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  1. I did reservations in the cruise planner and added all five us to all of our reservations. Thanks!
  2. Will we be seated with others if we're a group of 5 using My Time Dining?
  3. Currently the all prints package is listed at $174.99 in my RCL cruise planner. This being my first cruise, I'm unclear exactly how many times you have photos taken by their photographers, so I'm seeking advice if the cost of the package is a good deal or not. We're on the Majesty of the Seas for a seven day cruise if that matters. Thanks!
  4. I'm in the same situation for our trip next month. I was really wanting to go check out the Fish Fry area, but I saw a travel advisory about that area at night. It's going to be me, my husband, his parents and our 13 year-old son. Would a group of 5 be relatively safe in that part of Nassau?
  5. Okay, sounds like this is the time to buy. One more question. Our 13 year-old son is the only one who's really interested in it. He will be fine to do the slides on his own while we chill on the beach or around the pool in the free areas, right? My understanding is that he can come and go from the water park with the full day pass.
  6. I just noticed that the price is now $52.99 for our cruise in February 2020. I haven't been looking at it that closely, but I think that's a good price. Am I right?
  7. I booked through a big box retailer's travel services, but I'm able to log in to my cruise planner. I've already bought my drink packages through the RC site. I'm on the Feb. 8 sailing of the Majesty of the Seas.
  8. I don't see a roll call for my cruise, so I called them today. I was put on hold for about 5 minutes, then asked for my email address. He then told me that they usually load up the excursions 9-12 months out, but that it may be more like 6 months. My cruise is currently 174 days away, and when I mentioned that it was already 6 months out, he advised me to wait a month. He added that they had my email so they would send me any updates. I've never cruised before, so I'm not sure how this usually works. However, this seems odd to me. Am I wrong?
  9. My cruise is in February, but when I log in to my cruise planner on RC's website, I only see one excursion for booking a bed cabana at CocoCay. The other two ports aren't showing up at all. When should I expect to see other choices? Thanks.
  10. It's Feb. 2020. It's only showing the excursions for the CocoCay part of the trip.
  11. I just booked my first cruise yesterday through a site other than RC. I was able to use the info they gave me today to log in to RC's trip planner and view some of the options for drink packages, internet, etc. However, I noticed that only one of the three ports we are visiting had excursions listed. Is this something that will appear the closer I get to my cruising date of Feb. 8? Thanks!
  12. I'm planning our family's first cruise, and my 70 year-old father-in-law is obsessed with pickleball. Does anyone know if the ship happens to offer this regularly? I see online that they have a basketball court, but since pickleball is "the fastest growing sport in America", as he tells us all the time, I thought they might have jumped on the bandwagon.
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