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  1. Hi again, My wife and I head off in a couple of days to make our way to our cruise launch for a Baltic cruise. Does anyone have tips or suggestions for finding (free) Wi Fi in the port stops? Is it as ubiquitous as it is in North America? There seems to be Starbucks everywhere - do they provide Wi Fi like they do here? Just want an inexpensive way to send a quick message home and maybe quick email check. Thanks,
  2. Hi, Tour is through SPB and goes from Warnemunde port in Germany to Berlin. 3 hrs each way on the Autobahn, so 6 hours consumed in travelling to & fro. There is a lunch stop, although just checking now, the cost is not included. So many details.
  3. So basically it's "get up early to have breakfast" before disembarking. Our first stop is scheduled to arrive at 7:30 am. The tour we've booked runs from 8 am - 8 pm. I know the tours will make adjustments to allow time to disembark, but, you know, first cruise, so no first hand experience on how it unfolds. Thanks, all, for your comments. -Ray P.S. My wife plans to lose 10 lbs on the cruise.
  4. Hi, Going on my very first cruise, and have been learning a lot from this site and message board - although with all of the information it can take some time to find what you're looking for. ;-) So my question is: what do folks do for breakfast on days when stopping in a port? We've booked a few shore excursions, and our ship arrives at 7 am at most ports. Obviously time is of the essence when trying to disembark and connect with your tour. So how do you manage breakfast when you'd like to disembark asap at 7 am? Just get up super early for breakfast? Stash away something from dinner the night before? Do 4,000 people all order room service? Thanks for any tips or shared experiences. -Ray
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