not do if you make your own arrangements. I was providing info to the OP specifically for Tahiti. Your mileage may vary under different circumstances. I have personally used "free airfare" and it has suited my needs, no issues. Apparently you have not had such a positive experience. I've been on cruises that waited because of airline delays and on cruises that waited for late excursions. I personally prefer to have some backing, which I consider better than nothing. But to each their own.
  15. Not completely correct. I was booked on a cruise leaving from Tahiti and we were booked on a charter flight from LAX - there were actually 2 charters, leaving LAX around midnight and arriving in Papeete about 5am. I wasn't thrilled with the NCL-booked flights getting to LAX but when I checked, turns out they weren't that bad, considering what flights were available.
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