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  1. You can actually look out on a blue ocean instead of a TV
  2. Can't say for sure but in my IT experience web sites have these kind of issues (Poor UI, errors, unstable interaction with back end systems) for one reason...…….IT function is outsourced.
  3. I found that with the window down that indeed the ocean sounds are in fact heard. In general its not the same as a balcony experience but something different. If I was buying the cabin I might think hard if I like the IV enough but a 7 day experience worked ok.
  4. First world problems
  5. As a matter of fact I do. Also there is much to like on the Edge beyond the bathroom. MHO
  6. As long as I get on before it starts moving I'm good.
  7. Just off the Edge. Two cans left every day in Aqua (no more bottles)
  8. Ok but I have seen too many "suite dwellers" and older folks exhibit entitle inconsiderate behavior and pretty obnoxious. All flavors represent a tong miss user. Anyway I have said my piece. Peace out.
  9. You assume people with limited funds are the ones with bad behavior. Poor assumption. Bad manners knows no socio economic class, race, gender or cruise line.
  10. I have few problems with how people dress. However MEN put on pair of pants and collared shirt. Also take that baseball cap off when dining. Thank you.
  11. While smoking your veranda you can also enjoy a cocktail with a plastic straw.
  12. Sure can!. I like a nice beer on a sunny day but at night bourbon it is! Cheers!
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