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  1. As they are doing with everything else they are hiding it not communicating with those of us that are sailing on the ship. Their communication with sailor’s has been absolutely horrible
  2. They have not done a lot of things that their website says they were going to do. We are still waiting for the app, we still can’t book port activities, and if you look at the FAQ they still don’t do other stuff that they had promised they would be doing. I sure hope the cruise is not like this
  3. It’s still too early to book on board activities/things for any cruise. It’s all going to be done through their app, which is still not done
  4. Their tech on their website is 2nd to none-As the WORST of all time. Just call Sailor Services and you can make a payment...
  5. Here is what they keep telling me via @virginvoyages twitter messages:"We appreciate the enthusiasm, Gary. Bear with us a little while longer. We have some great things coming soon!" But then, I have heard that since they released a QR code for the app that takes you to facebook. And in case you missed that, I have attached it here. I sure hope the people that handle their website have nothing to do with the tech in the ship..
  6. It's not like they have not had enough time to figure it out, beta test, real test with employees, etc... I know it will all work out in the end, but for my ADHD, I just want to get into it!!!
  7. I’m still not able to book port activities For April cruise, which were supposed to open December 12 for booking. Getting lackluster response from virgin Voyage to ”just wait it’s coming soon it’s coming soon” Has anybody heard anything?
  8. Maybe so, but myself, along with apparently A LOT of other people, would rather pay a flat rate, and not have any extra charges for things like soda, wifi, tipping, restaurants. And no kids, adults only is icing on the cake... Virgin is not for everyone.
  9. One of the reasons I like virgin voyages is they don’t charge extra for things like gratuities. Yet other cruise lines are increasing what they charge for gratuities while virgin voyages eliminate them. https://cruiseradio.net/cruise-line-raises-gratuities-in-2020/
  10. I do not expect that he would after they are done spending millions of dollars building the terminal in Miami
  11. Amazing we have to read about this in the media, and that they do not communicate with the people taking the cruise ; https://www.travelpulse.com/news/cruise/virgin-voyages-institutes-onboard-credit-deal.html
  12. As has been typical with the Virgin Voyages website of late, it is visible, but not currently bookable. It was bookable earlier in the day, but now it is not-So many glitches, they need to fire their current website lead and someone new.. Still can't book Port Activities for my April 10th cruise, and it was supposed to open on Dec 12th. And I am so tired of seeing their red arrow over the webpage, because the page is loading...
  13. So for those on the April 10th sailing, if you noticed, when you click on the link to go to the APP to pick your port choices, it took you to Facebook. *****? Many people had to be sleeping at the wheel for that to happen. Attached is the qr code Virgin had posted- Just scan it with your phone camera, and go to the website--They must be in some kind of colusion with Facebook. So their solution was to just take everything down, so you can't make any port choices. It's not like they did not have enough time to test everything out. I hope the technology on the ship works better than their web tech.
  14. I never wanted to cruise before VV was announced-- My turn offs from other cruise lines, based on what others have told me, and what I have read: 1) You tip 2) You have to pay more for wifi 3) You have to pay more for soda 4) You have to pay more for some restaurants 5) They have bueffest 6) You have to pay for wi-fi 7) There are kids running all around 8 ) They are the same old thing 9) They have some formal nights 10) They are not run by Richard Branson.. Virgin Voyages has taken care of all those negatives..
  15. Amazing how many people doubting the comfort of a bed approve by Sir Richard Branson. Anyone that can come up with shaking your phone to get a bottle of champagne delivered to wherever you are on the ship, is not going to have second rate beds.
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