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  1. Hello, Does anyone have a copy of the freestyle dailies for the NCL Jewel for the following days: - September 9, 2019; - September 16, 2019; or - September 23, 2019 (yes, I know that's tomorrow). I want to cross-reference what events happen and when the first day of the most recent Alaskan cruises before my trip next week. Thank you in advanced :)
  2. Hi Len, Thank you for your review! By chance do you have a copy of the Freestyle Dailies of the first day?
  3. Hello, The last time I cruised with NCL was over a decade ago in a balcony cabin. I have booked a Heaven (H3) room aboard the Norwegian Jewel, but am quite confused as to what is included aboard the jewel's Haven. 1) The newer ships have a restaurant exclusive to Haven guests, but is there one for the Jewel class ships? 2) There's been mention of 3 free bottles of alcohol for Haven rooms? Are these also offered for Jewel Haven guests? How do I request them? 3) I have heard that the towel bars on ships to Alaska hand out blankets instead. Is that
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