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  1. Another incredibly intelligent and insightful post. Bravo!!
  2. Very intelligent post. Clearly you are not of the Chicken Little mindset and you are to be commended for that.
  3. Please don't sail if you are uncomfortable doing so. Very simple decision.
  4. Your posts are always factual and without hyperbole. The latter being the exception to the rule here. Thank you!
  5. It is? Crystal Ball or something factually more definitive you’d like to share. Factual beyond the old IMHO routine, that is.
  6. Sounds like you may be a “glass half full” guy.
  7. You’re right. I totally overlooked the “chicken little” crowd. Thanks for the nudge. 😃
  8. Isn’t it’s hoot to contrast the postings of “the glass is half full” folks to “the glass is half empty” crowd! 🤣😂🤣😂
  9. MSC seems to have figured out the logistics of every pax being tested at the pier before embarkation. Seems there is a one hour wait between the test and getting the results back. Very encouraging.
  10. DEPLOYMENT: Scheduled ship itinerary for a specific period of time. This term is also used to describe the operations of an entire fleet.
  11. Wife got a wrist band on Amazon and is happy with that approach. It’s secure and accessible. Given the huge security hole that Princess has thus far neglected to patch, I’m afraid of losing the medallion if I simply put it in my pocket so I keep it on a lanyard and put the actual device in my shirt pocket. Or simply inside the shirt if I’m wearing a tee. This way it’s out of sight and secure.
  12. Very interesting point of view. Does anyone know of or has anyone witnessed the results of a paying passenger who, as skynight points out is paying to use all the lounges, decides to walk past the Private Function sign and take a seat in any of these spaces? This sounds to me like a scenario in which two groups who both have rightfully paid for and have an expectation of use of said space would surely be at odds with one another.
  13. If you and/or your traveling companion is a first responder or teacher, there is a10% discount available for each person who qualifies. Also, health care professionals can qualify for a 50% discount during the available window.
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