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  1. We had an outbreak on the 2nd day of our September Mediterranean cruise on the Emerald. They put all of the sanitation procedures in place for the entire voyage ... even took away the self-serve early morning coffee up on the smokers/track walkers deck. One port day they asked us to stow all of our personal items in our cabin so that the crew could sanitize all the cabins while we ashore. In the end only about 50 passengers were affected. We spent a lot of time on our balcony and not in public spaces so we ended up fine!
  2. The suite concierge can clear the way for a lot of onboard activities for suite guests. But, he/she has limited hours in the concierge room. There will be a sign on the desk telling you what times they are on-duty. You can also find great coffee and snacks there that change during the day. Also books, games and comfortable seating.
  3. I agree that I often get flight time updates and changes from the airline long before I get the info from Princess. That’s why it’s important to often check your booking using the airline record number before your travel date ... especially as you get closer. We recently had a change of flights on an international booking (actually much better flight times and connections) that I discovered on the airline site that, after several weeks, hadn’t appeared on the EZair booking. I called Princess and they had to call the airline to confirm that I was correct. So, you need to take a bit of initiative to stay on top of your booking.
  4. We have about the largest suitcases that airlines will allow and they have always fit under the bed of the ships we’ve sailed on with no problem.
  5. Great to see Princess stepping up during this unprecedented (and hopefully isolated) event!
  6. I could see this happening at the check-in counter ... but difficult to see how they could make it all the way to the ship. The check-in agent would see their boarding pass was wrong ... and, if they missed that, their cruise cards wouldn’t be in the file. It’s much easier to see how, in a busy multi-ship terminal, luggage could occasionally be missed directed to the wrong ship.
  7. We’ve cruised enough that we have the entire collection ... but, like so many others, have never worn one!
  8. We had a mid morning arrival in Barcelona last October (I think about 10am) and were taken directly to the ship. Just a short wait until there were enough arrivals to fill the bus.
  9. There are always those stories (or at least “folklore”) about people who party a bit too much on the last night and get back to their cabin, put on their night-clothes, and then put out their bags. Only, they forget to leave out their clothes for the next morning, It makes for an interesting de-embarkation!
  10. I have no problems with them. And, I agree norovirus is a much bigger concern on ship’s at this time.
  11. As a Platinum or Elite guest, you’ll get a special offer when you log on offering you a discounted rate on the unlimited plan. If you think your 250 free (each) will be enough, you can just use those. But, having the unlimited plan, and having to worry about logging in and out, is pretty nice. We download our local digital version of the newspaper each morning, use FaceTime to keeping in touch with family, upload photos to Facebook, surf, etc. Before the unlimited plans were available we were very carefull to ration our online time to not run out of minutes. So, if you think you’re going to need it at sometime, it may make sense just to buy it in the first day and enjoy it,
  12. And, and in windy weather or rough seas, the bow section of the Promenade deck is often closed.
  13. We’ve really enjoyed the freedom of using the upgrade from the free minutes to unlimited. Not have to worry about “logging off” and rationing minutes during the voyage was great. And, if you’re calling from an Apple device to an Apple device, using the internet access FaceTime works really well! It’s fun to not only talk, but to actually show where you are!
  14. I agree that the airline will likely not be able to help you. Especially since the ticket has not actually been booked yet by Princess (I’m assuming that’s the case since you’re still checking for price drops).
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