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  1. This was “submitted Monday at at 6am Good morning everyone. Up since 4am. Since the wt loss I avg 5-6 hours of sleep a night and no longer take naps. Jazzper isnt happy when I get up so early. I hope everyone on the west coast is safe from all the rain / flooding. trying to get ready for more active trips. Feb cruise is small ship no elevators. Trying to do stairs (go to ungated apart complex to build up knees) one flight does me in. Also working on shoulders upper body for kayaking. Good intentions not being very consistent. it’s now Tuesday. This is very frustrating to have to retype rd-re-re submit.
  2. Site issues — multi attempts to post. Jo I’m fine with calories - never really hungry except for sweets. Its truly an addiction. I have a slow metabolism - almost impossible to get heart rate over 70 - can’t get into a cardio burn. I did have dinner at a friends - ate lasagna, bread and cheesecake. Normal serving sizes. I did decline taking home a doggy bag. off topic - what do you frequent cruisers do about trip insurance? The small river cruises which are expensive have very expensive trip insurance.
  3. Belle LOL - you must be in my head about candy- I do all of those things. Maintaining. Life is boring right now.
  4. I’m a nervous Nelli. It will take at least an hour to drive to Hobby add another 45 min for Bush/IAH. There is a lot of construction at IAH. I would recommend getting a later flight. IAH - once through security could take 30 min or longer to get to gate . Boarding is earlier and doors have to be closed for a min before departing. I don’t go to Hobby no idea of time restraints. Good luck
  5. Good morning Belle. Same routine here. Binged last night - just bored. Haven’t deliberately increased calories yet. Still trying to stick to 900 calories. Wt wobbles up and down but staying in same range 125 - 129. disappointed sent my son the same pictures I had on this thread - he never responded. The TN bunch is suppose to cruise out of Galveston week before Christmas - expecting they won’t visit. Now that I’m fantasizing about being more active my right hip is aching when I walk over 0.5 miles. It’s sad to feel my age. Belle great on new cruises. Wish. I lived closer to larger ports. Everything involves air.
  6. Sailing out of Galveston in November. What are the boarding time options? Will need to coordinate with several families. I’m also a nervous Nelli and tend to over think. I’m driving from an hour North of Houston.
  7. It has cooled down for fall in 50s this morning. I’m having to bundle up more. Jan glad your sister is okay. Falls are my greatest fear - I tend to break. Stopping actives that put me at risk. Ie skiing, bike riding (riding is okay it’s the getting off and on that tests my balance). Going to try kayaking and snorkeling,
  8. NCL- welcome your in the right place for motivation, encouragement and accountabilility. You will need to lose 7-8 lbs a month. That’s a lot. Jo your holding steady which is great with. Your holiday.
  9. Good morning Belle — I think maybe everyone is getting out more after a rough year of isolation. i hope everyone returns. Especially with the holidays just around the corner. The accountability alone is beneficial. The lbs have a way of creeping back. got 2.5 miles in this morning it’s about my limit.
  10. Thanks for the motivation. I’m maintaining. MTN good job - a lb a week is wonderful Tuesday talked with a kayak instructor and scheduled to get some lessons in a month (we both have scheduling issues). This was to prepare for seeing the manatees in Florida. WELL the stars all were aligned - booked an Uncruise for Baja in feb. I got a single cabin without a supplement — Saving abt 43%. —my first solo cruise- have a wonderful TA who will take care of everything. All this motivated me to get serious with my total gym— will work on upper body strengthening shoulders and abs.
  11. I agree it sounds expensive. You sound motivated, I’m sure you could did it yourself. Check on cost of just one sessions with a trainer to get a specific plan. GOOD LUCK
  12. Before and after pictures. Before was taken March of 2020, at Park the small black Schnauzer - crossed the rainbow bridge 2 weeks ago. the second photo was taken in July 2021, with friend in Montana
  13. Belle - great start for the week. Jo and Ombud. Good job. jan making pizza sounds like fun. im maintaining. Had f/u with plastic surg. All is good .Next appt in 3 months. ——suspect he is hoping I will want tummy tuck by them. Not going to happen resubmitting this was submitted around noon on thursday
  14. There are 3 in my family. I’ve checked Windstar website it is not addressed whether the sofa can be used as a bed. Would love to try Windstar but don’t want to book 2 cabins. Not willing to book owners.
  15. Saggy skin just cover it up with clothes OR wear it proudly. Surgery not an option for me. shopped for cruise needed 2 tops with 3/4 or full sleeves. Found them- had to go to store wasn’t sure of size. Went in thinking med Surprised the smalls fit without binding. - I’m shrinking. Few years ago realized I was 5’5”” not 5’6. — jus checked Im 5’ 3”
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