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  1. I just cancelled my 9/12 Panorama cruise which was almost completely full around 3/15. The ship is maybe 75% full now and going the wrong way. Carnivals line of bookings going through the roof is a crock of s**t.
  2. Carnival says it will cost me $198 deposit to cancel.
  3. If you are comfortable sailing in a steel can with 5000 people in it in the year 2020, go for it. I'm praying my 9/12 cruise out of LA is cancelled. It scares the ***** out of me.
  4. A total ban of smoking on a cruise ship would be a dream come true. Its so disgusting.
  5. So the answer to that question would be no. They added sushi to the lido deck.
  6. We are booked on September 12th cruise and praying its cancelled. We don't want to be stuck at sea, in quarantine and worrying about anything. Vacations are supposed to be stress free and if you are not stressed out about a Panorama September cruise, I applaude you....I think?
  7. Yes.....you would be crazy to book a cruise in 2020.
  8. Still mixed answers on the original question. Some say they are up to over $1000 on OBC and the latest says OBC is a one time offer. Do we have more input on this?
  9. The smart fiscal move is to file bankruptcy. It won't affect future cruising, it will piss off 250K people and then they will get over it. They keep your money and most people on these chat boards will go ahead and book again some day. Your smart fiscal move is to insure your trip against bankruptcy, which I have done.
  10. YES....June 2020 is too soon to be on a cruise ship.
  11. Since California may ban all concerts and sporting events until 2021. I think my Panorama September cruise is quite iffy. Furthermore, who will crew these ships?? Not the same ones dying of Covid stuck at see this very moment.
  12. There will be no social distancing. My next cruise on the Panorama, with crew and passengers, will have 7000 people on it.
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