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  1. I took my first ACL Cruise June/2019. I did lots of research so wasn’t surprised - it was just what I wanted. Rather Than go into lots of detail I will give info in bullets 1. Most of fellow cruisers are retired in 70’s and older. And mobile 2. entertainment are locals from ports / musicians — presentations from ON board historians. 3. excursions as we knew them may be changing due to covid Prior stops were walking distance to towns you could explore on your own There could be free bus transport to points of interest $$ tours (free after 3rd cruise with ACL) 4. Why do I continue to cruise with ACL. I like peace and quiet. Don’t like crowds Seeing parts of US I’m 70 my son 48 did Columbia / Snake River —loved it Next cruise Is two of us plus 25 yr old granddaughter(She is excited) 5. Cruises are pricey but I have saved for retirement since I was 30. Now it’s time to live in the moment.
  2. Belle your poem is just what I need right now. I stayed the same this week. My weight fluctuates up to 2 lbs everyday , drives me crazy tried not to weigh everyday. This week feel like my body sabotaged me. I had one bad day that I probably ate 300 more calories ( haven’t been seriously counting calories because with little appetite have probably eaten less than 800 healthy calories a day. A great funny park ranger died unexpectedly 2 weeks ago. He would race the little dogs with his 4 wheeled utility cart along the dog park fence line. Of course the dogs were inside the park and he on outside. He meant a lot to several dog owners. We have permanent benches in the park that have a spot for a memorial plaque. one will be in his honor simply reading JAY TRAVIS ANDREWS LAUGH a lot, LIVE every moment Ladies live every moment and laugh a lot.
  3. Belle- absolutely true poem Jan. 4# awesome Diana - no gain is great Mel o.3 slow and steady wins the race another good week for me down 2.2# - reached 1/2 way of first goal (75# loss is goal) increased walking to 2 miles in morning. It is the only exercise I will stick with. I walk half the desired distance away from home and the only way to get home is to keep walking ( I tend to cheat if walking a track and don’t like treadmills)
  4. Ray. I agree it is quiet. Sometimes I think it is the two of us. I also have two cruises planned. April 13 PUGET Sound. September 11 New England out of Portland,Me. I have made several genealogical trips to Kittery, Maine (mother’s birthplace). Maybe some day we will end up meeting on a cruise.
  5. Overall I’m proud of this group. Losses and small gains . Imagine where we might be if we weren’t accountable. I'm down 1.6 — helps that I live alone. I keep temptations out of the house. I am addicted to sugar can’t eat just one of anything sweet. Had bad scare on morning walk in park. My dog was bitten by a small copperhead. He didn’t have bad reaction just swelling on chin. Vet visit 4 shots , steroids ,pain, antibiotics. He is his regular self, thank goodness. Copperheads are very common in the park. i saw a friend who has stayed at home until recently. She has gained 30-40 lbs. That said staying the same or gains that are lost quickly are accomplishments.
  6. I am going to find the better me. Last cruise I am ashamed to say I was one of biggest cruisers. My goal is to get to my weight when I was 50 (lose 75). Not sure if I will be able to do it by April 13 cruise but should be close. Short term goal is 5 lbs a month. By end of October should be at halfway point. I walk every morning have gone from slooow mile to moderate 2.5 miles. ***Don't forget to get your annual flu shot and save the receipt/ record — might need it for next cruise.
  7. Belle have a great trip. Jan - you will have a loss next week. Nyer and Diana great for maintaining I am down 2.2 this week. Exceeded monthly goal of 5lb by 0.8 End goal is 75 lb loss (ideal would be 100lb but I have to be realistic) - hopefully will reach halfway mark end of this month. I am planning a ski trip to CO in February — excited that I won’t look like the abominable snowman . I have ski pant in all sizes from medium to 4x will never get into medium again but perhaps will be in a XL.
  8. Sorry late posting for last Thursday weigh in ....... o.4 lb. lowest week loss. I’m looking forward — just sticking with the plan. the weather is great in Houston. Finally out of the 90 s. Can finally get out and walk
  9. Belle. — sounds like you had a bad night. Don’t beat yourself up — today is another day. We all have bad days. I got rid of ALL the carbs in my house, I’m addicted to candy - can’t ration with just a piece will eat the whole bag. I fantasize about moving to Colorado. I live in Houston area —summers can be brutal. Live far enough from coast that don’t need to evacuate during hurricane. hang in there.
  10. I’m going to be positive and say things will have start returning to a semi normal Routine By next year.
  11. The website has changed. One error is my PUGET sound cruise is listed as a themed cruise. Should be Tulip but listed as Cival war.
  12. Thanks to all on this site. Encouragement and support. loss 1.4. I keep adapting short term goals rather than looking at wk by week. New goal is the next six lbs that will get me half way to over all goal.
  13. Dave I looked up one of the cruises you mentioned. I agree it is strange. I think it is an error. I have a trip to PUGET Sound there are two ships and they are staggered. One leaves on Saturday the other leaves on Tuesday. If you are interested in one of the cruises with duplicates stick with the ship that is the “regular” for the itinerary.
  14. I agree with Ray. Chose an itinerary that interestS you. I have done Columbia and snake river and enjoyed it. Looking forward to PUGET Sound. Then to east coast. The cruises are very relaxing, I don’t like crowds or waiting in line. I enjoy the balcony just sit and watch the scenery. Welcome to the ACL family.
  15. Thanks to everyone’s support. Belle thanks for encouragement 1.8 loss this week ( makes up for no loss last week). Bigred - I started due to health scare(all is good). You can meet your goal. It is 1.5 lbs a week . Set short term goals. Get a healthy diet routine. ( I’m a sugar addict so had to get all temptation out of house). Jan - slow and steady is great Wine - hang in there.
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