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  1. I completely agree with you. I think the hold amount is very high and haven't experienced that amount with other cruise lines - usually $200-300 total for the week with the final charge at the end for what we actually spend. I asked a similar question on cruise critic the other day about the holds but my question was if they also charge the hold for kids or just the adults. Like you, the hold isn't a problem for me since it's just my daughter and I sailing in our room, but my brother and sister in law are sailing with their six kids so charging that kind of hold for 8 people would seem beyond excessive to me. I too have wondered what would happened for those on a tight budget and don't have the available cash/credit to cover the hold amount. I can't imagine them being turned away but who knows?
  2. Who remembers the drink package price mistake several weeks back where many people were able to purchase their unlimited deluxe beverage package for $18? I think it's great that RC owned their mistake and let everyone who purchased at that price keep it (I wish I were one of them 😕) ...BUT I am wondering if this mistake is causing some fallout on drink packages now? I've sailed on numerous RC cruises and have always been able to purchase the drink packages on sale, typically around $42-48/day. I've been checking the cruise planner every day and the price hasn't budged from $65/day since that $18 deal-of-a-lifetime mistake that RC made. I am wondering if everyone else will end up paying for that deal of a lifetime by the drink packages not going on sale like the usually do? Of course, this is just a theory, I hope it's way wrong 😆.
  3. Thanks, everyone. I only have one child traveling with me but my brother and sister-in-law will have six kids with them so we were curious for them.
  4. I know HAL pre-authorizes $60/person/day on your credit card but I am wondering if that's just for the adults on board or if they charge it for kids under 18 as well? The "Know Before You Go" document was a little confusing on the topic (highlighted below, I don't see anywhere in the text with the double ** for what they are referring to that applies to guests 18 years of age and over): SHIPBOARD ACCOUNT All onboard purchases and services are charged to your account by using your stateroom keycard. Cash is not accepted for individual transactions, e.g. bars, the shops, spa, shore excursions. Cash is accepted in our casinos. Registering a credit or debit card(s) (Visa®, Mastercard®, American Express®, and Discover®) as part of your pre-cruise check-in process activates your keycard. The day you board, Holland America Line places an initial hold on your credit or debit card for $60 per person* per cruise day. Once you’ve spent the initial hold amount, we will authorize your card for the total of your onboard purchases to date plus an additional $60 per person per day for the remainder of your cruise. Please note that there may be multiple authorizations throughout your cruise, and that some banks may keep the hold in place for up to 30 days. If you do not want to use a credit or debit card, on the day of boarding, you will need to visit Guest Services and deposit $60 cash per person per cruise day. Any excess deposit will be refunded to you at the end of the cruise. Traveler’s checks may be cashed at Guest Services. Personal checks are not accepted on board. You may bring a pre-paid Gift/Rewards Card to pay for your onboard charges. Please bring the prepaid Gift card (with the Visa/Mastercard/American Express and Discover logo) to Guest Services for processing and do not register it online. The card can only be settled for the amount of the pre-paid Gift Card. We cannot process refunds on these cards. At the end of your cruise, you will receive a final statement, and your card will be charged only for the actual amount of your purchases. Refunds for purchases of onboard products and services will be credited to your onboard account whether purchased prior to or during your cruise. The final amount billed may take up to 24-hours following disembarkation. For questions about how long the hold remains in effect or how your available credit is affected, please contact your card issuer. *$30.00 per person per day for cruises longer than 25 days. **applies to all guests 18 years of age and over. Thanks in advance!
  5. We have open seating, but try to make reservations to eat at the same time every night... I will definitely talk to them about a birthday cake. She would love it if they sing happy birthday to her! I'm not sure that she will be interested in Club HAL. She'e never wanted to go to the kids clubs on previous cruises and I honestly don't mind because I don't like to be all by myself 🙂
  6. I will let you know how it goes! We are very excited to start this new holiday tradition. I lost my mom last November and she was the only real family we have. Last Christmas was so lonely and sad that we decided we would look for a new tradition! I hope we love cruising for Christmas and want to go every year :)
  7. We are spending Christmas week on Niew Amsterdam this year, just my 14 year old (she will turn 14 during the cruise) and myself (34). I have been on a number of Royal Caribbean cruises but have never been on HAL. I’ve also never been on a cruise for the holidays. I’ve heard that HAL is geared towards older passengers, which is okay with me, as we are quiet, laidback vacationers. I do have a few questions though - Can anyone tell me what to expect on HAL in terms of differences from other cruise lines? Are there any major differences with the culture/dress code/activities onboard? Will there be more kids than usual over Christmas week? What can I expect for the holidays onboard? Do they do anything special that I should be aware of? Can I arrange any kind of birthday surprise for my daughter onboard? And one last question from my daughter - we know that pajamas are frowned upon outside of your stateroom, but would they be allowed for breakfast on Christmas morning? Or would be just look ridiculous and receive negative looks? We have an annual matching pj tradition for Christmas and are just wondering if we have to forgo wearing them for breakfast this year 🙂 Thanks in advance!!
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