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  1. If you plan on taking off the ship to ports I would bring sealed snacks. For the ship it doesn't matter.
  2. I bet they are rolling it out by ship, seems to be the way Carnival does things - a few at a time.
  3. I made a reservation in August for the Dream in January, I didn't pay up front. And my reservation was confirmed by email within a few days. I too am booking for 3 but not paying for everyone.
  4. I'm sad it's over, so enjoyed reading all your posts. My work days are going to be really long now without the entertainment 😞 Safe travels!
  5. Hey Dallas guy, I used to work over in 75219....
  6. I have never had issue with water getting in as long as you make sure the closure is done all the way. There is usually a seal that comes together. You can get these on Amazon, I have bought them at water parks as well.
  7. I was a single mom for a few years and traveled with my kids alone, so I bought one of these to hold my money/credit cards/cruise card. I still use to this day, causes me less stress worrying about my stuff sitting unoccupied.
  8. Yeah, that isn't happening which is why I asked. Wonder if the new system is a tad glitchy 🙂
  9. I like to be close to the Lido deck....so we have easy access to Serenity, bars, kids club, water slides, etc. Plus we take the stairs quite a bit, always easier to walk down to something than up 🙂
  10. We have a really cool place here in Dallas called Freeplay, it has all the old 80's games and tons of pinball. You play a flat rate to enter and can play all you want and they have awesome craft beer to buy while you play. Super fun living out the old days!
  11. Galaga is my jam! It isn't a real arcade without it...IJS.
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