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  1. My boarding zone shows Priority, Muster station A5
  2. Enjoying the review, it is keeping me occupied at work 🙂
  3. We have done Maya Chan too and really enjoyed it.
  4. Have you arranged your parking? If you come in the day before the cruise, La Marque has less expensive lodging.
  5. Roughly at 90 days out when you do your online check in you can specify bed set up.
  6. That is what we do too. We usually bring the screw top wine as well to make it even easier.
  7. We actually did a 3 day in March from Miami, to Nassau and Cococay (RC trip husband won through work). It was surprisingly tame and mostly families. I don't know if it makes a difference that it was RC and not Carnival. Years ago I was on a 4 day on Carnival and it was nuts. It really just depends on the people cruising, you really never know for sure. I say give it a shot. We didn't have our son this last trip and I found that I didn't have the parenting stress and was able to go with the flow more easily.
  8. Same here. I travel 1/30 and can't finalize my booking until 11/1
  9. Yes...when I traveled with my 10 month old I packed all of my babies food/diapers/meds in a carry on along with snacks that he liked for Ports and such.
  10. If you plan on taking off the ship to ports I would bring sealed snacks. For the ship it doesn't matter.
  11. I bet they are rolling it out by ship, seems to be the way Carnival does things - a few at a time.
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