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  1. Very true. We refer to them as sleeping pods.
  2. No our sommelier was "Red" not his real name but he was awesome. He not only provided great wine selections but too time to teach me things about wines I would never have selected. His wife was on board, also a sommelier , maybe that was her. Yes lets all enjoy!!
  3. Interesting. I'm a Boomer and I thought I was the demographic they were targeting..... Active, sophisticated...foodie...adventurous...all with discretionary income. Oh well maybe they hope we all enjoy. I enjoyed the Casino bar as well and had some interesting drinks in Eden. Blu was great and I LOVED our sommelier.
  4. I took a photo on my cell. Sent it to my email and then downloaded to my desktop. Uploaded on celebrity site. Easy peasy. work great too.
  5. Any city or country for that matter can refuse ship to port if they wish. Their cities their call. I can spend my money elsewhere. All good.
  6. Spend more time in the solarium and get the drink package. You will be fine
  7. We call them sleeping pods. Great full dark sleeping. My advice. 1) If you like to sit I your cabin a lot...don't. You can watch the ocean in many different ways 2) Have fun spending the money you saved. Happy sailing!
  8. I said yes to an IV and totally enjoyed the experience. I like variety and new things. Work just fine for us. Like my Mother always said..."that's why they make chocolate and vanilla". 😎
  9. You can actually look out on a blue ocean instead of a TV
  10. Can't say for sure but in my IT experience web sites have these kind of issues (Poor UI, errors, unstable interaction with back end systems) for one reason...…….IT function is outsourced.
  11. I found that with the window down that indeed the ocean sounds are in fact heard. In general its not the same as a balcony experience but something different. If I was buying the cabin I might think hard if I like the IV enough but a 7 day experience worked ok.
  12. First world problems
  13. As a matter of fact I do. Also there is much to like on the Edge beyond the bathroom. MHO
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