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  1. Excellent! Glad to hear. There are certainly others in the industry who are nothing more than order takers. Steve is different. He has proven himself to be an extremely valuable ally who is always puts his customers first.
  2. beshears - For the life of me I just cannot understand the animosity and hostility you seem to have toward Steve. Please let me offer for your consideration a fresh perspective. I've worked with Steve for years and have come to trust him without hesitation. His advice and counsel have always been flawless and patiently offered. The world of trip insurance is something I find very daunting. Some years back I was ready to throw up my hands and just buy the stuff offered by the cruise line. Then I discovered Steve and the Trip Insurance Store. He and his staff have very patiently worked with me to help me understand the finer points of this very unwieldy subject. Now, while I'm still far from an expert, I have a pretty darn good grasp of the subject. I think I've finally got my arms around the world of trip insurance and I surely couldn't have done so with out Steve's understanding and his always accurate support. I'm stunned when I read your comment about not "getting much out of him". My experience and that of many, many others I've referred to Steve over the years is the exact opposite.
  3. Is there any place to buy 12 packs of soft drinks that is walkable from the tender dock in Cabo? I'm thinking of a CVS, Walgreen, Supermarket type of store. Been to the Walmart that's about 4 km NE of the dock but that's too far to walk carrying drinks. Thanks!
  4. When/where did you all board? When were you originally scheduled to port in FL?
  5. Thanks all. Now I think I’ve got it!
  6. Wife and I presently each have 14 cruise credits. After the next cruise we will have 15 cruise credits. Will we be elite when we return for the next (16th) cruise? or must we complete #16 in order to reach elite. I find the language "ELITE From your 16th cruise credit on, or 151+ cruise days" to be a bit ambiguous.
  7. Sent MSC reservations an email yesterday. Received the following this morning: Good afternoon, Thank you for reaching out to us, as we are happy to assist you. Here at MSC, we offer a package that is called Fly and Cruise. If you would like more information on this package, please visit our website, https://www.msccruises.com/en-gl/Manage-Your-Booking/Parking.aspx, to view information.Regards,MSC Reservations The link really doesn't provide any useful information. Seems like maybe when a reservation is booked this part of the reservation "comes alive" and allows flights to be explored and booked.
  8. I'm still struggling with: Does MSC offer airline package add-ons (like EZAir on Princess)? Anyone?
  9. Surely someone has used these packages and has an understanding of how they compare.
  10. “and sail on Voyager cruises“ Terrific bunch of responses! Thanks everyone. I’m learning a lot. What exactly is a “Voyager Cruise”? Is this a specific itinerary or ship? The terminology is new to me.
  11. Hello All, first MSC post. Wife and I are both Elite on Princess but have never sailed MSC. Looking to change that. The whole idea of status matching got my attention. We’re looking at putting on our “MSC training wheels” for a Caribbean cruise next year. Have a ton of very basic MSC questions if you’ll permit me. (Before asking, I did read all 217 posts in skier52’s excellent sticky “Updated: all the info....”) The only parameters we’ve nailed down are these: Seaside or Divina or Mera (leaning towards Seaside) YC Deluxe Suite So, here goes, (BTW, we are in the US, if it matters) Are OBCs available that can be “earned” (shareholder, military, etc)? Are OBCs stackable/combinable? Starting this spring WiFi will be included in YC, correct? Is the 4GB per cabin or per pax? If we exceed 4GB, how do we buy more? Are we permitted to bring soft drinks/bottled water on board? Are pax laundry facilities available on board? If so, how much? Is laundry ever an included perk (Diamond/Black or YC)? I typically make cruise reservations through my TA. Is there an advantage to making reservations directly with MSC and perhaps moving to a TA later? Where can I find a cancellation schedule? I’ve looked and have found nothing. The “status” page talks about a 5% cruise discount for everyone with status. MSC also offers a 10% discount to various groups (one of which I belong to). Do any of these discounts combine? How does this all work? Been looking for instructions for using the MSC for Me wristband but can’t find anything. Is this similar to the Princess Medallion? YC Dining Attire - gave up tuxes, suits, jackets and ties many years ago. On other cruise lines I’m always OK with dark pants and a SS Hawaiian shirt for dinner (I’ll normally wear a LS shirt on formal nights). Will this work on MSC? I see where MSC requires pax to purchase bottled water in the MDRs (no tap water available???). Does this apply to YC? Does MSC offer airline package add-ons (like EZAir on Princess)? Do any or all of these ships (Seaside, Divina or Mera) have full walkable promenade decks? The deck plans are difficult to interpert. Is there really a charge for on demand movies in YC cabins?
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